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Speedy Speech: Car/To Go activities for /r/

I hear the same story over and over when it comes to articulation - it's boring and the kids don't want to practice at home. Well, secret's out - I think articulation is boring as well. Sorry, I think this might be a speech faux-pas, but I think drill and kill nearly kills me. I try to make my articulation activities fun, focus on quality sound vs. quantity, and take "tongue/mouth" breaks lol However, when my kiddos are home, unfortunately drill is one of the only ways to do carryover. I always suggest to my parents to practice "sporadically" (ya know, that word from clueless...hahah). I suggest practicing in the car as my number 1 way to help with artic. I think when you're driving and going to and from karate/gymnastics/dance/soccer/future presidents of america/etc it's great to go over your sounds and/or tongue placement.

Enter in: Speedy Speech. It's a to-go car book that focuses on short and sweet artic practice. I made this first one fo…

Big Apple Speech!

So you're going to need to stop everything and like this fantastic blog rightttttt NOW! You will thank me later! Big Apple Speechis a new blog that was developed by a good friend of mine from grad school. She's a fellow NYC Dept of Ed SLP - lots of acronyms, I know.

She developed this blog with diversity in mind. Working in the city, your kiddos needs, activities, likes, and overall world is different. Big Apple Speech targets activities and lessons geared towards our diverse kiddos.  PLUS, many and I mean many of her activities are freebies.

My latest obsession that she has created is based on the movie "Frozen" - she targets a ton of language skills in this mega packet. With her permission, I'm sharing these photos of her great packet! Check it out below and download the packet HERE from Big Apple Speech on TpT!

The Stray Dog - a FREE comprehension packet

I am excited to share a mini-packet with you that I crafted this weekend! As a favor to my SLP-momma, who requested I make something for this book, I started to make a comprehension game. The packet is short and sweet - here's what I plan on doing with it:

Before I read the story:
I'm going to show the kids (again - they always love to see them, and I love to show them off!) my pets, tell about how I adopted them because they were "strays" and explain what a stray is. Then I'll ask questions pertaining to the topic of the story - i.e., "Do you have any pets at home?" "Did you ever adopt any pets?" "Have you ever seen a stray animal? What did you do?" "What would you do if you found a stray animal?"

After the story:
We're going to compare/contrast Willie and a pet that they have or know. How are they different? How are they similar? Were they both saved? Are they both the same animal? THEN we're going to play the compre…

FREEBIE ALERT - Self and Peer review worksheet!

So we are back into the swing of things after break, as I'm sure you are too! Part of coming back involves me prepping for our bulletin board that is due rather soon! I've been using my frog packet that you can find here with my kiddos as part of our "Spring Into Speech" theme.

I'm not sure about you guys, but our school has a specific set of items that they look for on a bulletin board, a rubric and review being one of them. Since my kiddos are little (Kindergarten, first, and second) I find it to be a challenge to have them review their work using typical rubrics. After some inspiration (i.e., one of my kiddos looked over another kiddos homework and gave him a "good star") I created this peer and self review.

The reviews come two per sheet, and they're black and white to ease the printing hardship! I feel your pain! The best part is - they're FREE! All your kids have to do is fill in the stars for how well they think they did and how well they…

Happy Passover and Easter!

Hi all!

I've been on Passover/Easter break, and I've been enjoying sleeping in and doing some non-speechy things! If you're off, I hope you've been enjoying yourself as well!

I wanted to make sure I wished you a HAPPY Passover and/or Easter!!

Enjoy :)



I just left a PD on apps in the speech room that was featured during our district meeting. Do many of you meet up for monthly meetings? It's one of my favorite things that my district does. I love hearing from the other SLPs, and chatting with SLPs in my district that I may not get a chance to interact with.

Now, we all have our favorite apps, myself included, but some of the apps they spoke about included:

Speech with Milo (sequencing)Auditory WorkoutMagical Concepts Having only used Speech with Milo, I am curious to download and use the two apps to give my own review! Inspired by the presentation I saw, here are three apps that I find myself using over, and over, and over again!

Conversation Builder
I LOVE this app. Why? Simply because it's so reinforcing for the kids to record themselves and listen to the conversation that they ask for it BY NAME! I love that it's customizable with their interests, place of residence, and name. Plus, I can choose whether I want a long (8 t…