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Thanksgiving Persuasive Language Activity: Invite Tom Turkey to be AT the table, not ON it!

With all the Hurricane Sandy prep and talk in NY, I've been taking a little bit of a breather from blogging. Now that I'm cozy inside with power (so far...) and internet, I can get to do some uploading!

After speaking with my supervisor about her Thanksgiving lessons, I decided to doctor up my own version of her great idea! Invite Tom Turkey to be AT the Thanksgiving table and not ON the table! Have your kids learn the persuasive language (included in the download) that is involved with having someone get on your side! Tie these words into the election, into their writing, and even into their school elections going on now (in my school, at least!).

Your kids will write (or talk-out) a letter to their Thanksgiving host. Using persuasive language, they'll explain why Tom should come to dinner and how it would help make the night more fun! To further the lesson, you can hand out the "Persuasive Pilgrim Hats" to each kid to make sure they use their specific word!


Double, Double, Toil and Trouble! A free Halloween activity!

Macbeth always seems like appropriate reading around Halloween. Maybe it's the witches, or maybe just the darkness that Shakespeare describes so well. Either way, Macbeth's "Round about the caldron go" is a great way to use visualization strategies with your kids! I've broken down the poem and linked questions with it. If you go one by one according to the sections, you can have your students visualize what is going on in the story. Then, answer the questions! To finish out the lesson, you can watch the video of the witches saying the poem on youtube (link HERE, be sure to start the video at the 18 second mark*)!
Evan-Moor has the poem here for you to print, however if you prefer to read off of the handout I've created, the poem is listed there as well!
Download this activity HEREfor free! 

Dunk that Chunk! An Executive Function Activity Using Chunking

We're focusing on strategies with some of our Middle School and High School students. A strategy we're focusing on currently is Chunking, which I'm sure you're all familiar with! Strategies are great to help these guys get ready for the massive amount of tests, papers, classwork, etc. that awaits them as they move through school.

Teaching strategies can be, well, boring. For you, for the kids, for all of mankind? SO in an effort to beat the boredom, I've created "Dunk that Chunk" a printable game dedicated to helping work on those chunking strategies!

The rules are simple, chunk the information and get a slam dunk! The information on the back of the basketballs have 3 to 4 number and word combinations, as well as some directions the kids just repeat back.

The kids can "score" their dunks in the memory hoop! Just print out the slide and tape it onto a left over chinese food soup container! :)

Download this activity HERE at my TpT store! And don&#…

October Makes Me Wanna Yell "SALEEEEEE!"

Use What Your Mummy Gave You - To Inference! Plus, a Sale!

In an effort to run at full speed with a theme, I've been focusing hard on Halloween activities. The kids are into it, I'm into it, and my printer is having a melt down - but we chatted and he'll be OK. If you've got kids with inferencing goals, I'm sure you've played "HeadBandz" or "20 Questions", so you'll be familiar with my "All Wrapped Up" Inferencing game!

Use your inferencing skills to escape the ghost! Each kid in the group picks a card with a photo on the back. The others then have to ask questions to infer what the photo could be! This activity could focus on categories, attributes, and function if you needed to as well! A great themed, group activity!

Download it HERE on my TpT and receive 20% off until Sunday 10/21/12! 

Feelin' Groovy - A Figurative Language Activity!

I love anything with a song, I'll admit it. I don't want to be the one singing the song, but I'm really happy bopping my head to a beat! That's why I was SO excited to find this great video on YouTube that ties in current music with figurative language. The kids are HILARIOUS, the songs are catchy, and the lyrics are PERFECT. Pair the video with the worksheet I made, it's a great intro to figurative language since it only focuses on 3 types.

Download the worksheet I made to go with it HEREfor free :) It focuses on three figurative language terms - simile, metaphor, and hyperbole.

Fantasy Football - Vocabulary Style!

With the crisp Autumn air comes crazed men (and women) everywhere glued to their TVs watching ginormous athletes chase around a pigskin. And let's face it, we all enjoy every minute of it.

SO, with football making it to the forefront of our weekends, I figured it's only fair to allow it in our classrooms! Thus, Fantasy Speechball was born!

Use this with any high-frequency words you may be teaching in your classrooms. We utilize the Tier 2 vocabulary in my school placement, so each child will be choosing 3 of those words for their team.

The rules are simple, hear the word, report back, get the points. Use the word? Get double the points. By Super Bowl (or sooner) the team with the most points wins the "Golden Word"!

Download this great activity on my TpT site HERE.

R.I.P. Overused Words - a recreation


I believe proper credit should be given when someone else has created something great, therefore, it it important to mention that Professor Weinstein handed this out last night and I thought it was ADORABLE. I simply tweaked it in powerpoint for my students in my school placement!

Put overused words to rest! Place the overused word on the tombstone and then more advanced synonyms on the bats. Hang them on the wall to act like a writing word wall!

Download my edited version HERE for free off TpT!

Punkin' Chunkin' Language Activity! Free download!

Have you heard of Punkin' Chunkin'? I discovered it last Thanksgiving, and I've been a little obsessed with it's cult-like following ever since. It's hilarious to watch, even funnier to listen to, and you cannot beat the people watching that stems from it. Punkin' Chunkin' is basically glorified gourd throwing, but you just can't look away.

SO, like any good SLP, I created an activity around it! Now, as much as I'd love to punkin' chunk in the school, I don't think that'd go over too, we'll be chunkin' in a powerpoint.

The PPT I made is interactive if you use it on a smart board, or even have each child come up and click on the pumpkins. Questions focus on category, attribute, and function, as well as some of our beloved halloween idioms. The PPT also includes some great videos on punkin' chunkin' that you can use for discussion, as well as links to online games where you can punkin' chunk any address you en…

15% off Alert! All Hallows Eve Has Me Shaking Like A Leaf! (an idiom activity)

Hey! It's October and that means a few important things - it's boot season in NY, it's time to obsessively start looking for costumes, and it's time to run with a Halloween theme!

To accomplish at least two of those things, I've created this interactive idiom activity, while wearing Uggs (kill two birds with one stone, eh?).  The activity follows a missing pumpkin taken by an evil witch. You use the the context clues to answer the idiom-based questions presented by the Ogre. It's a lot of fun, and it teaches some common school-based and halloween-themed idioms!

The activity can be downloaded HERE off my TpT site. ALSO, you will receive 15% off this activity until Friday 10/12/12 on my TpT site! Momma needs a new coat Momma's gotta put gas in her car! ;)

Election 2012 Activity: Host a debate, learn vocab, know the candidates!

With last night's debate fresh on everyone's mind, I figured an election-themed activity would be perfect to close out the week! A lot of the students are unfamiliar with the election and candidates. This activity is an effort to tie in current events, expressive language activities, and overall political knowledge!

Within the powerpoint are the WH-q's of the election. Who is in it, What they stand for, When everything is going down, vocabulary essential to the election, and finally, a slide so you can host your own debate within your session using persuasive language.

Download the activity HERE on TpT for $2.99!

Christopher Columbus Activity - On Sale at TPT

Happy almost-friday-we-have-monday-off day! I wanted to share this smart board activity I made for Columbus Day. It's in modern-day verbiage and puts a fun spin on learning the who's and what's of Columbus day! Each student plays a part in the script and writes down key words using the context clues in the slides. The slides include Tier 2 vocabulary words that are essential for school-based activities. Plus, it's fun!

Download (on sale for $1.99) here!

We're Going On A Bear Hunt!

This Fall, we're going on a Bear Hunt! Well, on smart board that is!

Use this activity to practice chants and repetition with your kids! The interactive activity has them sorting things to put into their back packs, as well as going hunting for the bear! This is a great receptive activity, plus it gets the kids up and moving!

So, pack your lunch, bring your tent, some toys, and some clothes! This Bear Hunt is on.

Download the activity HERE.