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Don't Eat the Teacher! A Print-n-Go Story Comprehension Packet

Whatever you decide to do on the first day of school, don't eat the teacher! I have loved this story ever since my Mom (fellow SLP!) introduced me to it. I've used it at different times during the year, but this year I decided to start off the year using it with my Kindergarteners. With scheduling and all the other hectic beginning of the year school stuff, I hardly get to see all of my students on the first day. This makes it hard to do things geared for the first day of school, since by the time I'm running my schedule we're at least a week in! You SLPs know the drill...

The awesome thing about this book is that it's about Sammy the Shark's first day, but it's not beholden to the first day of school. I'm using this book to talk about the kiddos first day, how it was different/similar to Sammy's, and then of course using it for retell, sequencing, vocabulary, and story connections.

I included 6 vocabulary words in this packet, which may seem like a s…

Everything You Need to Know About Speech: A Parent Hand-out (FREEBIE)

Today I sat down to switch around the parent letter that I send out every year. It's a pretty basic introduction letter stating who I am, what your child will need, and asking to send back a permission slip to have food in speech. I find that each year I have to explain the concept of Speech to many parents, and reinforce the idea of the "Speech Notebook". I have pretty much the same conversation at meet-the-teacher every year, and I decided it's time to change that!

I want my parents to be informed! I want them to know about the Speech Notebook and do the homework! I want to live in a wondrous, Speech-land where everyone knows I'm a "Speech-Language Pathologist" and not the "Speech Teacher"! ....Yeah right, I'm a realist. I know that school is hectic, homework is insane, and that often Speech falls to the bottom of the to-do list because there's just. so. much. However, I strive everyday to do the best for my kiddos and be the best &q…