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I Mustache You A Question!

Who doesn't love mustaches!? A good Tom Selleck!?   The KFC guy!? The Hulk Hogan 'stache?!

I think they're great, which is why we're going to play the "mustache you a question" game! The poor, poor middle and high schoolers! They don't know what's coming!

This game is made for language (words: harvest, adapt, autumn - goes along with the weekly warm ups you can find on TPT!) or pragmatics. BUT you can use this with whatever you have.

Print out the mustaches from here, color and laminate. I used packing tape to paste shish kabob sticks onto my "mustaches".

Because I want these to be reusable, I will be writing numbers on them with dry erase markers. These numbers will correspond to the various cards that I will have out. Download these cards here.

Use these in groups to spice things up in your sessions! Beware, I mustache you to come back and let me know how it goes!

TPT Store Alert!

Hey guys! I'm super excited to announce that Practically Speeching has made it onto the Teachers Pay Teachers site!
Check out the link:
Favorite it! Tell your friends! Tell your family! 

Thought-Bubble Strategy!

Have you tried the Thought-Bubble strategy? I can't take credit for this idea, my Supervisor introduced me to it, but it's FANTASTIC! Basically, the kids focus on using what's inside their head in their "thought bubble" to funnel what goes into their "speech bubble". It helps with impulsive answering and with organization of thoughts.

In order to help with the thought-bubble idea, I came up with (another) Smart Board activity that lets the kids go through and decide which sentences go in the thought bubble and which go into the speech bubble.

It's a short activity meant to be attached with the intro lesson for the thought-bubble strategy. The pre-made activity contains questions about fall vocabulary and synonym/antonyms, but feel free to personalize.

Download the activity HERE from my TPT site!

Smart Board Activity Alert!

So I have become a Smart Board NERD! I'm obsessed! I just wanted to share this new activity I created for the tons of birthdays we've been having. This activity integrates some fun birthday trivia with the word "autumn" and idiom "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" (we've been working on these this week)

Download the activity from Smart Exchange HERE.

Happy Smart Board-ing!

A kid-friendly "Who dun it?"

Happy New Year to all those celebrating!

In honor of starting off the "new year" in a happy way, I'm sharing this fun activity that I hope you will enjoy! It's a recreating of a Murder Mystery PPT I had done a while back for my adults. This version keeps it PG for the kids, while maintaining the mystery!

All you do is present this PPT with the sheet that is at the end and have the kids fill in the information as you go. At the end they use the clues they gathered to decide who was the thief!

Prior to the kids coming in, I suggest printing out the last 2 pages of the slide and making them each be a character in the mystery. On the back of each ID tag, write the information on hair color and shoe size as you see fit. You can then have the kids ask the necessary information to each one to fill in their chart. I suggest laminating the ID tags and changing the thief each time! You can use the picture of a bronze Yoda statue to hide under the desk of the thief ahead of tim…

Make Speech Passes CUTE!

Here's a simple download to make passes for your kids. A little chevron pattern never hurt anyone! This pattern came from the DIY coaster download from For Chic's Sake blog. Download the file and customize it here (please note: the images in the ppt have been "grouped" to edit each you may need to "ungroup" the image.)

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some _________ (fill in the blank!)

While perusing the web, I stumbled upon Carrie's Speech Corner's activity for "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books". She had some GREAT printables to use with the kids, so please check her out!

While looking for some more images to go along with the book, I stumbled upon a picture of the "lady" from Playing With Words 365 and decided to create the tissue box Old Lady.

Here is my own spin on making the lady!

Print the lady pictured to the right out of powerpoint. Stretch the image to fill the screen and then print.Laminate the lady!! It's the only way she'll hold up!Using a file folder (sturdier) measure out and cut how much you will need to cover a shoebox without the top.Cut out the mouth to create a hole on the picture of the lady.Place the lady on the file folder you just trimmed and make a hole that matches the one you previously made.Use packing tape (!!) to secure the folder onto the shoebox top. Voila! You have an Old Lady!

Back to School Questions!

Just a quick post with some printable questions - use this with a thumb ball to get to know your students! Print these and cut them into card-sized sections!

What is your favorite TV show? Tell us a joke! Do you have any siblings? What did you do this summer? Did you go anywhere this summer? What are you excited about today? What are you looking forward to this year? What did you bring for lunch?

Mocktails! Create Your Very Own Speechie Cocktail Party

It's been a bit since my last post! My apologies! I've been soaking up what's left of the summer before I start my student teaching on Wednesday (super, super excited!!!!). I wanted to focus this post on a Mocktail Party I threw for my stroke group. Labor day is filled with BBQ's and cocktails, so why not mix some speech into it!

To create the ambiance of a true cocktail party, I spent $2 at the dollar store for some cheap (plastic) champagne glasses. I pre-made the three mocktails the night before and brought them in individual solo cups covered in saran wrap  - a small stroke (no pun intended) of brilliance on my part I thought!

Each of the ladies tried the mocktails and then rated how they were - too sweet, too tart, etc. We then went through "Ten Simple Cocktails Rules" that I found online and they discussed whether they agreed or disagreed with them and why. After our discussion we went into questions (ridiculous ones) that I found online to "get yo…