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New Year, New Materials!

Disney Hedbandz!

The following post contains photos and links from I purchased this game with my own money from Target, and was not given anything for free. Just simply my own take on a great game!

So the hedbandz game has been a great therapy tool for the last few years. I love it, you love it, the kids love it! So imagine how excited I was when I saw the Disney version in Target during black Friday!

It's pretty adorable, I mean, the hedbandz have mouse ears on them! It's a lot of fun to play, and can target a bunch of goals - but we knew that. Here's the best part about this: It's kid-centered. The characters are common, the movies are current, and the pictures are vivid. The pieces are all kitschy, with mickey mouse pieces and the mouse ears (I know I said this already, but those mouse ears are so cute!).

The rules are the same, the whole concept is the same, but the pictures are little more exciting because they're almost personalized.  The kids get more excited about…

What's in your prize box?

Lately my prize box has been getting a lot of makeovers! The stampers have been kicked out, the rubber bracelets banned, and the pencils are getting a bad review from the kids. So I'm wondering, what's in your prize box???

My kiddos work for a sticker during each session, when they have 4 in a row on their chart they get a prize. The prizes are all from the dollar store, typically erasers, pencils, fake coins, yo-yos, toy dinosaurs, etc. I thought these were great -- I was sadly mistaken. The kids seem bored! Now, I can't give away iPods, but I'm wondering what gets your kids excited!?

Merry Christmas!

Wishing a merry Christmas to you and your family! Enjoy the day with your loved ones!
Back to the blogger grind tomorrow :)

CF-WHY: December Break Edition!

It's been awhile since I wrote a "CF-WHY" post. I feel like the last two weeks have been insane! I'm not sure how your week was, but I was pretty much exhausted last night! December break could not have come sooner! We did a lot of things to prep for Christmas break in my Speech room, including making holiday cookies! Here's the breakdown of what we did and how we did it!

My DIY gifts for my students were a hit! They enjoyed the little poem, and loved that it wasn't just hot cocoa - it was "snowman soup!"

I found this idea on Pinterest - of course - and thought it was super cute. It was relatively easy to put together. I bought bakery bags and mini candy canes from the dollar store, a giant bucket of hot cocoa and some marshmallows from Target, and then used card stock paper, my printer, and a stapler to do the rest!

You can click here for the printable ones, I ended up making my own on PowerPoint. I love a good customization! :)

Our book for the wee…

Appropriate Laughter - Social Story Packet

Working on appropriate pragmatics is pretty much a daily occurrence in my speech room. I'm sure it's not so different in yours! Some of my kiddos are having a hard time with when it's OK to laugh and when it's not. They often think they're being silly when laughing at a peer who is struggling to answer. One of my students was upset when someone laughed at him, but enjoyed laughing at others.

I created this social story using photos found on google images, which is why I'm sharing it using google drive and not TpT. I don't own the photos, therefore I won't sell my product and break any copyright stuff :)

The packet you can download for free contains the printable social story, worksheets to accompany it, and take home worksheets.

It's a great way to get your kids to understand when it's OK and not OK to laugh!

You can download this packet off of my google drive HERE for free :)

Morning Meeting Printable Book with Manipulatives!

Happy Sunday!

I'm seeing a child with autism in his inclusion classroom who does
not use much language effectively. We're working on integrating him into the group work with his peers, but there is definitely some resistance! In an effort to have him continue doing the same work that his peers are doing, I created this book so he can participate in morning meeting.

It's definitely a lot of cutting/laminated/velcroing, but it's working really well! Use the manipulatives to go through the day, month, year, season, and weather!

Download this great book HERE on TpT!

Santa's Synonyms! and FRIDAY FREEBIE!

Many of you may have seen this picture on my instagram this week
(@practicallyspeeching). I used a giant Santa that I found in Target's dollar spot as a Synonym match game! His beard and the velcro blend so nicely!

Or maybe you saw my Synonym song that I posted, and can't stop singing along to that catchy tune!?

 If you're wondering what's with all the Synonym Santa business, you're going to want to check out my newest packet on TpT. It's chock full of holiday vocabulary and their synonym pair! Sing the song, do the worksheets, and hang the printables! Tis the season to add some synonym to your life - get it?! synonym/cinnamon!

ANYWHO, the packet allows you to build skills through the printable cards and worksheets. Use matching, discrimination, and then allow the kids to try to come up with synonyms themselves. The homework can be used for different levels. I've been using these with my first and second graders, but it all depends on where your kids are!


Dear Santa...

We've been working on Synonyms (as you saw Monday!) - nice, naughty, trimmed, etc. All Christmas-y! I wanted a way to tie them in to the spirit of old Saint Nick, and what better way to do that than write him a letter!

I went on a google search to find an address where Santa will actually write you back! Although, I have a feeling by the time I mail these out, I may have to make my own Santa letter! Have students pick a synonym word that tells WHY they belong on the nice list. Then have then use detail to describe an example of them acting out their synonym.

The kids had a great time with this, and it was a really effective way to teach word swapping and synonym use!

Download this for FREE until Christmas on TpT! Click HERE

Synonym Song!

I had a small window of free time today with one of my kiddos absent. I'm also getting a pretty killer cold, and I'm a little punchy...this combination brings you - Synonym Song! To the tune of Jingle Bells, naturally.

We're starting synonyms, and I thought that the kiddos would get a kick out of this song. Plus, it was killing me trying to find something amusing on YouTube about synonyms! Keep an eye out for the packet we're using for synonyms tomorrow!

Download the printable for FREE here on TpT!

CF-WHY...waiting for snow!

Last week was just insane. End of story. So, here's the recap with my lovely CF-WHY post while I wait for the snow to fall so much that it gives us a snow day! I can dream...(I wrote this last night and pre-posted!)
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my room, and my word wall had to follow suit! I put up my Christmas vocabulary, and my little vocabulary elf, in Santa's Word Workshop! I made this a freebie, because it contains real photos from google images for the idioms. You can find this activity here to download for free! 
I had an observation this week as well, so I was prepping majorly! I found this Snowman at Target in their dollar spot. I thought it'd be great to use for sequencing for "Snowmen at Night", and for sequencing anything I might have to this winter! Multi-functional Snowman! I used photos of the book that you can download from my google drive here for free. 

The craftivity that went with the book was a fun one! I cut out snowmen c…

Snowmen at Christmas Activity Pack!

Many of you may have seen that I was observed for the first time this week! It went really well, and I was so proud of my kiddos! I used the book "Snowmen at Christmas" by Caralyn Buehner, along with my packet that I created for the book!

We utilized my sequencing snowman with real pictures from the story to go over key details. Thank you target dollar spot! We then sequenced the story ourselves using a printable craft from the packet! The younger kiddos used printable sentence strips to sequence the beginning and end. They filled in their own middle details. The older kiddos wrote their own sentences.

Before we read the book, we went over vocabulary using a low-tech game involving printables from the packet, and post-its! The kids were motivated by the points, and they used the picture clues to infer the meaning!

The kids finished off their sequencing snowmen with some "snow"
aka cotton balls! They glued everything on to construction paper, and I got a pretty litt…

Snowmen at Christmas Sequencing Cards FREEBIE

I'm getting ready for my observation tomorrow - eek! I'm using the book "Snowmen at Christmas" by Caralyn Buehner, and while my story companion is not quite ready yet for TpT (still tying up some loose ends, final touches, etc!), I wanted to share my sequencing cards!

I'm using a Snowman that I grabbed at the Target dollar spot yesterday for - you guessed it - a dollar!  I slapped some velcro down the poor things face and stomach, and added these snowflake post-its with transition words for sequencing (post-its also from Target dollar spot - woot woot!).

I snapped some pics of the book with my phone, then put them into powerpoint to be printed and laminated. I plan on reusing the snowman for sequencing other activities, so I'll be using velcro on the pictures as well!

Hopefully the kiddos find the Snowman as hilarious as I do, and my observation is a success!

You can download my sequencing cards for FREE - click HERE. 

A Christmas Vocabulary Packet Freebie!

Hope you are all enjoying the cyber monday shopping! This is going to be a quick post because I'm up to my eyeballs in IEPs!

Grab my new, free, vocabulary packet with idioms to take you through the 25 days of Christmas! It's a word every week, or 2 every week, and an idiom for each week! All Christmas themed!

Enjoy! :) Click HERE to download!