Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Leprechaun Traps!

Leprechaun traps seem to be all the rage! I've been seeing them all over pinterest, facebook, instagram, etc. I made "traps" with my students last year and they were a hit! Every year I usually leave green "foot prints" all over the speech room with a little note from the leprechaun. I guess I'm making up for not having an elf on the shelf!

Last year I created a fun packet for "how to catch a leprechaun" (click HERE to view) where students theorized how they would catch a leprechaun and then wrote their own story. We did a follow up activity where we made actual traps.

This year I wanted to create a complimentary pamphlet for actually making the traps. I love black and white, print and go activities - especially if they are supporting a large scale creative project!

The packet targets WH-questions, sequencing, inferencing, making predictions, and I also use it for following directions. It's a great way to work on planning and pacing!

I typically have students build their traps with cups, gift boxes from
the dollar store, green duct tape, straws, and whatever else I have laying around! On the morning of St. Patrick's Day I fill the traps with "gold" coins you can get at Michaels or the dollar store.

I love the idea of a how-to as it gets students to tell how and why. Students can share their traps and explain how they made them and defend why they think it will work.

In honor of our buddy St. Patrick, I'm putting this pamphlet up for $1 on TpT! Click HERE for the link!

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