Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Practically Sharing: Peachie Speechie!

I'm loving all this sharing! Here's another awesome post from Meredith at Peachie Speechie. She's a great blogger who is just starting out and has tons of great ideas! Read on, share on........

Hi! My name is Meredith and I have been a school-based SLP for three years. I am relatively new to the speech blogging world and just started my blog, Peachie Speechie (http://peachiespeechie.blogspot.com), in October.  I am so happy to be guest blogging for Practically Speeching!

At this point in the year, my students are starting to get bored with my materials. They are starting to whine about doing articulation drills. They are ready for summer. But we still have to make it through seven weeks of school. So, today I will be sharing a few ways that I have modified my materials to keep my students engaged during the past few weeks.

The first thing I did was turn my artic cards into super hero cards. I found some batman tape at Walmart & carefully taped the backs of my old artic cards. Suddenly, the same cards that my students had called "booorring" were super exciting. **Bonus: use black felt to make simple batman masks for the students to wear during speech. You'll be the coolest SLP ever.

The Batman cards were such a hit, I did the same thing with Super Mario tape.

The kids were so thrilled with the Super Mario cards that I designed a whole Mario themed game for them. You can pick it up for free in my TPT store. Will Mario say his sounds correctly and save Princess Speech?

Don't want to tape up your cards? I totally understand. I didn't mind taping
my ancient Artic Shuffle cards but I would never dream of doing that with my nice new Fun Decks. I did, however, put tiny smiley stickers on a few of them (they peel right off!) to play a game with my 1st grade girls. I filled a bucket with some plastic jewelry and put flashcards face down on the table. If they drew a card with a smiley sticker on it, they put on a piece of jewelry. By the end of the session, they looked like princesses and were begging to play the same thing next time.

If you are having a particularly difficult week, candy always works. Grannies Candies is one of my favorite games. Last week, I surprised my students by using real candy instead of the foam circles that come with the game. They were begging to do more cards so they could earn more candy.

Thank goodness there are so many speech blogs out there so when I run out of ideas, I can just browse the blogs and download some new lessons. How are you all making it through the last few weeks of school?

Thank you, Alexis, for welcoming me into the speech blogger community & letting me participate in this Practically Sharing segment!