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Ghoulty as Charged

I love a good mystery and Halloween always seems like the perfect time for one! I created this "ghoulty as charged" activity to target inferencing, comprehension, and recall. To use this product all you have to do is hit print! Make sure you print the story and graphic organizer for each student. I typically only print one color version of the visual support page for the table.

I like to review the visuals first, as these will be the suspects in the story. We talk about the details and how we can describe each object on the page. Then, I have students make notes on their visual support page (I like to keep these in dry erase pockets to allow students to write on them).

While you are reading the story, make sure you are underlining key pieces of information and discussing why they are important. Have students complete their graphic organizer throughout the reading. Before they make a choice on who is “ghoulty” have students go through their organizer and back up their answers…