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Walking in a Winter Grammar Land

I LOVE winter! I love the themes, I love the snow, I love the hot coffee on a cold morning...I'm obsessed. I think it's only fair to share some winter fun with everyone else, which is how Winter _____ Land came up. There's your theme folks, we're going into a Winter Speech Land!

Now about this activity...

Work on parts of speech with this fun, winter-themed game. Each penguin has a definition on their belly, each hat has a part of speech. Have kids put the correct hat on the penguin and get some Speech-Flakes. Once they have an understanding of the parts of speech, move on to matching the hats with the mittens. The mittens have examples that correspond with the hats.
Download the activity HERE and start your trip to Winter Speech Land. Bon Voyage!

Initial /r/ Race Car Matching Game!

We'll be off to the races this afternoon! The initial /r/ races, that is...

In an effort to work on initial /r/ I created this race car matching game. Lay out the cards on the table with the word-side up. Have your student say the word using his/her good /r/ sound and then flip over to match the cars. Once they get a match, they put one car on to the race track. Whomever gets the most cars to the finish line wins!

You'll have to do some cutting and pasting for this one, but it's definitely worth it! This game is fun and functional! Download it HERE on my TpT site!

Cyber Monday Sale!

It wouldn't be Cyber Monday without an awesome sale! Check out my TpT site for 28% off EVERYTHING!!!

What's in the bag!? - App Review

So, let me preface this by saying I was introduced to this app by my wonderful grad school friends over the weekend! Oh, and that we played it for about an hour to "test" it out! lol

"What's in the bag?" is a great category/WH-question game that takes an oldie (but goodie) lesson and makes it high-tech. Play in a group or in an individual session! 

Pick out an object to hide, choose from a bunch of different options like animals, food, transportation, etc. 

Then, start to guess what could be in the bag. The "?" on the side are hints to help you out if you don't know what to ask - a great way to branch down.

Download this great app HERE from Apple for $0.99. Well worth it!

Thanksgiving Parade Listening Comprehension - Freebie Alert!

Tomorrow I will be only using quick, fun activities to keep my students in their chairs and off the ceiling the day before Thanksgiving! In an effort to hold their attention, I thought I'd do a fun listening comprehension with facts about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The kids will listen to facts about the parade, answer questions, and then watch a quick video on the parade in 1954 and the parade now (links below). Use the videos to have them compare/contrast the parades and retell what happened!

1954 Parade Link:
2011 Parade Link:

Download the worksheet HERE

Felix Baumgartner Persuasion Lesson

Hello all! Just a fun little activity for Persuasion November! I'm sure your kids have spoken about Felix Baumgartner, the crazy guy who jumped through the stratosphere! Try this activity to hook your future dare devils!  Felix Baumgartner has jumped off buildings, flown through the stratosphere! He's the ultimate extremist, but what makes him do these crazy stunts? I'm SURE he's persuaded somehow!

Let your kids come up with a new mission for Felix and persuade him to do it! Watch videos on Felix, get his background, and then plan a mission! When you're done, mail your letter to Red Bull or Felix and maybe he'll complete your mission!Download this powerpoint with printable hand out HERE!

I Mustache You to Persuade Me! Freebie Alert!

Earlier in September I posted about my "I Mustache You a Question" game (find it HERE). As the persuasion theme continues through November, I thought I'd tie in a fun oldie with a new topic.

Using the mustaches, the kids will defend their "hot topic" that they get on the cards. Topics include staying up late, getting a snow day, and having a cell phone in school.

Try it out and see if your kids can "mustache you" to let them have a party!

Download these questions HERE for FREE.

Totally Turkey! A Persuasive-Language-Synonym Activity (mouthful, huh?)

Just a quick blog post! Whenever we get back to school (weather has been insane in NY! Snow in November!) I'll be getting into my persuasive language activities with the kids. These will hopefully lead into my Tom Turkey activity by Thanksgiving!

Synonyms are easy ways to break down harder vocabulary words. This activity focuses on matching the synonym to the persuasive word on the turkey! You can use/play this a number of ways -- match the feathers to the right persuasive turkey! Try and get all the feathers to win. Can play like bingo with colors and word, print out two copies of the feathers and play! Have the kids pull feathers out of a cup and match them to the right turkey! The options are endless!

Download this HERE and of course, please let me know how it goes!

Vocabulary Robot! Printable Alert!

Just a quick upload, I think Starbucks may kick me out soon! LOL

Build a Vocabulary Robot! Have students fill in all of the parts of the Robot to define the word! Cut it up and have them piece it back together, leave it together and have them decorate it after they fill it in!

Use this to help define words focusing on category, attribute, illustrations, synonyms, and antonyms! Even room on the bottom of the sheet to form a sentence!

Download the printable HERE for a DOLLAR! That's right! One doll-hair! Uno dollaaaaa! (ok, lack of power may have a crazy-inducing impact!)

Election Whack-a-Mole!

I may not have power or internet, but Starbucks and their Wi-Fi has pretty much saved my life the last 2 days! I will never again complain about paying for my $5 coffee!

Here in NY, the schools are opening Monday (some of them) and I wanted to be prepared for my students! With all that happened last week, I felt something fun was in order! I mean, the poor kids didn't even get Halloween!

So, Election Whack-a-mole was born! (Please note, this is a smart board activity.) The rules are simple, spin around and then whack-a-presidential candidate (nicely, of course!).

The questions are election-related. They deal with fill-ins, inferencing, problem solving, and categorization.

Download this activity HERE.
Check out the questions below:

Hurricane Sandy

So, the big message from this blog post is that I have been without power since Monday. As much as the time off has been nice, the destruction and devastating mess that friends and family are left with is beyond upsetting.

My heart goes out to all those suffering at the hand of Sandy. You are all in my thoughts.

I can only hope power (and heat, brr) will return soon and I can get back to sharing my activities and ideas with you all!

In the meantime, stay safe and warm!