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Two New Interactive Books With Manipulatives!

I hope you all had a glorious spring break! I know I definitely took a break from blogging and doing any work to just relax! Since we're back into the swing of things, I wanted to share two new activities that I'm really excited about!

Now, I'd like to give credit to the many other SLPs who are doing these interactive books, the core idea of this is in no way, shape, or form exclusively mine. I just happened to put my own spin on it, just like how we all hopped on the Cariboo train! :)

ANYWHO, if you didn't check out my interactive book for Spring - "Getting Dressed in the Rain" - make sure you click the link HERE and take a peek! I've been targeting tons of goals with my kiddos with this one, especially my AAC guys!

My latest two books are for planting a seed and going to the beach -- you can tell I have warmer weather on my mind! Here are the details on them both, click the titles to reach the links!

Let's Grow A Flower:

 This is a great kick-starter …

Jellybean Sorting and Five Senses - FREEBIE Alert!

As I'm searching the dollar store yesterday for something easter-y and spring-y, it hit me! I haven't used jellybeans yet! I've seen a bunch of cute jellybean sorting activities on TpT, but I needed something for the five senses and making predictions - voila, this baby was born before work!

This activity can be modified to target a bunch of different goals, and it's definitely not speech-specific! Here's how I used it today...

Initially, we made a prediction about which jellybeans we were going to have the most and least of. I had to go over the most/least concept using some jellybeans as a model. It's kind of an odd math concept for some of my little ones, but once I used the jellybeans as a manipulative, they got it!

After our predicting, we colored each blank jellybean to correspond with the written color on the graph. This is showing how to use our strategies in the classroom, highlighting, linking with color, etc. It's also helpful for our kiddos who a…