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Fall Word Search for /s/!

Today is the first day of school for the kids in my town! Since my babe is not getting on the big yellow bus just yet, we spent the morning watching the kids in our neighborhood venture off to their first day of school. There is nothing more exciting to a toddler than seeing a bus, am I right?

As most TpT'ers will tell you, their products typically come out of necessity and are based on their classes/students/clients. Today's activity is no exception!

I was looking for some cute articulation activities to do with an older client this afternoon and couldn't find anything I really loved. This particular child loves word games and brain games - so what better than a word search!?

The only issue I ever have with word searches is that it's hard to get a ton of trials in because the kids are so focused on finding the word. I decided to add some boxes next to each word so that the child has to say the sound a certain amount of times at the word level, phrase level, or sentenc…