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Silly or Smart Shillelaghs! A St. Patrick's Day Social Situation Game!

It always amazes me how instinctually people react in various social situations. Recently we were shown in "Elevator Experiment" (click HERE if you haven't seen it) in one of my classes and it really drove home the idea of appropriately reacting to social situations. Our students may need some help in this area, and their instincts on how to react in social situations may need some tweaking. To work on this I created "Silly or Smart Shillelaghs" just in time for St. Paddys! 

You can use this as a game to teach appropriate responses to common social situations! Have your students read or listen to the situations on each shillelagh and then determine if the person was acting silly or smart. If they were acting silly, have them explain why and what they would do in that situation to be smart! This cute game pack includes the questions, a game board, coins, and a take home worksheet!

Download it HERE from TpT and get crackin'!

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Clover - an INTERACTIVE activity!

I'm really into the "There was an Old lady" books lately. I think it's all the rhyming and eating lol I see a ton of activities using printable sheets for this book, which are great, but I wanted to bring you guys something a little more high tech today!

My interactive version of "There was an old lady who swallowed a clover" is a super fun activity that you can use with the book and/or after the book as a follow up! You can use it for sequencing, story telling, rhyming, etc. The options are endless!

Here's how it works! The students are given two options as to what the old lady ate. The questions are sequenced in the same order as the story. Once the students give the answer, click on (in this case the clover) the picture of the object and watch it fly into the old lady's mouth! Then go down to the bottom and click on the empty box in the sentence to fill in the story!

Next, watch the old lady's stomach fill up. Follow the prompts on the screen…

Freebie Friday - "Hey Little Clover" book and activity

It's FRIDAY! WOOOOO! We made it guys! To honor this glorious TGIF, a freebie is in order! My brand spankin' new activity "Hey Little Clover" will be free until 5pm TODAY. After that it will be on TpT for you to check out and purchase at $1.50!

Here's what this great book is all about! "Hey Little Clover" is a book that can be used with a variety of students based upon their age, functioning level, nonverbal/verbal status. It follows a little clover through the book that must change locations/positions/activities based upon what the text says. The whole premise of this book is to use the manipulatives and have your student move the clover based on what the page says. There is some  (okay, a lot) of laminating and velcro-ing that you'll be doing, but it'd definitely worth it!

You can download this cute activity and book HERE on TpT!

Valentine's Day Sale!

"The Mitten" by Jan Brett - Activity Pack!

All children's literature roads lead back to Jan Brett, I'm pretty positive. LOL Here's another wonderful story illustrated and told by Jan Brett about a snow-white mitten, a group of curious animals, and an adventurous boy. This book is filled with beautiful images and great vocabulary. It's an amazing winter book, much like "The Hat" is.

Here's what you can expect from this loaded activity pack:
-character cards
-character sequencing cards
-sequencing chart
-character motives cards
-"bear sneezes" game with questions from the story
-"mitten" crafitivity featuring plot/characters/setting chart
-"rewrite the story" worksheet
-vocabulary match up from the story
-vocabulary tracking chart featuring "what we knew/what we learned" chart

Download this great activity pack HERE!

Language Lucky Charms - St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Packet!

Everyone wants the luck of the Irish, right? It seems so glamorous! Walking with your shillelagh towards the blarney stone, waving to a leprechaun and picking up a shamrock! If I set the picture for you, yet you're quite positive your students are unfamiliar with the vocabulary words in bold (which, lets face it, not many people know what those mean unless you've googled 'st patricks day vocabulary' or are an awesome SLP, or you're Irish...LOL)  then this packet is going to rock your Irish/non-Irish socks off! Plus, your kids are going to have a BLAST playing "Leprechaun Launch" where you "flick"/launch mini leprechauns into a pot of gold after answering vocabulary questions!
This packet includes: -12 vocabulary words and definitions 
 -12 vocabulary words illustrated 
-a Leprechaun Launch vocabulary game 
-a Vocabulary Shamrock worksheet  
-a Pot of Gold writing worksheet  
-Looney Limericks Printable  
-Looney Limericks DIY worksheet  
-Homework printa…

"Bla Bla Bla" App Review

So I'm sure many of you have read on the facebook page that I'm in my hospital placement this semester (my last semester of grad school - ever!). I'm loving it, I feel like I'm learning something every second! With a few of our clients we're working on getting them to be louder, as with anything, adding a visual is always helpful. It's difficult to explain "louder" if the person feels they're speaking at their loudest. Here's where "Bla Bla Bla" comes in! (photographs courtesy of iTunes)

This app basically tracks how loud a person is speaking. The louder they get, the more movement in the app. The best part is that there are options for tracking the level of intensity. You can use the bars (featured on the left) or you can change it to a funny face (featured on the right). I happen to love this feature because this makes the app both adult and child friendly!

Oh and did I mention the best part? It's FREE!

Check out "Bla Bla …

Puppy Prepositions!

So I'm having some blogger guilt. I admit it. It's been too long since I blogged, and my new schedule this semester is throwing me for a loop some days! BUT, there's always a but, right? I came up with a cute new activity to redeem myself! Plus, it features my pup so you can't really go wrong...

"Puppy Prepositions" teaches prepositions using the included book and printable photos! Your students are going to love the real-life pictures of Luka the Puppy! Read the book, go over the terms, and then use the printable photos to describe what's going on using the proper preposition!

Prepositions included focus on:
-next to
-on top-below
So sit back, relax, and hit print! Luka's about to steal the show!
Download this fun activity HERE.