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Valentine's Day No Prep Articulation Packet - FREE for the weekend!

I'm always struggling to make drill exciting, which is why I'm obsessed with the erasable pockets I purchased from Lakeshore Learning in the beginning of the year. I'm sure you've seen them all over the slpeep blogs, but if you haven't click here to check them out (and click here to see how I used Crazy Speech World's winter freebie worksheets with them)!

I created these Valentine's worksheets to target /l/ and /r/ in all positions of words. The kiddos are liking them so far, and I can bring them up or take them down by putting them into phrases, sentences, etc.

The instructions are truly simple, just say and color! Best part is, these will be FREE until Sunday as part of my Valentine's Day gift to YOU :)

Click HERE to download this packet from TpT!

February Speech Newsletter is up! FREEBIE!

The February newsletter is UP! Make sure you download this FREE newsletter that contains vocabulary, idioms, and activities!

Click HERE to download this great newsletter from TpT!

Snowflake Bentley Comprehension Packet

Snowflake Bentley has been THE most appropriate story to be reading these last few weeks! It's been a snowy end of January, early February and we are loving learning about what comes from the sky! I've been using Bookflix from Scholastic to show the story as opposed to reading it - the kids are SUPER into it! I pause the story, ask questions, point things out, etc. The kids are pretty much yelling to turn it back on! It's like teaching with tv! They're hooked! Either way, if you have the paper book it's a good story too! My comprehension pack starts off with a KWL chart and leads into a graphic organizer where you can answer questions and track traits about Snowflake Bentley. We focused on character traits, and what those mean. 
You can then use the writing prompt pages to write and draw about snowflakes or snowflake Bentley himself! If writing is not what you're targeting, I like to use the comprehension questions with or without cariboo for my little ones - a…