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Tac Tac Touch! A Simple Sensory Activity!

I'm sure your students are hands-on, they're kids, it's their job! In an effort to come up with an activity that ties in language and holds students attention, I created "Tic Tac Touch". (I've been on a Tic-Tac kick lately, and had a bunch of boxes laying around)

All you need for this fun activity is a scissor, paper, tape, and a few empty boxes of Tic-Tacs. You could also do this with film canisters, shoe boxes,  or even empty tissue boxes. Engineering wise, you can do this one of two ways -- using the scissors, cut off the top, or pull out the top portion if you can, of the Tic Tac box OR you can keep the top of the Tic Tac Box on and have students put their pinky into the top (I tested it, mine fit comfortably). Cover it with any sort of decor you choose, paper, duct tape, wrapping paper, etc. Then fill them up! I kept mine pretty basic, filling them with water, beads, sand, play dough, and cotton balls.

Have your students describe what they're feeling, what they think it might be, and why. Take a poll in the beginning for each box, and when you reveal what is actually inside, see how accurate everyone was! You could even do an inferencing session in the beginning to see if students can guess what's inside based upon their other senses besides touch.

Have fun with this DIY activity and get tic tac'n!


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