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Ice Cream Token Board Freebie

Hello! I've been a little lacking when it comes to the blogging arena, and for that I apologize! I went
down a very different path for me this summer and am working with preschool! Working the extended year program has been great! Of course, you know I miss my littles at my school!

I created this token board to use with the entire class, but it can be used individually as well. Simply print, laminate, and customize. There is a spot to place what you're working for, as well as printable manipulatives.

Download this FREEBIE here on TpT

Red, White, and Blue Emergent Reader

The red, white, and blue theme was kicked off today with a book and some vocabulary! Tomorrow we will sort red, white, and blue items and use this emergent reader book to target more vocabulary. The kiddos were into the "parade" situation so that means the book was a hit! LOL

This is another freebie! Another situation where I found the clip art in assorted places, cannot remember where, and so I'm not selling it, simply a free share!

We will be using this in a group setting, where we will be following verbal directions and coloring using red, white, and you guessed it - blue! This is a great carryover item to send home too!

You can grab this freebie HERE on TpT while it's red hot! Get it?! Eh!? Eh!?

...Okay, it's reality TV and popcorn time, I'm officially punchy! :)

Fourth of July Freebie

SO I've been off all week and I start my summer job Monday! I'm super excited because I'm working with preschool in a super cool collaborative program. It's unlike anything I've ever done traditionally in my school (of course we collaborate and push-in, but not all day) so I'm SUPER excited to get a summer to try something new! The kids should be super adorable and the people I'm working with seem, we're off on another adventure! Hold onto your hats.

ANYWHO, I'm loving preK already because there's a theme every week - and we know how much I love a theme. Our theme for this week is - wait for it - red, white and blue! So, all week I will be bringing you the crafts, worksheets, and songs we will be doing to celebrate good ol' America!

Our first, and I feel most important, item to review (super speechy) is vocabulary. If our kiddos don't know the lingo, how are they suppose to identify, make connections, and explain the topic! I c…

CCC for Me!

As of June 26th, I have finished my CFY! Let the fireworks and parade begin! I had an amazing experience and truly learned a ton..and I mean a ton. It's unbelievable how much you learn as you do, and how much you truly learn by collaborating and observing.

It wouldn't be a proper #instacfy post if I didn't share some tips that I picked up from my CFY, or CF as the true term is now. So, through blood, sweat, and tears here are the things I learned from being a CF:

1. Waiting out behavior truly does work.
This goes for students and adults. When you're a newb, you don't believe that if you ignore a behavior, or wait it out it will stop. Guess what, it will. You know that teacher you keep smiling at and saying good morning to, but she walks on by? Ignore it. Keep doing it, eventually you'll get a response - or at least I did in my case. Alexis - 1, Grumpy - 0! Same goes for the child who is now throwing himself on the floor because he didn't get the card he want…