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Parking Word Wars: Monster Style (transportation vocabulary)

I took a trip to Brooklyn yesterday for an interview and was totally inspired by my inability to find parking! Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! As I drove around looking for the best spot, I realized this would make a fun activity! So, I introduce to you, "Parking Word Wars!" I'm hoping to do a few varieties! This one happens to be focusing on transportation vocabulary (driver, car, vehicle, pedestrian, bus, truck, motor, speed).

Basically, you "drive" around the board answering questions and moving up. The person who gets the golden spot wins! This Parking Word Wars is Monster Style so beware of the monsters lurking on the board! Be sure to grab a "Get out of Mash FREE" card before you get stuck in the Monster Mash!

The questions for this activity target inferencing, vocabulary expansion and definitions, and descriptors. The vocabulary is also included within this packet so you can utilize it without the game!

Download this great activity HERE…

School Time Bargains and Rewards

I've been busy job-hunting and not posting and I'm so so sorry! I've been updating the Facebook page, so if you haven't given a "like" to the page, go ahead and do so to stay up to date!

I'd love to chat about bargains..who doesn't love a sale? I'm always pretty rewarded when I hit a sale!

I'm sure as a typical SLP you're stocking up on stickers and those nifty reward charts! However, those cool reward charts can be pricey! As a way to help out my fellow back-to-schoolers I'm sharing a pack of4 printable reward charts with you! They're fun, they're useful, and best of all they're free! They're all in black and white, so you can save some money printing them! Have kids color them in as an introductory activity too!

Download this great freebie HERE!

Speech Room Signs - FREEBIE!

I'm feeling very visual lately! I realized that the use of visuals in the speech room is essential on day one, and I wanted to create some signs that you could use in your therapy! Here is a great freebie with 8 pages of signs that you can use in any way you choose! I even took my watermark off for you!

Download this HERE for free!

Reasoning Raceway

As I was playing with some matchbox cars today, I realized how much kids truly love flinging those things around! Also, I'm amazed at how indestructible they are! I created "Reasoning Raceway" with those race cars in mind!

Reasoning is one of those goals that can be tough to make exciting! I why they want to eat. They just are hungry! However, when they grow up to be older and wiser, they'll realize their SLP helped them out!
mean, what 3 year old truly thinks it's important to know

Reasoning Raceway targets the reasoning goal with one matchbox car and this laminated raceway. Tape the raceway together and rev those engines! Each stop on the track is a situation that the student must answer "What if...." [insert situation here!]. You're guaranteed to have a blast racing around this course!

Download this activity HERE!