Monday, April 1, 2013

An Eggcellent Idea

With Easter coming to an end, I'm sure that clever bunny left you with a ton of eggs from the hunt! Instead of stashing those plastic eggs away for the year, keep them out and use them as great therapy tools! Here are some eggtraordinary ideas for re-using those plastic eggs!

1. An eggtra easy WH-game! Just hide something in the egg, provide one clue (or even no clues!) and then have your students ask questions to figure out what's in the egg -- category, shape, color, etc.

2. Be an Articulation Eggspert! Fill your eggs with the sound you're working on and hide the eggs throughout the room! Find the egg, say the sound, and win!

3. Inferencing Eggtra! Write descriptions about items in your room and then hide those descriptions in the egg! Shake up the eggs and then have your students pick one egg and use inferencing skills to figure out what the clue meant!

4. Scrambled Band! Fill your eggs with pebbles, sand, marbles, etc. (then tape them shut!!) start shaking to a beat, or shake each one and see if your students can guess what's making the noise!

5. Eggceptional Topics! Fill each egg with an open-ended statement, like "Sometimes I wish I could..." Then have each student pick an egg with a topic and either write their own answer, or interview a friend and write that up!

No matter what you do it'll be eggemplary!

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