Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Libbin' It Up With Mom, for FREE!

Who's ready for Mother's Day!? My SLP-Momma is always the hardest to buy for! I think I figured something great out this year though! ANYWHO, here's a fun little activity for your kiddos if you were looking for a quick, quirky Mother's Day activity!

It's called Mom-Libs! It's a one-sheet mad-libs activity focusing on nouns and adjectives, and it's FREE! (PS, sorry about the red line underneath the "libs" in the picture - I was in a rush and didn't get rid of it before the screenshot! It won't be in the real thing!)

The directions are, drumroll please, to fill in the blank with a noun or adjective.  Make your mom-lib funny, serious, or downright silly!

Download this FREE activity HERE! Oh, and Happy Mother's Day!