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Happy New Year! 2013 is sure to be GREAT!

Articulation Archery for Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air, cards are in the stores, and pink is all around! Yes, Valentine's Day is coming your way! To spice up your articulation lessons I've created Articulation Archery - no, you will not lose an eye, I promise!

It's simple, all you have to do is print and laminate the target and the "arrow". Glue/tape/abc-gum/nail the arrow to a tennis ball and you have your arrow! Have students throw the "arrow" at the target to see what sound they should target (haha, get it?) and how many points they get! It's a ton of fun playing cupid!

Download this activity for /r/ in all positions HERE.
Download this activity for /l/ in all positions HERE.

New Years Eve Ballin' Resolutions Interactive Vocabulary Game!

I'm sure you're all aware that it's soon to be New Years Eve! After a trip into the city yesterday, I was inspired to make an activity that represented the awesomeness (real word? not sure...) of the ball drop! The ball drop is exciting! The giant cup of noodles! Ryan Seacrest! Confetti! Cold! It's great! Bring some of that excitement into your classroom with this activity...

Since "resolutions" are always a part of a new year, why not have your kids learn some vocabulary in the meantime? Use this interactive game featuring some of the Tier 2 vocabulary words and drop the New Years Eve ball! Define the vocabulary words featured in the resolutions and help drop the ball! The best part is that YOU decide if the kids can move on!

Just an important side note!!! When you're on TpT, please download the "preview" file and print the new years babies - the kids need to consult the "baby" to see if they're right or wrong!

Download this fun acti…

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Last night we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (see handsome fiancé standing in "Egypt").

I couldn't help but be inspired by the museum and thinking about the book "The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiller" - did anyone ever read this book? It's adorable, about kids who solve a mystery while staying over in the Met...I will be for sure making an activity about this, coming to a blog near you! SOON!

Acronyms and Adjectives!

I should start this post off with the fact that I passed the Praxis! Just in case you guys didn't see it on Facebook! YAY!
On a completely unrelated note, here's a lesson on acronyms and adjectives! LOL

This lesson pack includes worksheets, DIY acronyms, name acronyms, and an "Adjective Addition  Game" that is super fun!

Use this to teach your kids about common acronyms they may see in the real world (CEO, LOL, VIP, MIA...) and then teach them how these tie into adjectives! Use the acronym name worksheet to show them how they can use adjectives to describe themselves! Then play the adjective addition game! Let the fun begin!

Download this lesson HERE. Hope you have fun with your VIP students! TTYL

New Year, New Materials! January 2nd & 3rd sale! I'M PARTICIPATING! :)

Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to share this hilarious elf-name photo that one of my awesome Speech grad school friends sent out!

Merry Christmas Eve to all those who are celebrating!

Praxis-induced doom/break until 12/23

As all of my wonderful readers know, I am still a student (however, in 3 months that won't be the case! YAY!).
As part of my SLP student duties, I have to take (and hopefully pass) the Praxis! I will be taking the exam this Saturday (Dec. 22, 2012), so please send me some good speechie vibes that day!
I will be taking a brief break from blogging until after Saturday in hopes to increase my preparation for the exam!
Thanks for understanding my much-needed hiatus! We'll talk on Dec. 23, 2012...and don't worry - it's not you, it's me...taking the Praxis ;)

This vs. That

Looking for a way to teach "this" and "that" for comparisons? Look no further! I made this cute printable game as a way to teach kids to compare two things that may be similar overall, but different in many ways.

Hand the "Teams" cards and have them see how many comparisons/differences they can come up with. The team with the most wins!

Download this fun activity HERE. It's a relaxed, fun game just in time for the holidays :)

Holiday Plurals Pack!

Plurals, Plurals, Plurals. Oh how they taunt us. Elf, Elves. Toy, Toys. Reindeer, Reindeer??? It's easy for our kids to get confused about how to pluralize words correctly. Use the holidays to teach them how! Download the awesomely fantastic Holiday Plural Pack! It targets ten holiday words that kids of all levels/ages will know. It includes three great worksheets and a game to play using presents under the tree! Check it out! We've been having a blast playing Santa with our Plural Presents!

Download the Holiday Plural Pack HERE on TpT!

5 Little Snowflakes FREEBIE

Snow is coming! It may have already arrived where you are, but I'm anxiously awaiting another snowfall in NY (aside from the crazy storm snow!). To go along with all the snowflakes I'm waiting for, I made a book to go with the song "5 Little Snowflakes". The song goes like this:

One little snowflake with nothing to do.

Along came another and
Then there were two.
Two little snowflakes laughing with me.
Along came another, and
Then there were three.
Three little snowflakes looking for some more.
Along came another, and
Then there were four.
Four little snowflakes dancing a jive.
Along came another, and
Then there were five.
Five little snowflakes having so much fun.
Out came the sun, and
Then there were none!

It's really cute for the little ones, and it can be used with a felt board (find the craft from DLTK HERE).

I've been using this for counting, number identification, rhyming, and letter identification. It's a great book and a great poem!

Download the book HERE for FR…

The Gingerbread Girl Activity Pack and FREE Sequencing Download

Have you read "The Gingerbread Girl" by Lisa Campbell Ernst??? It's SUCH a cute book! I was introduced to it by my mom (an awesome SLP in an elementary school) and she asked me to do a lesson on it. Of course, I wanted to share it with my fellow SLPs and bloggers!

This book is an adorable story that tells the "other side" to the Gingerbread people. The story is about the sister of the Gingerbread Boy who was unfortunately eaten by the wolf when he tried to run. It hits a ton of great vocabulary and has beautiful illustrations.

This activity pack includes a bunch of great things to do with the kids!

-the gingerbread girl chant printable -Gingerbread Word -Vocabulary Match Up -Compare/Contrast Worksheets for Gingerbread Girl and Man -Candy Jar Vocabulary Game
PLUS you can download the FREE sequencing pack to use with it!
Download the Activity Pack HERE. Download the Sequencing Pack HERE. Check out the pictures below!

Polar Express Smart Board Activity FREE!

Hey everyone! Before I hit the hay (was my "idiom of the day" today, LOL) I wanted to share this great Polar Express activity for Smart Board. It's FANTASTIC! It's meant for the kindergarten and up crowd, but I've used it with some of my kids who are older. You can read the story online, then read some words from the story, match the letters, build a snowman, and more! It's totally interactive and AWESOME!

Check it out HERE at SMART Exchange. It is FREE FREE FREE! Make an account if you don't have one, it's worth it!

The Case of the Missing Santa Claus!

Santa Claus is missing and YOU need to figure out where he went and who he is with! Read through the characters, get their background stories, figure out their motives, and solve the case! This is a super fun interactive powerpoint activity that will get your kids defending their picks, inferencing up a storm, and having fun!

Utilize the printable chart that is included in this PPT and have the students fill in the critical information. You will have a blast figuring out this who dun it!

Download this great activity HERE

Christmas Tree Articulation Game for /r/ in all positions!

I'm in the Christmas spirit. I really am. I even decked out the Menorah with an ornament this year! I'm feeling snazzy...So, when one of my clients in the clinic needed to work on /r/ I decided we needed to integrate the holiday spirit! This activity is a 2-for-1 (I love a good bargain, don't you?)! You can either use the spinner and play the board game, or you can use the spinner and decorate your tree. Either way, the first one to get to the top of the tree is the winner!

This "game" is one of those activities that tricks the kids. They think they're getting a break from drill while you're getting a high amount of trials out of them. It's a win-win.

Download this fa-la-la-lovely activity HERE and enjoy decking the halls with good speech :) 

Check out the pictures on the right for some more snapshots of the activity!

Twas the Night Before Speech...FREEBIE ALERT!

I am SUPER excited about this newest download! I created this book recently to parody "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and I'm having a blast reading it to the kids. It's a cute story with Santa as SuperDuper, the sleigh as an iPad, and the reindeer (all names of tests) as sticker charts. It's the best SLP holiday gift ever!

Download this book ASAP as it will only be available until 1/1/2013!! Click HERE to download

"It is Snowing" FREEBIE - following directions, receptive language activities!

I stumbled across this great website created by some SLPs in Georgia (link: called 4 GA SLPs. It has awesome free downloads that link with themes and books you might be using in your classroom! I've been teaching the sign for snow to some of my students, so I thought the "It is Snowing" powerpoint they had would be great! And, it totally, totally is! 
To go along with the powerpoint, I mixed/matched/edited a book I had downloaded from a website I cannot remember for the life of me. So, if you're out there and you were the creator of the original form of this book - take credit! I only created my own little mishmosh to work with the powerpoint!

You can download the powerpoint HERE from 4GASLPs.
You can download the book HERE  and the options for the book HERE from yours truly. :)

Winter Vocabulary and Writing Pack!

Happy December! As I peruse the other blogs of the awesome SLPs who share their lessons, I'm starting to notice a trend - packs! So, to keep up with these smart chicks (and dudes), I've created the Winter Vocabulary and Writing Pack! This pack includes a bunch of things:

1.Winter Vocabulary
2.A Winter Vocabulary “Test” to see where your kids are at and to help with data.
3.A Category-Attribute-Function game utilizing the Winter Vocabulary.
4.Wingo – Winter Vocabulary Bingo boards.
5.TWO “My Snowy Day” writing activities.
6.A “Snowcabulary” Man template for defining words and illustrating them.
7.A Winter Vocabulary Sentence Match Up
8.A 2012 Resolutions Worksheet
9.BONUS: A Winter Cube! Use it to stimulate conversation, writing, and more!

I'm pretty excited to bring you this great pack! I have had some fun lessons with my kids using these worksheets and activities. 

Download the pack HERE! Happy speeching :)