Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who doesn't love 'Mater?? A "Cars" ABC activity

I happen to be a lover of Pixar movies. I think they're well done visually, and intertwine adult humor into a child-friendly storyline. My 4 y/o client happens to agree. He's a big Lightning McQueen fan, and an even bigger 'Mater fan. He's not such a fan of the ABC's though.

To win him over a bit, and show him that the ABC's CAN be fun, we used Disney's Cars!

Here's what I did:

(I took a picture of the play "Dinoco Garage" from the movie for images)

  1. I lined up these garages and went through the letters.
  2. I then had him match the paper cars to the garages.
  3. Previously I had taped letters to matchbox cars. I handed him a car and he "parked" the car in the right "letter garage"!
He had a great time driving the cars! We will be incorporating more "garages" as the weeks go by. Use images on disney.com for inspiration! There are a TON of printable activities for free that you can modify!

Click HERE for the printable version of this activity!

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