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CF-WHY -- a little late, but better than never!

So this has been a whirlwind of a week so far..and it's only Tuesday! Somehow Thanksgiving snuck up on me, and I'm trying to cram all my goodies into this last week. Love that turkey theme!

So here's what's been going on this week and last (since I totallyyyy forgot to post a CF-WHY for last week - sorry guys!)

I started Monday (the 18th) off with awesome intentions to complete the #instaslp instagram link up. I actually did Mondays! It was "monday meal", however I had to post this picture of my cat, Natasha, and her love affair with my lunch box. I seriously can't even zip it open an inch without her trying to crawl inside. I don't get the obsession, but it's pretty hilarious. I always try to do the link up, but I usually end up mixing up the days, or forgetting to take the picture while I'm on my lunch hour!

It's the effort that counts, right?? It's such a cute idea, one of these days I will complete a full week!!!

With Thanksgiving t…

Freebie Friday!

I promised you guys yesterday that I would make the dreidel articulation portion of the packet a freebie. So I did! Make sure you download it HERE on TpT for FREE. Get to spinning those words!

Have a great weekend! :) Happy Speeching :)

Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I used you for artic!

If you checked out my mega Hanukkah packet on Tuesday, or checked my #instacfy yesterday, you saw my dreidel articulation! Now, traditional dreidel game playing involves winning gelt - chocolate coins. Since I haven't had a chance to get to the store, we played for chipper chat tokens! Same concept, chipper chat tokens just definitely don't taste so me. 
Anyways, this will be a freebie tomorrow if you're looking to grab your dreidel and play. If you'd like the entire language packet for Hanukkah, check it out in the post right below this one!
Spin that dreidel!

Hanukkah Mega Packet!

We are going all out for the holidays in my room! I was super psyched to celebrate Hanukkah with my kids, and they were all excited too! It was "wahoooo! We're gonna celebrate Hanukkah!!! Wait...what's Hanukkah???" LOL So, I got to work! I did enough time in Hebrew School to know my way around a Menorah, I figured I'd make a packet! Plus, there's a serious lack of Hanukkah material out there!!

I started out with some vocabulary and definition cards to be printed and laminated. You can use these later on with the printable game board that's included as well! They're great visuals to help with the somewhat unfamiliar vocabulary associated with Hanukah.

I crafted some black and white printable books about how to celebrate Hanukkah, as well as the story of Hanukkah. Your kids can choose to either fill in the visual, or color in the photos. Underline the vocabulary that may be unfamiliar, and use the context clues to define!

Use the listening comprehension l…

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Packet!

I've been trying to incorporate as much vocabulary as possible into my sessions lately. I mean, we do the Speech Warm Up and that is awesome, but I'm finding that a lot of my kiddos don't know the holiday-specific or season-specific language. That stuff is important too!

I created this packet initially with just the visual dictionary for Thanksgiving. It was simple - the word was printed at the top and the students had to draw a cue to help them remember the vocab after watching this video I found on YouTube. This activity also happened to be transformed into an "act out your word" session when I couldn't get my kiddos to sit still on Friday! Improvise, improvise, improvise! They loved it!
ANYWHO, I realized that a lot of my kids have no idea why we have turkey day, or how the Pilgrims got to America -- or, who the pilgrims are. SO, I created a sequencing cut and paste for them (seriously, how much better are activities when they can use glue?? What is the obs…

A little non-speechy fun - engagement photos!

[Before I even start this "review"/support post for Gina - we totally paid for our photos, weren't given anything for this review, and I seriously am obsessed with our photos!]

So I have to take a minute to gush about something non-speechy - my engagement photos! We are totally in love with them, and I want to give our photographer a shout out for a few reasons. First, she's a one woman show and runs her business like superwoman! I give her credit for balancing so much! Second, she's a blogger as well as photographer, and you know how I love my blogs! Third, she's mega mega talented!!! So check her out Gina Esposito Photography and if you're a New Yorker who needs a photographer - hire her. Seriously, you will not regret it. You can even vote for her for Best of LI here (scroll down to wedding photographer) and help a photog out!

Check out our engagement photos below...taken at Vanderbilt Mansion in Centerport, NY

Sentence Builder Mega Packet

I've been crafting this one for at least 2 weeks, tweaking it here and there for my kiddos who need to brush up on their sentence writing skills. I chose a mad scientist theme because who doesn't love a "slimey" sentence?!  This guy's 28 pages filled with worksheets, games, and take home sheets devoted to breaking down the basic sentence building model and bringing it up. Students will first work on identifying what is a good and bad sentence. Then, have them build a human sentence using proper grammar and punctuation. Use the worksheets to reinforce what they're learning during the session, and then send home a practice sheet for even more review!Students will build up from identifying, to using, to correcting sentences within this packet. Use it alongside some fun YouTube videos as well:

School House Rocks - Subject and Predicates
Gangnam Style Sentences - Types of Sentences

Happy slimey sentence building! Click HERE for this packet!

A Turkey Vacation!

This November I made it my mission to get some fun Thanksgiving books! I scoured Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc. Using my educator discount to the fullest!! I found a few gems, one of them being "The Turkey Train" by Steve Metzger. I mean, who doesn't love the idea of vacationing turkeys??

At my school, Speech has a bulletin board that we're responsible for changing - guess what this months theme is?? You guessed it! Talking Turkey! This activity was a great one because they were able to prewrite using the EET-style chart, then do a draft, then a final copy on the lined paper provided, and then they could draw their turkey! Very bulletin-board friendly!

This activity is a freebie, and it will be until after Turkey Day! Grab it HERE on Teachers pay Teachers!

Gobble gobble...

CF-WHY...a week of hearing screenings and turkey day prep!

First off, here's to all the Veterans out there, sending our love and support! Also, here's to a day off, right guys??? I've been looking forward to blogging my little heart out and getting all my activities ready for the week! How are you spending Veteran's Day? This week was all about turkey day and hearing screenings!  I ended up finding these great books at Barnes and Noble - love that educator discount - to use for November. I had some great leaf, fall, etc. books but none with turkeys! I'm using "The Turkey Train" with this activity that will be on the blog tomorrow, but check the link for a preview! They're both cute turkey stories, lighthearted and fun...trying to give little love to the turkeys during t-day!
Not only am I getting ready for Thanksgiving, but I'm super set for the holidays as well! Hanukkah is coming insanely early this year, so I had to grab some books for my kiddos who have no clue what the holiday is. I also had to grab s…

Print and GO packets!

I am almost positive this happens to you. Why? Possibly because it happens to me at least every week. I get busy, I forget to print something, or my lesson just isn't working for this group, or maybe the kids just want to read a certain book that we haven't gotten to yet. Either way, it happens and a good therapist ebbs and flows with her groups - right??? Right! Also, here's this scenario - you've been writing IEPs for what feels like 100 years and all of a sudden you have a group. BAM, print and go!
I'm creating these all inclusive packets because I think they're necessary. 10 pages worth of take home sheets, activity pages, and story questions. It's an all-in-one, who doesn't love that?? I have a printer in my classroom that only prints using black ink, so anything that is black and white and the kids can color is also a plus. I like hitting print and having a lesson, homework, and classwork all spit out. It's also nice that I won't run throu…

Stay on the Right Track!

We're working on making choices for my pragmatics kiddos. Whether that's yelling out
when you have the answer, or pushing someone on the playground - knowing what the right choice is and when to make it is essential.

One of my kiddos loves trains, and it seemed
natural to tell him to "stay on the right track" when making a choice. Cue a game being created to reinforce this!

18 questions make up this game, tell if the boy/girl made the right choice and place the card "on the right track".

Download this quick, fun game HERE on TpT!

CF-WHY...also known as, I survived my first school Halloween!

Last year, the "frankenstorm" aka Hurricane Sandy, took our Halloween - and a whole lot more. It was devastating for those who lost homes, lives, belongings. That Sandy also took our Halloween! My student teaching site lost power for the week, so there was no Halloween revelry for the kiddos. Cut to this year, I'm working in a waterfront community that was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. They didn't have a Halloween, so they brought it this year! I was psyched to celebrate my first Halloween in school, but I was even more excited that these kiddos got to have an awesome Halloween after going through so much!

So what did we do this week to prep for the super awesome Halloween extravaganza?? Take a look...

As I've shared before, I have the ability to cook and eat in my Speech room! I started to get ready for some Halloween cooking with these great books! They were gifted to me by one of my Fairy Speech Mothers :) I hit a little snafu (aka, I caught a bad cold) this wee…