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Hawaii Bound AND a SALE!

Pirate's Prattle: Customizable Articulation Game

All Pirates, All the time. Right!? I'm loving my new Pirate clip art that I got from Scrappin' Doodles. I'm having a blast making activities for you guys with it!!! This activity is chock-full of great, customizable articulation games!

Here are the instructions straight from the packet:

To play this game: Throw the cube and see which pirate object you land on. You have three options to play. 1) Whichever object you get you must answer 3 questions to achieve the object (use the pirate ship sheet). 2) You answer the question to get the object. 3) Utilize markers and move one by one depending on what you roll. Once you get the object, place it on your board and you’re one step closer to the treasure! SO, if you roll a pirate hat, you must either answer three questions correctly and fill up your pirate ship OR you must answer the question correctly to get the object. Fill up the board, or reach the end and win the treasure! 

To prepare this activity: print out the cube and lamina…

Bubblegum Bandits: An Interactive Categorizing Game!

I LOVE a good categorizing game! Oh, and a good interactive game! I'm excited to bring you "Bubblegum Bandits", my newest activity!

Basically, the player is presented with two pictures in the same category and given two choices. Click the box and reveal the answer to make the bubblegum go wild! Catch up to the bubblegum bandits and save the world's bubblegum!

I like this activity because it's a great introductory and follow up activity. Only having a field of 2 is also a clearer way of working the activity.

You can find this activity HERE on TpT. Happy categorizing!

Who-Dun-It: Case of the Missing Ipod

Happy Monday! This has been a crazy couple of days for me! I graduated! Hooray class of 2013! I'm officially an SLP!

In all my new-grad excitement, I've created a few new activities for you guys! This first one I'm debuting is another Who-Dun-It. It's great for inferencing, and it's a lower-level activity that can be used with your elementary kids!

Have students figure out who stole Peter Piper's iPod! Here is the breakdown that I've listed on TpT directions-wise:

1) Download the preview file for the chart the kids can fill in.

2) Open the powerpoint and go through the different clues that are provided for each suspect. Don't forget to read the police report and the eye witness report!

3) When you've reached the last suspect, have students compile a list of who they think it is, why, and their motive.

4) Solve the mystery!

Download this fun activity HERE and be sure to tell me how it goes!

Libbin' It Up With Mom, for FREE!

Who's ready for Mother's Day!? My SLP-Momma is always the hardest to buy for! I think I figured something great out this year though! ANYWHO, here's a fun little activity for your kiddos if you were looking for a quick, quirky Mother's Day activity!

It's called Mom-Libs! It's a one-sheet mad-libs activity focusing on nouns and adjectives, and it's FREE! (PS, sorry about the red line underneath the "libs" in the picture - I was in a rush and didn't get rid of it before the screenshot! It won't be in the real thing!)

The directions are, drumroll please, to fill in the blank with a noun or adjective.  Make your mom-lib funny, serious, or downright silly!

Download this FREE activity HERE! Oh, and Happy Mother's Day!