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Craftivity: A Pumpkin Patch!

I'm creating a little pumpkin patch in my room to border my Fall word wall. Instead of using my sparkly pumpkins (they're currently decorating my door!), I found these foam pumpkins at Michael's for the kiddos to decorate!

Now, recently we started talking about attributes in my room and how they connect with characters/stories. To translate this to my pumpkin patch, we have been decorating our pumpkins and then having our peers use attributes to describe their friend's pumpkin! It's been working wonderfully.

For my artic kiddos, I haven't been doing anything too creative. I'm making drill pumpkin-y, basically. However, they're loving it! If they're happy, I'm happy!

I can't wait to share my full pumpkin patch with you! Make sure you're following me on instagram and facebook to keep up! :) @practicallyspeeching

Keep falling into Fall :)

A "Goodwill Grab"! Yes, More About Goodwill!

Saturday I posted about my first Goodwill experience (read here) - I'm kind of obsessed. ANYWHO I was strolling through Target and low and behold - I found a Goodwill find at Target prices! SCORE! This totally enhanced my Goodwill experience. I bought the Ball Toss Game at Goodwill for $1.99, the balls were missing - not a huge deal. Then, BAM, here it is in Target for $10!!! I saved $8 just for shopping at Goodwill first! I am an official convert to the Goodwill ways!

Tell me, what are some of your "Goodwill Grabs"???

The Speech Warm Up is BACK! SMARTBoard Style!

Looking for a quick and easy way to target a bunch of goals? Try the Speech Warm Up! I've spoken about this before, but I love this! You can target new vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, compare/contrast, and idioms! It's fantastic! I am lucky enough to have a SMARTBoard in my room, making the warm up interactive! In the beginning of the year, this usually takes a bit to teach the concepts associated with the warm up. HOWEVER, by the end of the year this is taking you 5 minutes - max. This is my "week 1" warm up, I'm focusing on fall vocabulary from the packet I brought you on Monday (found here.)!

Download this warm up HERE and start, well, warming up!

Halloween Mega Packet!

I am PSYCHED about Halloween! If you're following me on instagram (@practicallyspeeching) you know that I've been stocking up on great Target, Dollar Store, and Goodwill (my new store obsession!) finds! I've been working on this mega Halloween packet, because I really think there is so much you can do with a holiday - especially a scarily great one like Halloween! I originally was going to break these activities up, but I thought you'd like a mega packet instead! Penny pinching!

Here's what's inside:

•Jack-o-lantern Sequencing
•Jack-o-lantern craft
•All about my jack-o-lantern worksheet
•All about my Halloween worksheet
•Sequencing my halloween worksheet
•DIY Halloween Picture Book
•Memory-like Vocabulary Game
•“My Pumpkin Is” writing worksheet with visuals
•“My Pumpkin Is” listening activity with worksheet
•Take home worksheets for homework

Download this great activity HERE on TpT!

"Harvest" a good vocabulary this Fall!

I love Fall. I love everything about it! So naturally I'd have my word wall be Fall themed (for now! I love Winter too...LOL)! I created a sign depicting a pumpkin and
the statement "We're Harvesting A Good Vocabulary" and ran with it! There are 12 vocabulary words that are all Fall-appropriate. Utilize the cards to teach the vocabulary and then hang up the leaves on the board with the vocabulary words! Who doesn't love a good word wall!? I've also included adorable decor like a Fall tree and scarecrow! Can't wait to snap a pic of mine after I put it up this week! Hooray for falling into Fall! :)

Download this great activity HERE! 

My Goodwill Experience!

I read a lot about how you all visit Goodwill and get great deals! I wanted in on the action! Yesterday on my way home from work I stopped at the Goodwill near my town and went hunting! Once I walked in I spotted the Target items instantly! Almost all of the Halloween decorations I had been eyeing last year were there! I was shocked - and grabbed a shopping cart instantly to load up! I did some research last night and found that some Goodwill's will buy "salvage" (things they've deemed unworthy to be on the shelf due to damaged box, open box, etc.) from Target or other stores. Cha-ching!

So here's what I grabbed from Goodwill!:
-A set of 10 pumpkin buckets to be used in a ball toss game for $1.99!
-25 marble notebooks (speech books, of course!) at $0.74 each!
-Yarn for my "old lady" that's in the works!
-Halloween placemats to be used as decorations for $0.99!

I'm in awe! I can't wait to go back! What have your Goodwill experiences been??

A Friday Guest Post!

You know I always love to bring you interesting info, so when I was approached by Liisa from about a guest post I figured - why not! You should know that I didn't receive anything from, nor am I affiliated with them or agree/disagree with the following statements - just thought it might be interesting! Here it is: Now You Can Stay Organized Throughout the School YearA new school year begins one of your resolutions may be to keep your office organized – while this task may sound simple, we all know that as your list of students grows and your responsibilities mount, staying organized becomes more and more difficult. With a little discipline, and some up front planning, you can increase your chances of staying organized throughout the school year. Getting organized for the school year requires a 2 pronged approach; organize your files, and organize your classroom space.Organizing your FilesThere is one thing to keep in mind as you develop your syst…

Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy! Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Hope you have been snatching up all the sales and freebies going around for this super fun day! So listen up your lubbers (land lovers), I'm offering you beauties a freebie - avast!

Check it out on TpT and enjoy this day, aye aye?!

"Go Walk the Plank!" A pirate go-fish game!

Ahoy matey! Tomorrow is international talk like a pirate day! In honor of this AWESOME day, I've created a fun go fish-like game using pirates, of course. This activity is based on pirate-themed vocabulary with go fish rules. You have to make a match, but in order to keep that match you must roll the dice and see what you need to do with that vocabulary word. Either put it in a sentence, find a synonym, antonym, etc. Print these on cardstock or laminate them so they hold up!

Use this fun and free printable from Lee Hansen to print a free pirate hat and eye patch! Have students put them together to wear for the game!

Walk the plank HERE on TpT! 

Birthday Packet!

First of all, are you enjoying these "scheduled" blog posts?? I figured my second week might be crazier than my first, so I scheduled some blog posts every day along with some activities that I'm loving!

The latest is a Birthday Packet that you can use for a birthday board in your room! I am probably going to also use this along side "Happy Birthday Mouse" by Laura Numeroff. However, I am going to expand the activity and add in details from the book - don't worry, that's coming. LOL

Anywho, this activity is chock full of activities - that makes sense, kind of? LOL You've got vocab! You've got games! You've got DIY invitations! You've got sequencing! The whole sha-bang! Plus, you have black and white line drawing cupcakes from Jeannette Baker @ Jasons Online Classroom that you can hang up after your students decorate! AND I made numbers that correspond with the age the child is/will be that they can fill in and answer the questions that a…

A Pirate Sale!

WHOO are you! A FREEBIE worksheet!

Make sure you download this freebie to learn WHOOOOO your students are! It's a one page worksheet that will have you getting to know your students and helping them get to know each other. Have them ask the questions to each other, ask you, explain their answers, give synonyms/antonyms or descriptors for their activities - the options are truly endless. This is a great introductory activity. I especially loved the answer I received about "I like to play with...mud masks!" - spa speech! :)
Download this freebie HERE and check back all week for more. Also don't forget 9/19 is international talk like a pirate day! Be on the lookout for specific activities!

A Recap of My First Week As a REAL SLP :)

If you're wondering why you haven't heard from me this last week, it's because I've been getting home and crash landing into my bed every night. I've been sick, plus getting up at 4:45am every day is rough, but thankfully by the end of the week I was used to it - and feeling better! I am taking you all on this journey through my CF with me, so I wanted to give you a detailed report of what my first week was like! Plus, show you my room and what I am working on transforming it into!

SO, Monday was my first day. It was also the first day for all of the city schools and many of the long island schools - enter in massive amounts of traffic heading towards NYC. I wasn't shocked, I had expected a rough commute. It's 42 miles from my house to my school - no worries, it's totally worth it. I showed up to my adorable new school and met everyone. I seriously wish I was able to snap a quick picture of all the teachers and write their names down to study them. I co…

SLP Link Up for September

I love a good collaboration! Especially when it has to do with awesome SLP bloggers! I am super excited to link up for All Y'all Need's September link up! Be sure to check it out, it's prettttttty awesome! I would never have found out about PicMonkey if it weren't for her! Here's mine:

Schooling: Many of you know that I'm starting on Monday 9/9/13 (ahhhh!) at my new (and first) job in an awesome elementary school! The staff are great and the students rock!  Excited: You guessed it, I'm excited about a) being a real SLP and b) starting my first job! I'm also pretty psyched about documenting the whole thing on instagram! Prepping: I am prepping like you can't even imagine. Like the end of the world is near and to survive we need speech supplies and activities. I can't wait to get started with my new little kiddos! Trying: Well, like many a new grad who now has an abundance of free time on their hands, I have no idea what to do with said free time...lo…

It's Friday! Freebie Friday!

So this will be a mixed post, freebie included! I got an email from Carissa at Home Sweet Speech Room last night saying that I'd be featured on her "Fab Find Friday" segment. I was psyched! Definitely head over there and check out her finds, they're fab, obviously! Lots of great SLP bloggers on there!

The freebie for this Friday was revealed yesterday, so it's a long weekend freebie, if you will...I decided to do a Rosh Hashana-inspired freebie! Happy 5774, peeps! If you checked out my Rocket Ship Whole Body Listening post yesterday, that is the freebie - blowing your mind right now, right? I know, welcome to the future, 5774!

You can find this freebie on TpT HERE until 9/7! L'shana tova!

Rocket Ship Whole Body Listening

So I do love Larry and his Whole Body Listening, but you know I also love to reinvent the wheel. SO, of course I created a Whole Body Listening poster/activity featuring, what else but, rocket ships! Now, I'm into the sequencing of a rocket ship (3...2...1...) and I think it's simple for kids to follow. However, that's not why I chose it. Rocket ships are cool, they're universally pleasing to both girls and boys, and they're easy to chop up in PowerPoint! LOL

I chopped up the rocket ship to give you a more user-friendly way to step into whole body listening. Not that it wasn't user-friendly already, again, Larry is great. Think of this as a yoga activity. You're starting with 3...quieting the bottom of you, your feet, your legs, etc. Moving onto're quieting your hands, your arms, your shoulder, you're turning to the speaker. Then're eyes, ears, mouth, nose, eyebrows, heart, brain, hair, etc. is focusing on the speaker and quieti…

If You Take A Mouse To School

So if you're keeping up with my Instagram account (@practicallyspeeching) and my "instaCFY" endeavor, you know that I spent my day in the bookstore yesterday! Yes, I was the nerd trolling through the picture books, laughing at Amelia nerd, I know. ANYWHO, I discovered the educator discount for B&N (20% off) and since I love a good sale I went a little wild. I listed my book haul for you yesterday on Facebook, and I'm super excited about the activity I just finished with one of them!

Laura Numeroff's "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" is quite possibly the most memorable childhood book I have. I find I relive it currently in my adult life with Luka...If you give Luka a dog treat, he'll probably bark his head off until you give him another...sound familiar, fellow animal lovers? LOL

I put together this 20 page packet to focus on language goals you may have with your students. It's geared a bit more towards the little ones, but you …

Ice Breakers for Hallway Traveling - Freebie Alert!

That travel period between classroom and speech room can be the longest 3 minutes of your day sometimes. Whether your school has a "quiet" hallway policy, or your kiddos are just not there yet for transitioning, the travel portion of speech can be challenging.

In an effort to try and avoid the traveling travesty that can occur, I Traveling Ice Breakers for you and the kiddos! Oh, and it's a freebie!
created these

This is an I-Spy based game that you can work a few ways. Work on listening by reading the clues and having students figure out what it is. Have students read the clues to their peers to follow visual cues and directions. OR, show the picture to one student (and have them keep it a secret) and have them describe what the object is with clues their peers can follow. I love options!

What I did to put these together is laminate the clues and answers back to back (you may need to use some glue before you laminate). Then, I punched a hole in the corners of the cards …