Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bento Box Your Story!

I'm super excited about this one, and not just because I love sushi! This Bento Box Your Story activity is a great way to teach the different parts of the story.

Each student will get their own Bento Box to fill with the different parts of the story. The sushi pieces each represent different story parts. Fill up the bento box and create a story!

Another idea to use is to grab some chopsticks from your last take-out experience and line up the different pieces of sushi on the chopstick to create a story!

If your students need a little oomph to their story, make sure they dip into their wasabi! Each Wasabi-spiced story idea can be "added" to the bento box to help increase the story! Then, "unroll" your story or "roll" your story and write it out!

Download this fun activity HERE

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