Monday, January 7, 2013

"The Three Snow Bears" by Jan Brett

HAPPY MONDAY! Lets start with an easy question: Who doesn't love Jan Brett? Uhm, probably no one. I mean the books are fantastic, the illustrations are even better, and the kids are always  entertained. There are a lot of activities surrounding other books by Brett, but not a lot for "The Three Snow Bears".
Enter in: my newest activity! This story pack is filled, and I mean filled with great activities to use with this book. A lot of compare/contrast with "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" to make for an interesting take! 

This packet includes:
-Vocabulary from the book
-An Eskimo Go-fish to help learn the vocabulary
-A Venn Diagram to compare/contrast
-A Story Snowflake to breakdown the story
-A Character Web
-A compare/contrast sheet for Goldilocks and Aloo-ki -A Write Your Own Goldilocks story template! 

Just a note: You may notice a difference in how I am presenting my activities picture-wise. I ran into some issues with some "right-click+copy" offenders, so I'm hoping to combat this and continue to present activities to my awesome followers this way!! :)

Download this great activity HERE.

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