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Being Quiet in Class - A Social Story Packet

I always feel like "loud" is relative. As an SLP, we seem to be able to work through the "noise" with our kiddos. 
I mean lets take this typical conversation going on in probably every single SLPs head during a session "Are you scripting Sponge Bob? Totally. Am I going to keep redirecting you to the activity we're doing? Yup." Other people may think this is insane, even grating, but we just keep on trucking while we utter "quiet mouth" or "voices off" almost instantaneously.  I mean, am I right??
I know there are a ton of social stories out there, but the thing about social stories are that they have to be relevant and customized, right? I mean if your school doesn't use "quiet mouth" then what's the point of reading a social story with that wording? This was my issue when searching online for a social story for my little friend who just has so much (i.e., too much) to say while he is working. So, I created my own…

Halloween Following Directions Print-N-Go Packet

Just a quick check-in before I wander off into Sunday chili and sweatpants! I wanted to share this following directions packet I've been using for the month of October. I have a lot of kinders this year who came in with following directions goals. I've been trying to target them each session with fun, coloring crafts each time so they can see their work.
This packet is four pages, black and white, and FREE! It includes following 1 and 2 step directions, following varied directions, and following conditional directions. All the sheets are halloween themed and of course black and white for low-ink usage! Check out this scarily fun packet HERE on TpT! 

Halloween Vocabulary and Idiom FREEBIE

Just a quick mid-week check in folks...

Halloween is in full force in my Speech room! Since the majority of my caseload is Kindergarten last year, I am reworking a lot of my activities to make therapy appropriate for their capabilities and age! I'm working on a lot of vocabulary, following directions, and comprehension with these kiddos -- so, I'm making things that work for them!

My Speech Warm Up has stayed the same, and now correlates directly to my Speech Newsletter for October!

I'm sharing my vocabulary and idiom packet for FREE with you guys. This is PERFECT if you downloaded my Speech Newsletter pack to use with your kiddos!

Download this packet HERE on TpT and keep on being Spook-Tastically Speechy :)