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Superbowl Sunday SUPER TpT Sale!

I will be participating!! Everything in the store will be 20% off, plus an additional 10% off with the promo code: super. Be sure to shop!

Weather Bugs!

So lately the weather has been coming up in conversation, and it dawned on me how many terms are, well, confusing! A cold front, high pressure, low pressure, micro-burst!? That's a lot to keep track of, especially for the little ones. Talking about the weather is a common conversation - maybe you're orienting someone, maybe you're on a date that's going south and you need to fill the dead air! Either way, weather has a presence.

That's why I created this activity pack to teach the little guys about weather terms! This is an introduction, so nothing too major or intricate. When you're using it, or when you're finished, you can hang the weather chart on your wall and go over everything daily! 

This activity includes:
-Weather term and photo match up
-Weather bug slam game where students infer the type of day is bring presented
-Weather chart
-My favorite season worksheet

So get cracking on creating the future Sam Champions and Al Rokers of the world! LOL
Download thi…

The Sharp Music Teacher - Great new blog!

So I'm sure you all use music/songs/chants in your therapy. I know I do! It's a great way to connect with the kids, have fun, and teach concepts! I wanted to share this great resource/blog that I've been using. It's written by a passionate and talented music teacher -- plus, there are detailed instructions so you can't mess up if you're not so musically inclined! LOL

The blog is called "The Sharp Music Teacher" and the link can be found HERE.

Check it out! You will be glad :)

Groundhog's Day! A Phil-tastic Activity!

Groundhog's Day is not only a crazy movie with Bill Murray, but an awesome way to teach your kids to say Punxsutawney as fast as possible! LOL All kidding aside, this holiday has some merit. It is pretty fun to teach though! To help you share the magic of Punxsutawney Phil, I've created this fun activity pack! Plus, a little printable story about good ole Phil! I promise you'll have a blast (as will the students) with this pack!

This packet includes:
-A short, printable story about Groundhog’s Day (written by me)
-Groundhog’s Day Vocabulary Worksheet
-Groundhog’s Day Vocabulary Cards
-Groundhog’s Day Poems and Songs with related questions
-A Printable Groundhog’s Day Language/Vocabulary Board Game
-Groundhog’s Day Craftivity 

You can download this great activity HERE!

"One Snowy Day" by Jeffrey Scherer

Let's chat about "One Snowy Day", shall we? It's probably a reality most New Yorkers will be living soon seeing as some snow is on its way. It's ALSO a great book by Jeffrey Scherer!

The story is adorable. A bunch of animals each bring something to make a snowman. They all work together to build the snowman, including rolling the snow and decorating it. It's a great story for vocabulary, sequencing, and categorization. Plus, it's an early-reader book meant for kindergarten/1st grade so it's basic enough that you can branch up or down easily. 
The packet includes:
-Character cards -Character-Action match cards -Build your own snowman worksheet -Character attributes sheet -“What would you do if you were...” character sheet -Story-based question cards -Snowman sequencing sheet -“How do these things go together” using story items -Homework worksheet

Download this activity HERE!

App Review: Balbus Speech "Fluently"

Here's the boring stuff before the fun stuff:

I was given a free code to try this app. I was in no way compensated for my review of this app by Balbus Speech. This app review is the result of my own experiences with this app.

Here's the review:

I, much like many of you, am obsessed with my iPad. I try to fit it into everything I do therapy-wise. I think it's a great motivator, an awesome wrap-up tool for the end of a session, and an even better data tracker. I also spend lots of time scouring iTunes and various websites to find great apps - I'm sure you iPad-enthusiasts do this as well! So, when I was approached by Balbus Speech to review their new app "Fluently" I was psyched, to say the least.

"Fluently" can be purchased from iTunes for $4.99 and it works on the iPhone and iPad. It does pretty much what it the title insinuates - it monitors fluency through easy onset using this great green-light, red-light system.

When you first start the app you are…

Attribute Fruit Salad - Target CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.5b

An anecdote on the Common Core...

The Common Core can be intimidating. It's like a blind date. You're familiar with the situation, but the variables are different. You don't quite know what to expect, but you definitely have navigated these waters before. I've been blindly dating the Common Core for a while now, and I think I may have come up with activities that target some of the aspects. Now, many of my activities target many different standards. I'm hoping that highlighting this one standard will show how you can find standards in all the activities!

And now onto the activity...

Work on attributes using this activity! According to the Common Core Standards students should be able to "Define words by category and by one or more key attributes (e.g., a duck is a bird that swims; a tiger is a large cat with stripes)." Teach this important skill by making a fun fruit salad! Have your students pick out what fruits they would need to make their fruit salads. S…

Freebie Friday! Printable "Speech Star" awards!

It's FREEBIE FRIDAY! WOOHOO! I hope you enjoy these (free) awesome, printable awards! Have your kids work to be "Speech Stars!"

Download HERE and be sure to please leave feedback :)

Happy (freebie) Friday!

Be My Valentine, Amelia Bedelia

Who doesn't love Amelia Bedelia? She's drawing curtains, dressing turkeys...she's an awesome, literal, chick! The entire Amelia Bedelia series is pretty great, and right now I'm especially loving "Be My Valentine, Amelia Bedelia. 

It's great for teaching idioms, of course. However, there is so much more to Amelia stories. I always feel like it shows the importance of knowing multiple meaning words and phrases by showing her looking so silly. 

So why check this book out? The Valentine's Day idioms in here are illustrated in this book. So you have Amelia's friend being "stuck" on the sidewalk for "stuck on you". A great visual for students. Plus, the material isn't as serious and doing straight "idiom work" and the story is cute!

I've created a packet to go along with this book that mainly deals with the multiple meaning language in this book. It's fun, and I've included a "craftivity"!

The packet inclu…

The Little Red Hen

Let's chat about "The Little Red Hen", shall we? It's a familiar story to you. The hen asks for help planting/sowing/milling/baking, no one wants to help, but everyone wants to eat the bread she makes. I find this story to be so aligned with life. Everyone wants the end result, but many do not want to work for it. 

It's a great life-lesson for kids, that working hard and enjoying the results is important. Helping your friends when they ask is important. Overall helping, is important! You might even discuss with your students the nationwide movement to get people involved in service (click link for article from AP) in their communities on Saturday. 

"The Little Red Hen" is a classic, and it gives students a ton of lessons to learn. The classic book is great to read, and the youtube video from Speakaboos (found HERE) is great to watch!

I've created this awesome packet to go with it. This 20 pager is totally stuffed (no chicken pun intended!) with activit…

"The Hat" by Jan Brett Activity Pack

I'd like to start this post with a little "review" of sorts. Please know that I have never received anything from this store for reviewing it, I'm just a happy patron!

There is no place in the world I love more than a good bookstore. I frequent an awesome bookstore near me called Book Revue. They have an amazing children's section where they feature different authors, including Jan Brett. If anyone is a local Long Islander (NY) I would highly recommend visiting and grabbing some budget-friendly, gently used books. A lot of the copies I buy are often just $4.50 and in great shape. ANYWHO I like promoting local businesses, especially awesome ones. Plus, I bought my Jan Brett books here so it was fitting!

And now for the activity...

I'm always taking suggestions from followers! I think you guys have the best input because you're out in the trenches everyday in different environments working your SLP voodoo! When a follower suggested a book activity packet for &…




...okay so N'SYNC did it better, but it's still FREEBIE FRIDAY!!

My Mythbusters: Food Edition is up for grabs! Download it for free! You are gonna LOVE it!

Click HERE.

"I have a dream" - an interactive game for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Use this fun, interactive game to teach your students about dreams, and Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech. This powerpoint game uses inferencing to go through many peoples dreams. Students will infer what this person's dream could be - i.e., doctor, lawyer, singer.

It's a great intro or wrap up activity for MLK, Jr. Day! Your kids will have fun trying to "guess" who this person is and what their dream could be. At the end, the question "what is your dream?" is presented. Have students go around and present what their dream is and why!
Download this great activity HERE.

Valentine's Day Activity Pack!

February 14th is coming soon to a speech room near you! In preparation, I created this all-in-one packet for you to use! It's great, a printable PDF chock-full of V-day activities! Plus, only the front cover is pink so your boy students won't be gagging too much! haha The story of St. Valentine is included in this packet, which I found pretty interesting. Who knew V-day was more than just a hallmark holiday?? Interesting stuff!

In this packet you'll find great activities including:

• Illustrate Valentine’s day worksheet 
• Valentine’s day acronym
• Valentine’s Day vocabulary and worksheets 
• Valentine’s Day fill-in poem
• DIY Candy Hearts worksheet
• Valentine’s Day Story and questions

Download this packet, your students will love you for it! Click HERE

Forecasting January 'til June! An inferencing activity!

So this idea was discussed during dinner at my house the other night, LOL. You often see teachers/SLPs handing out "goals for the year" worksheets in September, and then they hand them back out in June. What happens in between though!?

Now that a new year is upon us, use this time to "forecast" until June! Have students use this monthly activity to inference what they think might happen that month. Then, at the end of the month, go back and have them fill in what really happened! Use the compare/contrast venn diagram to help them discuss what was different and what was similar.

Also, setting smaller goals can be helpful for students. Use these sheets as a way to set monthly goals with your students. At the end of the month they can go back and see if they've accomplished their goals!

Download this activity HERE!

"The Three Snow Bears" by Jan Brett

HAPPY MONDAY! Lets start with an easy question: Who doesn't love Jan Brett? Uhm, probably no one. I mean the books are fantastic, the illustrations are even better, and the kids are always  entertained. There are a lot of activities surrounding other books by Brett, but not a lot for "The Three Snow Bears".
Enter in: my newest activity! This story pack is filled, and I mean filled with great activities to use with this book. A lot of compare/contrast with "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" to make for an interesting take! 

This packet includes:
-Vocabulary from the book
-An Eskimo Go-fish to help learn the vocabulary
-A Venn Diagram to compare/contrast
-A Story Snowflake to breakdown the story
-A Character Web
-A compare/contrast sheet for Goldilocks and Aloo-ki -A Write Your Own Goldilocks story template! 

Just a note: You may notice a difference in how I am presenting my activities picture-wise. I ran into some issues with some "right-click+copy" offender…

Schedule for Jan. 7th - 11th

Here's what you can look forward to for the upcoming week!

Sleep-in Saturday Surprise Freebie!

So I'll totally admit it, I slept until 11am this morning. It was so worth it. LOL

In honor of my sleeping, I'm offering a freebie!

My "Who Dun It: Case of the Missing Santa" was a hit during the holidays, and I'd like to offer it to you for FREE until tonight!

All I ask is that you RATE the activity on TpT! PUH_LEEASEEE :)

Download it HERE:

Simply Sweet Sentences - Teaching students to create sentences!

Teaching what is and what isn't a sentence can often be difficult. Our students need a way to break it down and understand how to identify a sentence. My "Simply Sweet Sentences" Activity does just that! 

Use this sweet activity to teach what is and what isn’t a sentence! Set up your baker sign to remind students about the two parts of a sentence. Then set up your cupcake tins – one for sentence cupcakes and one for non-sentence cupcakes. Hand out the cupcakes and start sorting! Try to fill up the cupcake tins correctly!

Plus, who doesn't love cupcakes!? LOL This activity targets simple sentence identification and breaks down what is and is not a sentence. By identifying what is/isn't a sentence students will reflect this understanding in their writing and comprehension!

Download this great activity HERE.

Snowman Sentence Combining! An Interactive Game!

So my greatest resource/feedback is always what my mom is doing with her kids in school. She's just a kick-butt, awesome SLP. As you know, I did my school practicum in a middle school, so a lot of my activities where a little higher-level than what my mom's kids needed at the elementary level.

Over the New Year's break we discussed how they're working on sentence combining and "what is a sentence?" This gave me a great idea to create an interactive sentence combining game!

Using this fun ppt game, you build a snowman by answering the questions and combining the sentences using commas and "and".

Check out the photos below, and be sure to download this great activity HERE.

A Week of Blogging - Schedule for January 2nd - 4th

Be sure to check back for these great posts/activities! The weekend will be filled with surprise freebies and activities!

Love Letter Activity FREEBIE ALERT!

With Valentine's Day coming up sooner rather than later, I wanted to offer you this cute little free activity! Everyone loves a freebie for a day of love right?!

This activity is one of those adorable, word-infused crafts that you can hang around your room to decorate for Valentine's Day. It's similar to my Halloween RIP words activity (found here).

It's also a great way to have kids share some of their favorite words and inspire others to use them. Nothing like a lovely vocabulary enhancement!

Download this FREE activity HERE.

Also don't forget....