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Adapted ReadyGen Books!

I'm SO excited to tell you about my latest little project! I've been working closely with the kindergarten self-contained teacher this year, and since our school uses the "ReadyGen" program from Pearson, I decided to do a little adapting.

Some of my language impaired kiddos have a hard time grasping the concepts and story that ReadyGen has to offer. Personally,  I found that the flow of ReadyGen moves so quickly, that by the time I feel like I've done the pre-work in prepping the kids for the story, then reviewing the characters and sequencing the events, and then using comprehension questions - they've moved on to a new story! Which, by the way is not the teachers faults by any means! It's just the way the program is set up. So, with that in mind I crafted an adapted version of Unit 1's stories to see how it would work. So far it's been a hit!

"A Bed for the Winter" was the first story I set out to adapt. The class is doing "where&…

Miss Nelson is Missing!

I love a book that I enjoyed as a child and can enjoy as an adult. "Miss Nelson is Missing" is one of those stories. From the silly looking teachers, to the horrifying Miss Viola Swamp, it's a story I never forgot as a kid!

So, you can imagine how excited I got when my students started to get excited about the story! It's been spooky enough to hold up for Halloween, and perfect for my making predictions target. I even tied in a cool new activity that I'm going to expand on called, "United Speech Postal Service" where the kids write letters throughout the school and to their teachers.

Basically, the long and short of it IS that you can use this packet to focus on making predictions! Print out the character cards and use the description mat to make predictions about the characters in the story. Then, read the story and stop before the ending to collect facts about each character and predict WHY Miss Nelson would go missing! Use your graphic organizers to wr…

The Night Before Halloween - $1 packet!

We are howling into Halloween! I've finally settled down after our wonderful wedding on the 12th, so if you were wondering where I've been - it's wedding-land! In an effort to be completely prepared for the weeks surrounding the wedding, I put together some great language packets for my Halloween books!

Start off by reviewing the vocabulary with your kiddos from the story. I found that "disguise" was a hard one to grasp, so I made them all do the batman mask with their fingers and yelled "it's a disguise!" lol We used the cards throughout the story as well just to make a connection with the word/picture/definition.

After we finished listening to the story, we used the sequencing mat and cards for retell. I laminated them and used velcro to make it a little more interactive! They used the cards to ask each other questions also and make connections to their own Halloween experiences.

We moved onto a quick comprehension game to answer questions based on…

Pumpkin Sort!

So I'm on a pumpkin kick, as I'm sure everyone is at this point in Fall. I'm tailoring my activities to support my pumpkin needs! I'm targeting same and different with my kiddos, or compare/contrast depending on the group I'm with. I've been taking it back to basics with my Kinders, because when you think about it, compare/contrast is a little difficult to do when you don't know same/different basics!

In an effort to target these skills, I put together a pumpkin sort! Students use a sorting mat to determine whether or not the pumpkins are the same/different.

The pumpkins are coded with shapes and different colors to keep it simple. Since my kids are obsessed with anything Halloween at this point, they're thrilled to be sorting pumpkins! They each work for a candy corn to keep it really Halloween-y!

Download the sorting game for FREE here on TpT.