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A Very Speechy Treasure Hunt! FREEBIE ALERT!

I'm sure we all have those activities our kids beg us for. The iPad, the board game, the SMART kids beg for treasure hunts. Now, that may sound a little strange, but I held one before Christmas and it was a hit! Ever since then, the requests come pouring in every week.

After finally being broken down by one persistent kiddo, I made this packet! It uses common items that I have in my Speech room, and I think you might have in yours. Things like paper towels, a heater/air conditioner vent, a table, etc. I also included a blank treasure map so you can write your own clues in! Maybe even try laminating it and using it over and over for different tasks, or have your students write YOU clues!

Basically, students follow along and utilize inferencing skills to figure out where to head next. Before we started, we made predictions about what was hidden and where it might be! In this instance, I hid puzzle pieces that were basically a cut up picture of what was hidden. At each stop…

Make Your Answers POP!

Like many of you, I have a lot of students with expanding expression goals. I love working with these students in a group for the great peer model they get, as well as the great conversational structure. Recently, I've been having my students answer questions to expand their answers - like so many of us do in therapy. I realized that my kiddos need a visual, something they can follow. So, I created "Make Your Answers POP" using candy as my inspiration LOL.

I'm using this in two ways - I printed two copies, one to put up on my wall, and one to glue to popsicle sticks. I'm going to have my students answer questions and identify parts of an answer using the makeshift signs. If I need to give a visual cue to dig deeper, I'm holding up a sign, or pointing to the sign on the wall. I'm hoping that eventually my students will cue themselves with the sign on the wall.

In the meantime, popsicle sticks all around! You can download this FREEBIE activity here on TpT.

February Break! #instabreak

Hi guys and gals!

We are on break here in NY, so I've taken a wee bit of a break from blogging. I wanted to make sure you are staying tuned in with me on instagram @practicallyspeeching or at #instacfy and currently #instabreak !

Coming up this week, I'm crafting a packet for "Snowmen at Night" by Caralyn Buehrer. I'll also be sharing my freebie sign for expanding expression called "Make Your Answers POP!"

Keep your eye on the blog! Happy February Break to my fellow New Yorkers! :)

We LOVE Speech! A Valentine's Day Post

We've been rhyming, singing, and basically loving speech this week! It's all about the love! I've been using my rhyming packet  to rhyme away the day (rhyme alert!). You can read my post on this packet here if you're interested in the details about this awesome packet!

We also used Crazy Speech World's love bug craftivity to rhyme! I used her awesome template and wrote rhymes on the back of the bugs. The kiddos either had to match the rhymes to their bug, create rhymes, or use pictures to rhyme. It was fun!

My kinders created rhyming chains using a picture match! They either had to discriminate or match the rhyme based upon ability. I repurposed left over scraps from the love bugs to make them!

We "played" (aka tricked my kiddos into learning!) with the "Name That Rhyme, Valentine" board game from the rhyming packet a lot. I've been using candy hearts and game board markers - super motivating! My kiddos are having a ton of fun with this, an…

What does the fox say!? He says rhyme, obviously...

I'm sure your kiddos are as obsessed with the "What Does the Fox Say" song just as much as mine are! The other day some of my superstars were singing "What does Ms. Gaines say!?" "learn learn learn learn stickers stickers" - which I thought was hilarious, but alsooooo a great idea! If I chose animals that the kids could rhyme with, we could ask what they say and they could rattle off rhyming words!

So, I went to work and crafted up these guys you see on your left. It's pretty simple in the execution of this craft. I broke it down into first grade and second grade levels in my packet. My firsties used my writing prompts to cut and paste the rhymes that went with their animal (hat, mat, etc.). They had to use discrimination and work with peers to trade words to complete their speech bubble. My second graders had to generate the words on their own and do some writing. I prompted those who needed it with the visual or auditory cue that was appropriate…

Rhyming Packet!

My rhyming packet is UP on TpT, finally! It's selling right now for a dollar!!! So make sure you download it in time for Valentine's Day! I've been using this packet for a week now to introduce rhyming to my students. We're having a blast rhyming, and making our heart-themed crafts!

Here's how we're using the packet in speech:

We're using the trading cards and game board to discriminate words that rhyme and words that don't! We're playing a ton of "Name that Rhyme, Valentine" and using the whiteboard to compare/contrast rhyming words.

Crafting and Creating
After I feel like my kiddos really have a handle on what we're looking for here, we start crafting! If you're following my instagram (@practicallyspeeching) you'll know that we're making heart rhyme chains! It's a simple activity that the kids are having a blast with! You can modify depending on the level. With the Kinders, I used pictures pasted into a …

We're hooked on rhyming! Some links!

So, I'm still prepping my rhyming and Valentine's Day packet, and I was totally taken aback by all this snow! Today I showed up to work and went, uh-oh! So I turned to my good friend Brain Pop Jr, and we took off!

I used the rhyming introductory video and game on Brain Pop Jr! The game is here and the video is here. Note: you may have to make an account or sign in to access these.

I paired it with a rhyming book that we made. I simply cut a piece of construction paper in half and folded it to make a card. Then I went to "Read, Write, Think" and printed their free rhyming picture cards (click here). I pasted the initial picture (of say, a "moon") on the cover with some cute writing on top that says "We Love Rhyming". I then had the kiddos match the next photo to the cover photo (so they had to find "spoon"). On the last page, they needed to create a word that rhymed with the corresponding words: moon, spoon, tune/toon!

It was a nice little…