Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shark Bait: An Articulation Game

Keeping with the Shark Week theme is...Shark Bait!

This fun articulation game is simple to create (print, laminate, and go!) and simple to play. Keep your shark's belly full and he'll be happy! Articulate your word correctly and get some "bait" to feed your shark out of the bait bucket!

Be careful though, if you feed your shark a hot pepper his tummy will be rumbling and you can lose your bait!

This activity comes with 36 initial /sh/ words that you can choose from! The belly of the shark has room for the pre-made pieces OR the pieces from chipper chat - you decide! The activity also comes with a sign that you can easily tape onto any cylinder to make your "bait bucket"!

 Download this great activity HERE!

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