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FREE Parent Handout for "Self-Talk" and "Parallel Talk"!

This summer I pledged that I would work with more of the little little guys in my private practice - early intervention and preschool age. I love this age group and really missed working with them (currently I see preK through second grade in a school setting). Working in a home-based environment is incredible because of all of the great parent-training we get to do. I love being able to explain and show exactly what I'm doing and the strategies I'm using.

As all SLPs know, with this age group we are doing a lot of self and parallel talk. Sometimes I leave my half-hour sessions out of breath! Of course, talking is never an issue for an SLP!! I find that my parents are talking to their child, however their language needs to be modified, or they need to present things differently (i.e., giving options to elicit more language vs. yes/no questions).

I created this parent handout to familiarize my parents with what I'm doing and to emphasize effective carryover. I like to say …

Let's catch, summer of CEUs!

HAPPY SUMMER! It's been TOO long since I blogged - I really hope you are following me on instagram @practicallyspeeching or on facebook! I've been updating instagram/facebook regularly, but haven't had time to sit down and blog!

This is a very interesting summer, as we are expecting our first baby at the end of August! So summer is consisting of working privately, getting ready for baby, and staying cool (this is the hardest part!).

This summer I hope you are relaxing, catching up, and enjoying the sunshine! One of my summer goals was to finish out the rest of my CEUs before "Baby K" arrives. I know myself - it's not going to happen when I'm back to reality in the fall!

We all know and love the free CEUs from ASHA! I hope you are signing up for them and enjoying them each month! Each CEU opportunity is worth .05!

The link to access them is HERE

Another awesome CEU opportunity is the Summer Decathlon series from Presence Learning! They have great webinars w…