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Newest Find: Colored Bubbles!

In my quest for all things bubble, I came across Crayola's Colored Bubbles in Target the other day! I was super excited! I did hear from my wonderful facebook friends that these things can be tricky, but I decided to give it a go! Good news is, I didn't end my session with purple fingers. The bad news? I did end up with some purple on my jeans BUT it came out! An overall win!

These guys are comparably priced, definitely not as cost effective as regular bubble though. A blast and super intriguing for the little ones!

Find them HERE or at your local Target.

DIY Sensory Bags

In the world of "I just got a job and am poor" DIY(do it yourself) is a familiar scene. I needed some sensory bags so, in an effort to cut costs, I got a little crafty!

Here's what I used:
- Colored Ziplock Bags (I found these at my dollar store, if you can't find them eBay has them for pennies)
- Duct Tape (I used different patterned tape to differentiate between the bags - these can also be found in the dollar store or target)
- Sand, Water, Gel, Rice, Beans, etc. (anything sensory-esque)

Here's how I did it:
1. Insert a fair amount of sensory item into ziplock bag. Do not overfill the bag or else you're guaranteeing and explosion.
2. Seal the bag using the seal on the bag and the duct tape. Make sure you remove all/most of the air out of the bag. Again, avoiding explosion here!
3. If you're feeling super crafty you can wrap the entire bag in the corresponding duct tape.
4. TEST OUT THE BAG! Make sure to avoid a catastrophic therapy moment by testing the …

Easy, Breezy, Summertime Speech! Some ideas to get you outside and moving in your sessions!

So I'm trying to get out and about with my speech life! When I was in my grad school's clinic (not too long ago...) during the summer we would all itch to do sessions outside when it was nice out. Things haven't changed too much now. I'm constantly trying to move outdoors! SO, here are some ideas to get you outside in your sessions! You might be privy to these already, but a refresher never hurts!

1. The Amazing-ness of Bubbles
We all know bubbles are the holy-grail of outdoor Speech activities. We use them for everything! "Up", "Pop", "Big", "Small" etc. Oh and you can't forget the oral motor wonders that bubbles bring! I happen to love using bubbles in a life skills way as well. We all know bubbles are a disastrous mess and the clean up or request for help is an important life skill to practice. Also, the stick can often be difficult to maneuver/manage for a child with poor fine motor, so teaching terms like "help"…

Top of the Pop: A Summer Vocabulary Game - 1 day freebie!

As I'm eating a popsicle last night the inspiration for this summer activity hit. What's more summer-y than popsicles!? If you're looking to teach some summer vocabulary you'll love this game!

The game board is used with the cube and cards. The cards have summer vocabulary words and the cube tells you what to do with those words. The cube consists of things such as "synonym" and "make a sentence!"

You can use the worksheet as a follow up, or as an introduction to the vocabulary words!

Download this great activity HERE for FREE until tomorrow (6/15).

A Father's Day Freebie!

Have some tech-y parents that your students might need to craft for? Use this cute freebie as a take-home activity, or a do-now. Have students fill in the "app" boxes with the corresponding sentences below! This is a great, printable freebie - grab it quick!

Download this freebie HERE.

My love affair with "Compare and Contrast Double Dice Deck"

I am a really big fan of these "Double Dice Decks" from The Speech Corner. I was introduced to them by my student teaching supervisor, and at the end of the year I loved them so much that they were gifted to me. She's a pretty awesome SLP! I used them yesterday with my middle schoolers and we had a lot of fun!

They're a blast, they're flashy, and they target a bunch of common goals for compare/contrast. They also make one for categories that I have - that one is pretty great as well!

I don't know if it's the double dice that make it fun, or that I turn it into a Family Feud-style game show every time I use these, but the kids are always into it!

Basically each card has a shape on the front and then numbered questions on the back. The student roles the double dice and then either answers the corresponding question or reads it aloud. There are specific ways to play this, but I've found the kids really just want to roll the dice LOL.

I did see on their …

We're baaaaaaaack!

We're back in NY from our lovely Hawaii vacation! I'm still on Hawaii time I think! I will be bringing you some very fun activities this week, so just hang tight! Aloha :)