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Interactive Book - Getting Dressed for Rain!

I'm really excited for my new Spring activity! It's an interactive book to teach weather-related and spring vocabulary, as well as target sequencing and comprehension. This is also a great way to teach life skills, and it's come in handy for my ELL kids who are not so sure about that weather or clothing vocabulary.

Have students dress the boy using the manipulative in the story. This can target requesting, matching, vocabulary, and sequencing. Use the sequencing mat at the end of the packet to work on retell skills!

There are a few questions in the book that you can use for prior knowledge - "can you name some things you wear in the rain?" - and some you can use for the wrap up - "what do you like to do when it rains?".

This is a great way to kick off spring and work on vocab for those rainy days!

Download this packet HERE on TpT and grab those rain boots! :)

Emotion of the Month for Social Language/Autism

I really like to do my warm up in Speech to work on vocabulary,
figurative language, and really just whatever is pertinent during that time (i.e., holidays). I recently decided to make a quick social language activity because I had some leftover paper, and we were working on the emotion "frustrated" anyways lol. It turned into a monthly activity when I realized I had some space on my bulletin board in my little corner, and it was bothering me. Voila, emotion of the month was born and added into my warm up!

I created a 12-page packet to target basic emotions. I included "I can" statements to teach students ways to cope with a negative emotion, or display a positive one. It's also a great way to identify emotions in other people. The packet I created is meant to be laminated and use with dry-erase markers, as well as a little velcro to attach the photo included. You could also have students draw their own pictures. Another idea if you're not going to use it m…

Leprechaun Snot...A St. Patrick's Day Science Experiment!

I love a good science experiment in Speech, and this one is AWESOME! It's simple enough that you can do it with any age, but leaves enough room to go high with it. I'll be focusing on sequencing, making predictions, and the 5 senses next week. The experiment is super kid-friendly, all you need is water, borax, clear glue, and green food dye.

You can start off this experiment by pre-teaching the vocabulary included in this packet to give
your kiddos some background when they hear or read the instructions. I provided the instructions and ingredients on separate pages to laminate and hang up, that way your kids can check if they're following the steps - all about those strategies! I also have kiddos check to see if they have all the ingredients before they begin. Sometimes I will hide an ingredient to teach how important it is to check!

Before we begin the actual experiment, I will have them make a prediction about what they think Leprechaun snot will be like. You can do this …

Project Cicero

We were so lucky to participate in such a wonderful project last weekend with NYC's Project Cicero! As a Speech Department, we don't have a budget for materials and often end up buying or making many of the things we use. Project Cicero was designed to supplement classrooms in NYC public schools and has spread to many other cities. Basically, it's the best educational shopping experience of your life and the bill never comes. Project Cicero pairs with the NY Society Library, and many other donors to provide new and gently used books to Title 1 schools in NYC.

Here's how our experience was...

We were told to arrive with a rolling suitcase, but of course we showed up with big bags...that was a huge mistake. My coworker drove, and I took the train there. Again, big mistake - I should've driven into the city and dealt with the parking situation. My husband works in a Title 1 school, so he came along for the ride and to get some books for his classroom as well!


St. Patrick's Day No-Prep Articulation Packet! DOLLAR BARGAIN ALERT!

I am really loving a theme this winter, and my articulation sessions are feeling that! I love using these print-n-go worksheets in sessions, and then sending them home for homework. I simply slip them into an erasable pocket, and have students color as they say the targets. Then, I take out the sheet and use it as carryover!

Make sure you download this fun packet to target /l/, /r/, and /s/ in all positions of words!

Download this packet HERE on TpT for a dollar for the month of March!

How to Catch a Leprechaun! FREEBIE Alert!

We've been talking about shamrocks, leprechauns, and anything green since we got back from February break! In one of our chats, my students all hatched a plan on how to capture a leprechaun and get the gold. It was a pretty intense, creative discussion and it got me thinking! If I can harness all that gold-crazy energy into an activity, we could really have something here!

Enter: this packet. :) I crafted this selection of worksheets (all black and white to help your printer!) to lead up to the eventual writing portion. We're big on the writing process in my school and so in order to prep the kiddos, I like to format my writing tasks similar to the ones in class. This packet has WH-questions that they can answer, along with a DIY treasure map where they can place the treasure in any country/town/city they want! A sequencing chart helps to organize the story and sets the pace for the writing.

Eventually, the packet ends with the writing pages, and something for our little friend…