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Prediction Popsicles!

The year continues to wind down...and wind...and wind some more! I've been doing a ton of "craftivities" to keep the kiddos attention lately, Prediction Popsicles are one of those!
This is a simple paper, scissors, and glue activity. I pre-cut the popsicle and popsicle stick from construction paper and drew some lines on it. I had my older kiddos do some writing, and the younger ones strictly draw. 
First, we discussed what a prediction was. Although we did this with Punxsutawney Phil in February, many of them didn't remember what exactly a prediction was (even though I say "make a prediction about what's going to happen in this story" about 100x a day!).

We then watched a short clip on what summer is from Brain Pop Jr. Just simply type in "Summer" and choose the video that is strictly about summer. It was a nice background for the kids who weren't sure about what they might predict. Each student made their prediction, and then drew a pic…

Summertime Snoop: An Interactive Inferencing Game

Did you download my other Who-dun-its?? You're going to LOVE this summertime snoop edition! School is about to let out, but the golden mascot is missing from the library! School can't close without it! 

Have your students run through the clues, looking for hair color, eye glasses, and motive. Make predictions, use inferencing skills, and draw conclusions about WHO could've taken the statue and WHY they did it!

The kiddos can fill out a graphic organizer that you can print from the end of the ppsx to collect their clues. This is a fun, great way to target inferencing!

Download this great activity here at TpT and put a fun spin on the end of the school year!

Summertime Carryover Calendars!

Summer is approaching, I can feel it! We end on the 26th here in NY, although I do see some of you lucky ducks have ended already, or end soon! In preparation for this extended period of non-speech for our kiddos, I've crafted a little packet to avoid the "speech slump".

So far, I have a calendar for /s/ and /r/ in all positions, and one for basic language. The articulation calendars are for July and August and give a set of weekly words for July and daily words in August. You can layer the calendars you want to send if your kiddos have multiple position targets. It also comes with blank calendars to fill in your own directions, or maybe have students keep track of the days they complete without totally scratching out the words to remember!

The packets also all come with a letter to send home to parents. It's addressed to the "Speech Helper" in order to cover any and all people who work with our kiddos on getting in their practice! The letter basically exp…

Friday FreeBEE -- linking up with Speechie Freebies!

I'm pretty much obsessed with what the awesome SLPs atSpeechie Freebiesare doing! Not only do they have great ideas, activities, and finds - it's FREE! 
So when Jessica from Consonantly Speaking(who also happens to be on the awesome Speechie Freebie team!) contacted me about Friday FreeBEES, I thought it was amazing. Now, I'm dying to share my freebie with you guys (many of you probably caught it on instagram) and I'm seriously hoping that I do this linking correctly!
The freebie I'm loving right now are the Speech Awards I created for the end of this year. They're a great way to sum up the awesome work your kids (and you!) did during speech. I created two on a page to save paper and ink, and they're black and white to help you jazz it up with whatever paper you choose...and to again, save ink. It's the end of the year after all! 

Impulsivity Lesson Packet

I've been using this impulsivity packet for a few weeks now and I'm really loving it. I'm focusing on my kindergarteners right now, and will be expanding to my firsties soon! It's a nice, non-intensive review of how to stop, think, then act. (I used this in conjunction with the book "Don't Eat the Teacher" to highlight Sammy's impulsivity with biting things. The kids all identified with Sammy and were able to make great connections!)

I started by hanging up my sign about what we do when we make a good choice. I reviewed all the options, and then pointed out the good choice that each child was making. I tried to stay in the positive, and not discuss "poor choices" too soon.

The kids of course started yelling all the good choices they made that day, and adorably, which one of their friends  was making a good choice.

We moved on to reading our personalized books about impulsivity, and some more chatting about good choices! This social story-esqu…