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Christmas Mysteries for Inferencing, Drawing Conclusions, and Making Predictions

I am in the Christmas spirit a little early this year! I will confess we've been listening to holiday music and holding back on decorating our house! Anyone else in the holiday spirit??

Since Thanksgiving is days away - yes! - I have been using my Thanksgiving mysteries non-stop with my language kids. They are a great no-prep way to target inferencing, making predictions, and drawing conclusions! You can find the blog post here about it if you're interested!

The feedback on the Thanksgiving mysteries has been great since I put them up last year! The kids really enjoy being the detective and I get to target a ton of goals! Since I'm in the holiday spirit a little early this year, I decided to expand my mysteries into Christmas Mysteries as well!

This packet contains six mystery stories with a graphic organizer attached. They're adorable, thematic mysteries that you can pull apart and target inferencing, making predictions, and drawing conclusions. I love a one-sheet, no…

Talking Turkey - A Thanksgiving Articulation Pint-n-Go Craftivity (S/R/L)

Happy Monday! Thanksgiving is right around the corner - we can do it! We can make it to Thanksgiving break! I wanted to put together something easy that was low-prep, low-ink, and fun to get us through until the break! This packet has all the heavy hitter sounds - /s/, /r/, /l/ - in all positions!

Undoubtedly your kids are on a Turkey Day high right about now - you've discussed Pilgrims, Native Americans, the Mayflower, squash, pumpkins, etc! So why not hit print and work on making their very own Pilgrim hat filled with speech sounds!

So far every kid has been psyched to make their own hat and wear it out of Speech! 

You start out filling in the top of the hat and deciding what sound they are
thankful for. This would be a great language lesson for mixed groups as well! The packet is a straight-forward print-n-go activity which I absolutely love during the hectic weeks before a break.

Students will color and name the pieces to decorate their hats. They (or you) can then cut out the…