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Memory, Memory...Where Art Thou, Memory?

Hey guys! How fun is the "Memory" game??? My clients happen to LOVE playing, and I started using homemade cards to teach the alphabet with it! This one is SUPER simple and fun!

I printed out two copies of the letters (above) and pasted them on index cards. I then took the foam letters (right) and used them as manipulatives to represent the letter we were searching for. My client learning the alphabet had to touch the letter and see how it feels/the shape/etc., then we named it together, and then we matched it to the cards.

I used this for my artic client as well! Using the same premise, I printed out her target sound (3-5 copies) and a few other sounds we're fine-tuning. Using the same manipulatives she placed them on the upside down card she thought would match it. If she was right, she said her sound 1x and added the letter to her "sound pile". We got in a lot of trials, and had fun!

Try this simple game out!

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FREE Parent Handout for "Self-Talk" and "Parallel Talk"!

This summer I pledged that I would work with more of the little little guys in my private practice - early intervention and preschool age. I love this age group and really missed working with them (currently I see preK through second grade in a school setting). Working in a home-based environment is incredible because of all of the great parent-training we get to do. I love being able to explain and show exactly what I'm doing and the strategies I'm using.

As all SLPs know, with this age group we are doing a lot of self and parallel talk. Sometimes I leave my half-hour sessions out of breath! Of course, talking is never an issue for an SLP!! I find that my parents are talking to their child, however their language needs to be modified, or they need to present things differently (i.e., giving options to elicit more language vs. yes/no questions).

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Winter Adapted Book FREEBIE!

With the crazy weather here in NY (see house pic nightmare of snow!) I wanted to share my adapted free book for winter clothing! This will be one of those short, late-night posts, so I apologize! I wanted to make sure this one got out to you guys!

I created this for use with an AAC device, but it really can be utilized for so much more! I've also used this activity to target vocabulary with an ESL student, following directions with a student targeting auditory comprehension, and as an introduction to the topic of winter!

The options are endless! Plus, I wanted to make this a freebie since I know I have been using tons of awesome freebies on TpT from fellow bloggers - gotta give back!

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Appropriate Laughter - Social Story Packet

Working on appropriate pragmatics is pretty much a daily occurrence in my speech room. I'm sure it's not so different in yours! Some of my kiddos are having a hard time with when it's OK to laugh and when it's not. They often think they're being silly when laughing at a peer who is struggling to answer. One of my students was upset when someone laughed at him, but enjoyed laughing at others.

I created this social story using photos found on google images, which is why I'm sharing it using google drive and not TpT. I don't own the photos, therefore I won't sell my product and break any copyright stuff :)

The packet you can download for free contains the printable social story, worksheets to accompany it, and take home worksheets.

It's a great way to get your kids to understand when it's OK and not OK to laugh!

You can download this packet off of my google drive HERE for free :)