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Halloween Freebie Happenings!

I don't know about you, but Halloween has me exhausted! The countdown, the books, the excitement - the crash from the sugar's all happening.
I'll be posting what we do for Halloween in our Speech room, but for today you better head on over to my TpT and snag yourself the FOUR Halloween freebies listed!
1. Halloween Printable Inferencing Game 2. Halloween Web of Books 3. Halloween Articulation Sheet 4. Halloween Mega Packet
Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen! :)

"When I Forget Things" Social Story

To go with the "spooky social story" theme on instagram, I'm sharing my social story that I recently made. It covers what to do if you forget something, and that it's OK to forget things.

A lot of my students with ASD have trouble if they forget a homework, or their notebook. I've had quite a few upset kiddos, and I'd like to think this social story is the gateway to a good coping mechanism!

The story follows the basic premise that you can forget things if you're busy, and that you can always bring them tomorrow! It also includes a few worksheets to go with the story. Try sequencing the steps of what you can if you forget something, circling the appropriate responses, or listing what you can forget and what you can then do to help yourself.

Download this activity HERE on TpT :)

Spinning a Halloween web of books!

Hope your weekend was wonderful! We visited friends who moved from NY to Baltimore this weekend - so fun! We put it on our "if we ever left NY list" of places! ANYWHO, I shared my "web of books" picture with you on instagram (@practicallyspeeching) before I left! I wanted to also share the
activity I'm using with it!

We are working on comparing/contrasting and character description in my room! I wanted to read 3 different Halloween books and have the kids provide the details for each and find their similarities. Spin a web of knowledge - if you will! I created a packet to use with each book that focuses on characters, setting, problem, solution, etc. It can be used with a variety of ages because it has the option to write and/or draw the answers.  Each student will put together a packet for each book. They can then add their details to the web that we will complete at the end of this week!

The best part about this activity? It's FREE! Download it HERE from…

Friday Freebie!

Just a quick one! Grab my Friday freebie for your word wall! Use my fall word wall packet to help your kids "fall" into speech!
Download this activity here: ttp://

CF-WHY, Hallows Eve Style

Another week closer to my CCC's! Learning SO much every millisecond it seems! Keep an eye out for today's instagram (@practicallyspeeching) #instacfy picture - it'll be a great blog post next week!

The week started out with a good ole social story about safety on the stairs. I try as hard as I can to be visible, and ask teachers what is going on with my students. I heard about the stair issue for one kiddo and got to work! I think social stories are not only great for our ASD students, but for our little ones too. Sometimes they don't understand why we should be safe on the stairs. I made this story using photos I found on google, but another great way to make a social story is to use the app "StoryKit"on the ipad. You can take photos of the actual object/student you're talking about and then make a story around it. Depending on your district/school rules you can even print these stories and send them home!

I had some behavior management kinks to work out…

Visual Schedule

In grad school we did our school placements. I was lucky enough to have an amazing supervisor who was willing to teach me everything she knew and more. Plus, I had a pretty eclectic caseload that kept me learning. One of the most important lessons was how powerful and reinforcing a visual schedule can be.

Now, in my own classroom I'm utilizing her techniques - and they work! Of course! I have a little boy who needed some visual support to help with the structure of speech. I tried charts, I tried signs, I tried rehearsing. I thought he might be too young to use the visual schedule - until I tried it. He rocked in speech with the schedule! He loved checking off the items (I laminated it and he uses a dry erase marker) and seeing when we would play a game. It was a great success!!

I created this schedule just to use in my room, buttttttttttt I'm going to share it. After posting it on instagram (@practicallyspeeching) and having a lot of requests for it, I figured, why not? You …

Inside vs. Outside Voice

Having you heard of the app "bla bla bla"??? It's great! I've used it not only with kids, but with my Aphasia patients as well to build vocal strength and intensity! I've been using it with one of my kindergarteners to modulate voice, it clicked with him! As much fun as using the ipad is, I also like to back it up with some paper and pencil/crayon work. Oh and some take home too!
I put together this packet to have him draw what his inside and his outside voice look like, as well as have a visual reminder as to what voice to use! It's definitely been effective, and I can now use the prompt "inside voice" to quiet him down! I've also sent home some of the worksheets as take home so that mom and dad can use this tactic!
Download this activity on TpT HERE!

Comparing and Contrasting - Halloween Style!

I got home Friday, sat down in front of the computer (fiancĂ© was working late - I swear we're not 100 years old every Friday night LOL), and had a minor heart attack. I had left my flash drives IN the computer IN my classroom...a good 42 miles away from me! Now, I knew they were safe and sound, but that meant I couldn't catch up on all the blogging that I missed last week!

To make up for the blogs you would've/should've gotten to read this weekend - I'm giving this activity packet away for freeeeeeee until Wednesday 10/23/13! Cue victory lap!

ANYWHO, many of you may have seen this picture (see left) on instagram (@practicallyspeeching) and wondered, "I want candy corn! I want m&ms! I want this activity! Where is it!?". Welp, you're in luck! It's now on TpT for your downloading pleasure! Link HERE. Oh, and if you weren't wondering that - it's still free and on TpT for you!

This one is a LOT of fun. If you can do food in your Speech room, …

Franken-sound: a creativity!

I am constantly searching for things to do with my artic kids. I will admit it: kill and drill is mind numbing. I saw a cute Frankenstein craft on instagram from @applesandabcs where she made Frankensteins from construction paper (click here to see it!).

I modified this activity so that a) it targeted artic and b) it was something they could color - we just love to color in speech. I printed a frankenstein coloring page and then folded strips of paper for the legs and arms. I wrote their words/sounds on the legs and as they colored each box they said their sound. Easy peasy!
Try it out! :)

CF-WHY - a recap of the hows, whys, and whats of the week!

So this weekend I wasn't able to post due to some health-related distractions, but all is well! I'm ready to CF-WHY it up!

Last week was an interesting one, because we were doing testing throughout the school, some within my room. So I spent one of my mornings doing push-in for students I don't usually do push-in for. I kind of loved it! I felt like I was watching some form of reality tv, student-style! I got to see how they functioned in the classroom during different activities - library, science, math. All of the things I miss when I pop in for a few minutes to observe, I got to see during the solid 30 minutes I was there.

We did some "cooking" this week in speech. I had been promising my kiddos that we would be doing cooking, speech-style, this year. After a straight week of being asked where my oven was, what we were going to eat, or my personal fave - "when we tookin' Ms. Gaines?" - I caved!

We have been taking our Fall theme to the max (check …

YouTubin' in Speech!

I'm a huge fan of videos..anything visual! If its moving, singing, and dancing the kids are into it! I found a few great videos that I wanted to share with you. We have access to YouTube in my building luckily, so if you can, click along!

Syllable Segmenting:
If I have to break up words on a whiteboard for 30 minutes - I'll cry. So naturally, the kids are most likely bored too. I found this great video for "clapping" out the sounds! The link is here:
The Four Seasons:
The session always starts with my Speech Warm Up. During the warm up I ask the month, year, and season! Almost always I get a month as an answer, no matter how many time we go through the seasons lol This video does a nice job of putting it into song form, which is sticking for my kids. It also provides clues for each season during the song and the kids have to guess what the season is! The link is here:…

Apple Crazy! Using Your 5 Senses In An Apple Taste Test

It's Fall - my favorite season of the year! I'm pretty excited to be able to have food in my Speech room, and so why not do an apple taste test!?

The 5 senses are a great topic, you can get a ton of language out of it and you know it's something they'll use in the classroom. I decided that since apples are one of the healthier options to start with, I'd do some taste tests and focus in on how they tasted, smelled, sounded like, looked like...all the good ones!

You'll be able to graph, write about, and draw what you find with this packet. Plus, there's carryover
that you can print out and stick in those speech books for a great story when they get home! Be sure to try this one with your students, and get to slicing those apples!

Find this fun activity HERE and be sure to look out next week for photos of when we try this in my Speech room! :)

Non-Fiction in the Therapy Room!

Okay, I'm the first one to say I love a good biography..specifically of Kings, Queens, Princesses...if they were royal, I'm in. HOWEVER, non-fiction to a 6 year can be a snooze-fest. It's sad, but true. Would you rather read "Cat in the Hat" or a documentary about cats? Yep, Dr. Seuss wins. Hands down.
So, when I discovered "Discovery Education" last year I jumped to sign up. I'd much rather watch a fun, age-appropriate video than read a non-fiction article. I'm pretty excited to show the video on Fall that I'm using in conjunction with my "Let It Fall" activity.
Check out this video for yourself, and see if you can use it in your room! :)
Click HERE. You may need to make an account for (for free!) if you don't have one.
How are you integrating non-fiction into your room??

CF-WHY - A Recap of the Week!

I'm trying to start a "CF-WHY". I'm going to do it weekly, and it will serve as a "round up" or "recap" that I'm loving reading on the other SLP blogs! My CFY has me learning every second of every day. I went into my first job feeling prepared, but in this field - especially in your CF year - you are constantly learning. I'm going to leave the activities we did in bold so you can scroll through! :)

So here it goes...

We all know I'm obsessed with children's literature. I've decided to try to do 2 books a month and tie them into different skills I'm teaching. We just finished "If You Take A Mouse To School" last week, using the packet you can find here. I'm targeting "Characters" and "Attributes" as a main topic for our lessons. Falling under that topic are your higher level language skills used to figure out those attributes and characters. We used our noggins to think outside the box and a…

ASHA Glimpses!

I'm am SO excited to share that I am in ASHA's October issue of the Leader! Please check out my lovely feature HERE online and in the magazine whenever it arrives! YAY!

"Let it Fall" by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

I'm sure you caught my Fall Book Haul photo on instagram! I have been purchasing away - discount shopping, of course! Most of my gently used books are between $2 and $5! One of these gems is "Let it Fall" by Maryann Cocca-Leffler. It was delivered to me after I accidentally bought TWO for $4! got one too though! So it all worked out!

Anywho, we're working on "attributes" or "describing" in my
Speech room this week. We started off describing characters from my "If You Take A Mouse To School" packet, and now we're off and running! "Let it Fall" is packed with attributes, so I decided to make a little packet of activities for
my kiddos - and you of course! I'm starting to introduce fiction vs. nonfiction, so I'm using Discovery Education's video "The Four Seasons" (chapter 4 for fall) as my nonfiction video.

We're going to graph our attributes for fall, and organize our ideas about fiction v…