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Charbroiled Speech!

In the spirit of all things easy, I've decided to do a blog on cooking in session! I love the idea and the excitement that cooking brings to a session! So, lug in that toaster oven and grab those oven mitts! It's Charbroiled Speechin' time, ya'll! (Ok, overboard, I know...)

This week I will be baking the very gourmet, very chic, English Muffin Pizza! I will be using the directions for inferencing and drawing conclusions, as well as for, well, following directions!

I've also prepared a whole packet with vocab, the history of cooking, a WH-question game, the recipe, and a fun little cartoon! (You can download the packet HERE.)

You can use this lesson for a number of goals all while masking the "speechy" part with cooking!

Try it! Tell me how it goes! :)

Rate it! An All-Around Olympic Activity!

It's getting towards the end of the semester, and things are starting to get crazy!! My posts for the next few weeks will be geared towards simple, minimal-planning activities that you can have fun with!

I'm sure you're having Olympic mania wherever you are! The Olympic teams, countries, sports, etc. are buzzing around the clinic nonstop! In an effort to keep with the trend, I created these simple "Rating Cards" like you see during the gymnastics or diving! I also printed out some articles from TeacherVision about the Olympics (if you haven't checked out this site, you have to go! Sign up for their emails and get great ideas and printables weekly!).

Here's how I used these:

I focused on a writing goal I was working on with my client. I first had him write sentences on the board pertaining to an article we read. I then rated them (sensitively!!) and we went over what was wrong. Then I got up and wrote sentences (most were wrong, on purpose!) and he rated t…

Memory, Memory...Where Art Thou, Memory?

Hey guys! How fun is the "Memory" game??? My clients happen to LOVE playing, and I started using homemade cards to teach the alphabet with it! This one is SUPER simple and fun!

I printed out two copies of the letters (above) and pasted them on index cards. I then took the foam letters (right) and used them as manipulatives to represent the letter we were searching for. My client learning the alphabet had to touch the letter and see how it feels/the shape/etc., then we named it together, and then we matched it to the cards.

I used this for my artic client as well! Using the same premise, I printed out her target sound (3-5 copies) and a few other sounds we're fine-tuning. Using the same manipulatives she placed them on the upside down card she thought would match it. If she was right, she said her sound 1x and added the letter to her "sound pile". We got in a lot of trials, and had fun!

Try this simple game out!

Make a "Thunder Box"!

With the crazy weather we've been having, I've been put to the test to create a social story and strategies for thunder. My client is older and happens to not be in favor of singing in the rain, lightning, or thunder. To help him understand what thunder is and why it happens, we read an article and explained thunder with visuals (clapping of both hands, etc.).

To help him carry these strategies over at home, I created the "Thunder Box"! Sounds official, right? The box contains:

Strategies for when a thunderstorm occursA story on what a thunderstorm is and how we can deal with the soundEar plugsTravel-type printable games downloaded from FamilyEducation

In our session, we will be utilizing the electricity game board I used in a prior post (click here if you haven't seen it) with social story-type questions. You can download the strategies, social story, and questions HERE.

As usual, let me know how it goes! :)

Mystery Date Language Activity!

Hey guys! Things have been crazy over here in the clinic, so I apologize for the limited posting!

I figured I'd share this great activity with you before I head to school! I recently used this with my ladies stroke group and they loved it! It's a powerpoint version of "Mystery Date" which many of your clients may remember playing as a child or even playing with their own children!

The concept is basic: follow clues to guess your mystery date, then decide what you will wear, what car he will drive, and what flowers he will bring. It brought up a lot of memory-driven discussions about dating in my group! I hope it will do the same for you guys!

Here is the link for the powerpoint! As usual, let me know how it goes for you! :)

An ode to Ikea, from an SLP to be!

So this isn't a Speech post per se, but I needed to share my great finds! I went to our local Ikea (the only Ikea for that matter on Long Island..sad..) for furniture and left with tons of great speech things!

If you've never been (gasp!), Ikea is a giant, brilliant marketing plan. You have to walk through EVERY section to get out of the store -- which is why I spent more in the children's section than I did anywhere else!

Here are a few of the things I picked up:

Easel - for writing, art, etc.Play food - these were great because they were soft and realistic looking!Beads - the kind you can use for jewelry and those great patterned, ironed on crafts. Finger Puppets! - use these for making stories, using proper pragmatics, role playing, using proper articulation, and more. I'd highly recommend either checking out or going into the store yourself! Where else can you buy a couch AND speech gear???
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Build a Hoop Glider - Only 3 Materials Needed!!!

Wow! I can't believe July 4th has come and gone! Hope you all had great days off, or the day off in general!!

I thought we'd jump back into some activities with a great experiment I found on . (As a side note, if you haven't checked out Science Bob you NEED to go now! It's AWESOME)

 I made this "Hoop Glider" on Monday with my language client, but it can be used for anything. I took the directions and made them an auditory comprehension activity. I then used the article to have him answer passage-based WH-questions. I also took vocabulary from the article and used two different definitions to have the client decipher which was a true/false definition. We then raced and made predictions about which glider would go faster!

I've used this activity before for measurement, problem solving, inferencing, etc.

Recently, I used this for an artic client and had him write his target sound on the strips of paper. He then produced the sound after doing e…

4th of July Flag Activity!

It's almost the 4th of July! I don't know about you, but I LOVE a holiday-themed lesson! I decided to see what I could do with a flag in my sessions! I just used some simple cutting, pasting, and construction paper for these!

For the one in the photo (sorry about the orientation of the photo!) I had my client match up his ABC's!

Here are some other things I did with my lovely flag!

Had my client write the "main idea" on each strip.Used the flag as a graphic organizer with the blue portion as the main topic and the red strips as the details.Had clients write a story on each red strip and illustrate on the white strips.Had clients write details about July 4th on the red strips and then draw a cartoon about the holiday in the blue square. The options are endless! Try it! Let me know how it works for you! :)