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Another Charbroiled Speech! Brownie Edition!

I've been into cooking in my sessions lately! It's fun, it's easy, and you can target a lot of goals in one lesson. This edition of Charbroiled Speech focuses on brownies and folklore! An odd combination, but it turns out that a Brownie is actually a fictional character in Scottish and English folklore! I had the kids writing their own folk stories, developing characters, and making inferences about what else could be a "brownie".

Check out the download HERE and of course, let me know how it goes!!!

An App Review! Story Kit!

Hey! I apologize about the serious amount of time that has passed between now and my last post! I'm in the process of redoing my bedroom and my laptop has been stowed away somewhere for a week! Ah!

I've commandeered a laptop to bring you a quick App Review for "Story Kit" - which is AWESOME.

I believe this app is meant for the iPhone, but I enlarge it and use it on the iPad mainly. This app is bare-bones, no-frills amazing. It lets you add text, pictures (that you can take right in the app with the iPad camera), and record voice. You can build your own stories and then either read them on the iPad, or upload them to the server and have it emailed to you. I've printed a few out for clients in the past - an easy gift.

The kids love it because they are obsessed with recording their voice. I love it because I can have them sequence activities after we've done them by making a book on the iPad. I recently used this app in a session where we did…

Sharing the Goo!

You all might be familiar with this website, but I wanted to share it anyway! Earobics' "Game Goo" is a great resource for interactive language games! The link is:

I've most recently used this with a client who needs synonym/antonym work. It kept his attention AND was fun!

Check it out!

WHEEL - OF - FORTUNE! A language game!

Doubling up my posts tonight!

Here's my newest language activity that can be used with both adults and kids! I used this during a language session at the Aphasia Center and focused on age-appropriate categories.

It's your basic Wheel-of-Fortune format, except I used a chalk board -- and had a makeshift Vanna. I provided everyone with a category (i.e., vacation spots, european cities) and then drew out a box for each letter. The clients found it helpful to have the number of boxes written above, so that was presented as well. I had the clients "spin" my homemade wheel (download it HERE) and then either guess a letter, solve, or ask for clues. I wrote down each "clue" on the board, as well as answers that were not correct. This visual helped them to rule out other answers that may not have worked.

This activity spanned the levels of communication in the group from severe to mild aphasia. Each person was able to participate, and the clients helped each other o…

Catch the Olympic Fever! A Prefix activity!

I've been glued to the Olympics (when I'm not frantically writing progress reports and making lesson plans!). So when I decided to focus on prefixes, I figured why not tie in the Olympics? This lesson was super simple and went over QUITE well with my client!

First, I reviewed the meanings behind these 5 common prefixes. Then, we came up with words that have these prefixes and how the different prefixes change the word. Last, I took words without prefixes (i.e., do, current, obey) and had him add the proper prefix. I switched out some of the prefixes to see if he could differentiate the change of meaning.

Download the activity HERE and let me know how it goes!