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An Inspired Lunch - Otherwise Known As How I Found Out About Steve Wampler...

Yesterday I went to this great lunch with great people. One attendee was an amazing young girl who was ecstatically telling us about her adventures in the Sierra Nevadas this summer. She attended Wamp Camp, founded by Steve Wampler, the first man with Cerebral Palsy to climb El Capitan. He has an amazing story and has led an inspirational life. When I find a great story and/or a great person, I like to share it. This man's speech at the TED Talks in San Diego was inspiring, and I wanted to share it with you. If you're not familiar with TED, it stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. The talks always feature really smart, really interesting people/topics.

You can find his video HERE on climbing El Capitan! You'll be inspired! :)

Practically Interviewing: My Portfolio, A Peek Inside!

I apologize for the blog being a bit quiet! I hope you've been keeping up on Facebook and Instagram though!

I've been interviewing up a storm this summer, and my last post "Practically Interviewing: Pounding the Pavement, SLP-CF Style" had a lot of you emailing me with questions about my portfolio! I love hearing from you and I think that your questions and ideas are great! So, here is what goes into my portfolio and a little background about it!

Many of you may know that I attended Long Island University - Post Campus for graduate school. We have a great program, great professors, great supervisors, and great clinical and program directors -- and I swear they didn't pay me to say that! I really do appreciate and love them all! ANYWHO, our clinical director had us create these portfolios and then add to them every semester. I will admit that this was a headache and I definitely belly-ached about doing it. Meanwhile, I should not have been complaining, this portf…

DIY Crayon Boxes - A Super Simple Craft Idea!

Meet my contributors for this project, Shana, Jaz, and Luka! Shana is our adorable 12 year old yellow lab, she's our favorite senior citizen. Jaz started out as my fiance's funny sharpei-chow mix, but we're pretty much obsessed with each other, and poor Sean has become numero dos in her eyes. And Luka, oooh Luka, my lunatic black flat coated retriever whom I adopted in college. He's a total snuggly ball of energy whom I couldn't live without. Together they're some trio!

ANYWHO, they eat a ton, and the only non-people food I can get Luka not to snub is Beneful. We end up with a million of these plastic tubs at the end of each week. So many, that my mom started cleaning them out and using them to hold crayons in her office - genius!

Since I like to kick things up to the next crafty level, I decided to add my spin on these "green" tubs! I hit Target for some great duct tape, they usually have giant rolls for $3.99! Let the leopard-ing begin!

Here's How…

What My Sunglasses Saw This Summer...A Back to School Activity!

We head back to school around September 4th on the island, and the 9th in the city. We've got a few more weeks to cling to summer! I'm prepping for back to school to make the first week back not so frantic!

As I was looking for my sunglasses, an idea hit me! All summer long people are seeing friends and family, seeing the sights -- and what are they wearing???? Sunglasses! Those sunglasses get a lot of action! SO, in order to get to know your students and how their summer was, work on what their sunglasses saw!

Now, we're all trying to put together our rooms and bulletin boards, so why not make this fun activity into a decorative one as well?! This activity includes a sign for your bulletin board/wall, and customizable sunglasses. Follow the prompts, don't follow the prompts, the choice is yours!

Use this great activity with your kiddos and have a smooth transition into fall!

Download this activity HERE on TpT!

Back to School Sale!

Link to TpT is HERE

Words, Words, on the Wall...Who has the cutest Word Wall of them all?!

I'm really all about decorating my [future] Speech Room this week. I fell in love with the idea of Word Walls when doing my student teaching. Every SLP loves a good visual, and the Word Wall is the King/Queen of vocab visuals! Seeing as Chevron is everywhere this year (I'm loving it!) I wanted to incorporate this adorable pattern with the functionality of the Word Wall.

Enter in the Chevron Pattern Customizable Word Wall! It's cute, it's navy blue and white, and it's
functional! Feature the word of the day, month, and laminate it so it's reusable!

Download this great addition to your classroom on TpT and get into the Chevron theme!

Shark Bait Articulation Game Expansion Packs

Last week I blogged about my Shark Bait Articulation Game for /sh/ initial (see the post here). I promised you different versions of the game for /sh/ in medial and final, but then I decided that we're all on a budget and I was going to go the penny-pinching route! Instead of re-listing copies of the game with different words for $2.00 each, I uploaded expansion packs for $0.50! I'm pretty excited about it!

Download the expansion pack for /sh/ medial HERE and the expansion pack for /sh/ final HERE.

Happy Sharking :)

FREEBIE ALERT! Mega Monster and Bee-themed Bulletin Board Pack!

Yesterday I kicked off my "instaspeech" project where I will be chronicling my first year as a CF! I was hoping to get 30 followers, and you guys came through with 40! Unbelievable! In honor of snagging some great followers, I'm giving you guys a mega freebie!

This Monster and Bee Themed Bulletin Board Packet is chock full of cute ideas for your back to school bulletin boards! Feeling "monstrous"?? Go with my monster racing theme with name tags, reward charts, and door signs. Buzzing about the Speech room? Put up my bee themed board with vocabulary, birthday, and idiom sections!

You'll have a beautiful bulletin board in no time! Download the freebie, it'll be around until Friday 8/16 on TpT. As always, leave me some feedback, please! :)

Instaspeech! InstaCFY! Follow my first year on Instagram!

I'm a CF, I love technology, and I love snapping pictures! I've got some great things going on, and I think you should be a part of it!

Follow me for the year as I chronicle my CFY through pictures!

Make sure you follow @practicallyspeeching or click on the link to the right -> and start "instaspeeching!"

ASHA's Blogjam: August 2013 Edition

I am SO excited to say that I made it into ASHA's Blogjam!

I'm super honored, and I want to thank all of my wonderful SLP readers/followers/supporters, and ASHA, of course! You guys are the BEST!

Stay tuned for more awesome posts, activities, and ideas. I'm working hard for ya!


Shark Bait: An Articulation Game

Keeping with the Shark Week theme is...Shark Bait!

This fun articulation game is simple to create (print, laminate, and go!) and simple to play. Keep your shark's belly full and he'll be happy! Articulate your word correctly and get some "bait" to feed your shark out of the bait bucket!

Be careful though, if you feed your shark a hot pepper his tummy will be rumbling and you can lose your bait!

This activity comes with 36 initial /sh/ words that you can choose from! The belly of the shark has room for the pre-made pieces OR the pieces from chipper chat - you decide! The activity also comes with a sign that you can easily tape onto any cylinder to make your "bait bucket"!

 Download this great activity HERE!

In honor of Shark Week...

As the "back to school" feeling is rolling around, many of us are searching for introductory activities. Those first few weeks are tough with scheduling and adjusting! SO, why not make it a bit easier by getting to know your students in a fun way!?

In honor of Shark Week (I love a good theme!) I created this fun and FREE little ditto that you can hand out to your kiddos. I think getting to know the basics like favorite color and food is always a good way to introduce yourself!

Take a "bite" out of getting to know your students with this fun worksheet!

Download this FREEBIE here on TpT!

Practically Interviewing: Pounding the Pavement, SLP-CF Style

So I've been job searching/hunting/begging/pleading for a few months now since Graduate school and my leave replacement position ended. It's exhausting and frustrating but I haven't lost hope! I've had some great interviews, some not-so-great interviews, and I've gained a ton of knowledge along the way.  The job market in New York is tough, but I'm hoping I'm tougher!

As a CF (clinical fellow), you're automatically looked at as "green", a "newbie" if you will. You're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to take on the world with your knowledge! The sad reality is that many people are looking for experience, and so even though you may power through that interview, nail that question, or hit it off with an interviewer, your "green" is always showing. HOWEVER, you're great, you're well-trained, and you rock! So, you're getting a job, fellow-CF, have no fear!

Here's some knowledge that I've gained during…