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NumNum "Gootensils" Review

*Please note: I purchased these using my own money and was not reimbursed or sponsored by the company in any capacity.*

When my Pediatrician began to discuss introducing solids with me, the SLP in me started to get VERY excited. I mean, abnormally psyched to puree things. Going into it I knew my daughter wasn't going to just open her mouth and willingly start eating. What I didn't realize was  how obsessed she would become with holding her own spoon and attempting to feed herself. In my quest to find something she could use I stumbled upon NumNum "Gootensils".

All About the Spoons
The slogan is "when it's too soon to spoon" - so cute. They were created to increase utensil usage, geared towards babies that are eager to learn and use a spoon.
The spoons are:

Flat, short, and stubby which makes them perfect for tiny hands. Featured in a set for varying texturesone open head (orange) one sealed head (blue)Textured the handle and "spoon" part itself …