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Christmas Cookie Science FREEBIE

This will be a quick post because I wanted to share this with you guys...

Do you plan on doing a make-and-take activity with your kiddos this year? Christmas cookies may be JUST the thing! They're fun, customizable, and allow you to target a lot of different skills!
I created this packet so my kiddos could be "Cookie Scientists" and take notes on what they were doing! I love a gimmick, and science always wins with my speech kids!

The kids will make predictions supported by evidence, track
progress, use their 5 senses, and draw conclusions! Best of all, they get to eat their science project!

Check out the photos below and click HERE for this freebie!

A Hanukkah Freebie!

So I've been a VERY behind blogger - and I really apologize. Lots of stuff going on over here that has taken my attention away from you guys! I'd like to formally send my apology via a freebie for the holidays!

I've been talking about ALL the holidays in my Speech room, and this week we are talking Hanukkah! I used these worksheets to target vocabulary, reinforcement, and language. The worksheets are straightforward and print-n-go style. They're also cut-n-paste to keep your kiddos engaged!

Download this freebie HERE on TpT and have fun spinning the dreidel!