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Diary of a Spider

To continue with the creepy, crawly theme of Speech this week I've been reading "Diary of a Spider" by Doreen Cronin. It's adorable, and I think I may be laughing at it more than the kids, but I'm OK with that!

To review the comprehension and recall portion of my lesson, I made a cute packet with a board game, carryover, and a writing/drawing task! The kids are enjoying playing the game, and I'm enjoying the responses I'm getting from the questions!

Aside from the board game, there's a short writing task that also comes in a "drawing" version for the little ones.  Students have to write a page in their "diary" about what goes on during their day at school.

 You can download this packet HERE on TpT :)

I've been MIA, but I'm BACK! Oh, and FREEBIE ALERT!

I have been MIA in recent weeks trying to get ready for my big move! We recently snagged our first apartment (together) and it's been a lot of work collecting all of our stuff! All week long I've had blogger guilt because I know I've disappeared! I'm back and better than ever though, as I blog from my new digs :)
I'm hoping to crawl back into your hearts with this creepy packet about spiders! My Speech guys are loving it and I'm loving how much reading/auditory comprehension I can target! You can start off by using inferencing skills to label the parts of the spider. I also paired this with "Diary of a Spider" by Doreen Cronin (packet coming soon!) as a follow up comprehension activity. We compared/contrasted what we learned about Spiders to what we saw in the fictional book!

All of the packets for the reading comprehension are a single page of information, a page of multiple choice questions, and a page of some sort of writing task. Each level is labe…

Better Hearing and Speech Month FREEBIE!

We started this May off with testing, but we jumped back into the swing of things with Better Hearing and Speech Month! I hope you're hashtagging away (#bhsm) and showing everyone the fabulous things you're doing!

I decided to make a packet with both high and low level tasks for PreK-5th....modify for your own needs, of course! The packet includes a nice poster to hang up with printable Speech facts that your school buddies might not know (I'm a Speech nerd, I know)! There are some great printable activities you can do with your kiddos too! I'm totally loving the Speech bubble fill-ins "I feel _____ when I'm in Speech". It's nice to see a lot of them saying "excited" and "smart", or my latest fav "Full of joy"!! There's an acrostic SPEECH poem you can make, along with prompted fill-in writing and illustration! It's been nice to have full discussions about why the kids are in Speech, and to see what they're gain…