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Freebie Friday! "This vs. That"

It's Freebie Friday! We made it! I hope you have a killer weekend planned! Be sure to download my "This vs. That" activity for FREE on TpT! Click HERE to grab it!

Practically Sharing: A Guest Post by "Figuratively Speeching"

Sharing is caring, and I'm SO excited to bring you guys this new segment on the blog - "Practically Sharing". It's so important to meet with colleagues, exchange information, and constantly increase your knowledge base. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Our first ever segment on Practically Sharing comes from Figuratively Speechingan awesome blog written by Jessica Schulman! She's a dynamo SLP and will be sharing with us her expertise on life skills therapy!

Hi! My name is Jessica, from Figuratively Speeching SLP, and I am so excited to be guest-blogging on Practically Speeching.  I have been providing speech therapy for 18 years, and have worked with children from birth through age 21, as well as with adults.  This year, I primarily treat High School students enrolled in Life Skills classes.  They have life skills classes in the morning, focusing on math, reading and writing for life, and go out to work placements or BOCES classes in the afternoon.  While most of my …

Practically Sharing - a New Feature on the Blog!

Sharing is caring, right? I think so! I'm following in the footsteps of many SLP-bloggers currently and starting to reach out to YOU the follower, blogger, SLP, tweet-er, facebook-er. I want to know what YOU have to say! I've created a new segment, "Practically Sharing" to feature different voices from the SLP, to the inclusion teacher, to the graduate student. Everyone's got something good to say!
Interested?? Contact me!

Bon Apetit! A following directions book with manipulatives!

Let me start off by saying I am so sorry for how long it has been since I last blogged. It's been a disastrous week of midterms, stomach bugs, and overall insanity. ANYWHO, I'm back and in action!

I've got a great new activity for you guys to try out that works amazingly with non-verbal kiddos! If you liked my "Hey, little clover" activity (find it here), you're going to love "Bon Apetit, The Chef Says To Eat"!!

Using the manipulatives provided, run through the story with your students and have them choose between a field of 2-4 objects. Depending on what the book asks for (ex: parmesan, long spaghetti, etc.) the student can provide. Even print out the blank meatballs to decorate and customize! Then use them in the story! This activity involves rhyming, following directions, and even some inferencing. It's well worth the printer ink! ;)

Download this great activity HERE.

Check me out on The Speech Bubble's "What's Up Wednesday"

I'm so honored to be a part of The Speech Bubble's  Wednesday feature - "What's Up Wednesday"! I hope you'll check out this great blog, Maureen has a ton of great posts and ideas!

So, be sure to check me out tomorrow and check out a great blog!

"Tracks in the Snow" by Wong Herbert Yee -- Activity Packet!

The librarian can be your best friend. They're awesome. They've got the latest books, they can steer you in the right direction in terms of reading levels and appropriate books. They can highlight new authors and stories. They're an SLP's dream! I can credit the finding of "Tracks in the Snow" to my lovely local librarian! It's an adorable book about a little girl who travels out in the snow to follow tracks in the snow. She goes through all the possible people/animals who could've left the tracks, when in the end she realizes it was her tracks leftover from playing the snow the day before! So cute!

I decided to go a different way with this activity packet and integrate some history facts, as well as focus on language/speech.
This packet allows you to sequence the "tracks" through a photo map, as well as track the tracks with a chart throughout the book! This is great way to teach note taking to students. Showing them how to "track&quo…

Friday Freebie!

Happy Friday! I'm blogging from my alma mater today, University at Albany! We came up to visit my brother who is now a proud Great Dane! Woohoo!

Anyway, back to Speech! I wanted to make sure that today's freebie was snowtastic, since we got enough of it today in NY! So, be sure to take advantage of "The Three Snow Bears" by Jan Brett activity packet! You can find this activity HERE.

I also wanted to make sure you guys checked out "The Speech Bubble" this Wednesday! I'll be taking part in their "What's Up Wednesday" event as a guest blogger!

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick! Interactive Activity!

Lately I've been trying to get a bit more tech-y with my activities. After receiving some feedback about the use of my "There was an old lady who swallowed a clover" activity, I decided to branch into the easter version!

Here's why I love interactive activities...they're awesome for non-verbal students who want to participate, they cut-down on your paper cutting/laminating/pasting time, they never look used or dull after a few years, they can be used on an ipad, smartboard, or touchscreen computer!

They're just overall awesome.

The rules are the same with this activity, click on the correct item that the old lady swallows and watch it fly into her mouth! Use this for sequencing, rhyming, inferencing (what's next..), etc. It's a great addition to the story!

Find it HERE on TpT...Happy soon-to-be Easter

"The Night Before St. Patrick's Day" - Huge book packet! :)

So typically you associate "twas the night before..." with Christmas, right? That's what I thought too! Boy, was I wrong! This adorable book is a night before St. Patrick's! It's filled with great rhymes, beautiful illustrations, tons of vocabulary, and a great story! The cute tale of the quest to catch a Leprechaun will have your students setting their own traps (which is also a great activity to do after the book!). 

To support this great tale, I've created a book packet to go along with it!

Here's what you'll find inside:
-St. Patrick’s Day Plurals
-Looney Leprechaun Playing Card DIY
-St. Patrick’s Day Synonyms
- “How to catch a Leprechaun” worksheet
- Auditory Comprehension/Following directions activity
- 2 Shamrockin’ Songs with Manipulatives
- Story Sequencing
- “Find the Treasure” writing worksheet
- Person, Place, or Thing Activity
- Take-home worksheet for person, place, thing and vocabulary 

You can download the book pack HERE on TpT! Happy Lepr…