Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July Freebie

SO I've been off all week and I start my summer job Monday! I'm super excited because I'm working with preschool in a super cool collaborative program. It's unlike anything I've ever done traditionally in my school (of course we collaborate and push-in, but not all day) so I'm SUPER excited to get a summer to try something new! The kids should be super adorable and the people I'm working with seem, we're off on another adventure! Hold onto your hats.

ANYWHO, I'm loving preK already because there's a theme every week - and we know how much I love a theme. Our theme for this week is - wait for it - red, white and blue! So, all week I will be bringing you the crafts, worksheets, and songs we will be doing to celebrate good ol' America!

Our first, and I feel most important, item to review (super speechy) is vocabulary. If our kiddos don't know the lingo, how are they suppose to identify, make connections, and explain the topic! I crafted these vocabulary words and two worksheets as a freebie for a number of reasons. First, I got all the images off of google because I think it's important to use real pictures with the little ones. Second, I love a good freebie!

With the vocab, we are going to tie in the book we're reading "Red, White, and BOOM" by Lee Wardlaw. We will categorize (what do we eat vs. what do we do on the 4th), and of course we will expand and make connections! The worksheets help carryover the skills we're targeting.

You can download this packet HERE off of google drive for FREE!

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