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Use a "Weekly Newsletter" in Therapy! Pragmatics Newsletter Download!

For those of use who see clients multiple times throughout the week, we know continuity and organization can be our best friends when it comes to planning. For one of my high functioning ASD clients I created this newsletter. I change the newsletter each week to include what we're focusing on for the week (pragmatics, language, etc.). My client loves "getting the paper" each session and finding out what we're going to work on! I include "breaks" in the newsletter, like scrambles or sentence corrections. Things that interest him!

Here is a newsletter focusing on how to "correct" people and how to ask the "right" questions. Try it out!

"Calling For Pizza" - An Interactive Pragmatics Activity

I am a total pizza lover! Being from NY you almost have to be! My client happens to be a pizza fan as well, which is why this activity worked so well! It's been a long day for me, so this will be a super quick recap:

This powerpoint focuses on the language necessary for ordering a pizza. The scenarios are presented and the child must answer or react to the situation. The clinician controls whether the child can move on or not through clicking the red star in the corner. The powerpoint takes you through ordering a pizza, asking how much it is, and finding out the wait time. Use this activity to branch into more role playing pragmatics! Try it out!

Click Here for the powerpoint.

Who doesn't love 'Mater?? A "Cars" ABC activity

I happen to be a lover of Pixar movies. I think they're well done visually, and intertwine adult humor into a child-friendly storyline. My 4 y/o client happens to agree. He's a big Lightning McQueen fan, and an even bigger 'Mater fan. He's not such a fan of the ABC's though.

To win him over a bit, and show him that the ABC's CAN be fun, we used Disney's Cars!

Here's what I did:

(I took a picture of the play "Dinoco Garage" from the movie for images)

I lined up these garages and went through the letters.I then had him match the paper cars to the garages.Previously I had taped letters to matchbox cars. I handed him a car and he "parked" the car in the right "letter garage"! He had a great time driving the cars! We will be incorporating more "garages" as the weeks go by. Use images on for inspiration! There are a TON of printable activities for free that you can modify!

Click HERE for the printable version o…

Angry Birds Sling Shot - A "Main Idea" Target Practice

Our clinic happens to be in Angry Birds overload lately. I know the hype may have died down, but it's abundant around here! I happen to have a 9 y/o on my caseload who has the Angry Birds bug! When I saw Speech Room News' Angry Birds activity I scooped it up! It was so successful that I decided to add a little action and movement to the mix!

I picked up this "Angry Birds Slingshot" at my local toy store for around $5. My bird doesn't make the sound effects that some of the other "models" do, but it does the trick! You could modify this and just throw an Angry Birds plush around if need be!

Here's what I did:

I printed out 3 targets the size of computer paper and taped them on the wall. I then took my grade-level reading passages and made 3 possible "main idea" options.I printed my main idea options out in a LARGE size so the client could see them.As I read the passage, the client had to think about what the main idea would be. After he deci…

Decision 2012 Activity - To Speech or Not to Speech

With the election coming up during the next school year, I thought a little Presidential-action might be in order! For President's Day I created a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire PowerPoint with Presidential facts. This activity is a great way to start learning about the Presidents and the election.

The PowerPoint is functional, and highlights the correct answer upon your click! Take this format and add in your own trivia! Hand out fake money for fun, and let kids phone a friend! Make it as real as possible!

I originally used this with adults at the Aphasia Center, and later with my pediatric clients. Both age groups were able to answer, or guesstimate!!

Download the PowerPoint HERE!

A Full Review for "Opposite Ocean" - which is FREE!

Who doesn't love an antonym??? Come on! I do love the iPad more than I love antonyms though, which is why the marriage of antonyms and iPads is tonight's App post.
"Opposite Ocean" is made by NRCC games and is FREE, FREE, FREE! This app is a steal, and will have your language clients wanting to do work with vocabulary and antonyms.
This app works well for any level because it has settings so that YOU control which words are presented. You can let the student choose be Leo or Luna, and whether or not they want a time limit.

The best part about this app are the questions! A ginormous whale swims in with the sentence on it's side. The child reads the sentence aloud and then chooses which word is the opposite. They then drag the word into the Oyster. If correct, a pearl comes flying out and they receive "10 cents" in the game. After four correct answers a mermaid swims out with a surprise!

So check this one out! It's free, it's fun, and it's lang…

Antonym App Quickie

Just a quickie! Wanted to give you a preview of what I will be blogging about next -- "Opposite Ocean" app.

Don't miss it!
Be sure to check me out on Pinterest! Newfound love of pinning!

Family Feud, Speech-Style!

Who doesn't love gameshows? I can't tell you how many times I stayed home sick watching Family Feud and the Price is Right. It was like gameshow chicken soup for the soul!

Taking my love of themes and running with it, I created this gameshow-themed activity! I've used the Price is Right for:

CategorizationWord findingIlliciting LanguageReasoningLiteracyArticulationAnd More!!!

There are no downloads for this particular one since it was a true cut-and-paste project! You can easily make this yourself with poster board and a printer! I laminated the spots for answers so that I could write on them in dry-erase marker.

Here's a link for some great "kid friendly" family feud questions.

Here's the youtube video for the theme song for Family Feud - you just HAVE to have it when playing!!

Murder Mystery Activity! Be a Speech Sleuth!

Have you ever been to one of those "murder mystery dinners"??? I had the opportunity to go to one a few years a go. I thought it was clever, a little hokey, but clever!

For my language lesson at the Aphasia Center, I decided to make a murder mystery! The clients had to gather "clues" throughout the powerpoint and put together who did it. I created badges with each of the characters names on them and made them all play a part. I also printed out the script that I was reading from so they could have a visual. For the higher-functioning clients, I handed out a graphic organizer to help with deciding WHO was the killer!

This activity is a true language activity - you can illicit a TON of language AND use some reasoning skills.

The activity went over well, and the clients were quite the chatty sleuths! They couldn't figure out the killer though...try this with your client and let me know if they solve the mystery!

You can download the powerpoint HERE
You can downlo…

It's Electric - Boogey Oogey Oogey Oooh!

As a clinician, you stick with what motivates your client! This semester one of my clients found his true love - LED light bulbs (cut to me frantically googling anything I could find on LED light bulbs just to catch up!). So, like any normal human-being I set google alerts for articles on LED light bulbs and went out and purchased a few. By 10:35pm each night I can now reveal the latest news on LED lights...

ANYWHO! We're working on pragmatics with this client. Seeing as these topics are often a challenge, having something fun to use while working is helpful (and motivating!). To further an electricity unit we were doing on our "language days" I made this electrifying board game!

How I used this:

To keep things simple, I used dice and game pieces we had lying around the clinic. Whatever picture he landed on corresponded to cards I had neatly piled next to the board. On the back of the cards I taped situations requiring inferencing, drawing conclusions, and problem solving…

Plant a Tree! A WH-question Tree!

Hello all! It's about to get pretty VERY hot here in New York tomorrow! In honor of the blazing heat that's coming our way, I decided to post this great language activity that uses nature's greatest form of shade - trees!

This WH-question activity can be used for virtually anything. Here are a few ways I've put these arboreous questions to good use:

Attach leaves with WH-questions pertaining to a reading passage onto the tree. Have the child pull it off and answer the question.Using a dry-erase marker, have kids write their own questions under the tree and place supporting details ON the tree.Hand out "leaves" with a question missing the "WH" portion and have the kids match it up.Hang it on the wall for a supportive visual aid. Use with the book "Caps for Sale". Paste details about the book on monkeys/caps/leaves and place them accordingly. The options are endless! To make the tree, click HERE and print the tree portion of the "Caps fo…

My Love Affair with the Monkey Preschool Lunchbox App

Have you heard about Monkey Preschool Lunchbox? It's a fantastic app for the iPad created by THUP Games. My supervisor for my school placement turned me on to it, and I haven't stopped using it since!

This app truly spans from preschool-age children to kindergarten. It promotes:

countingmatchingcolorsthe alphabetshapesfollowing receptive directionsworking memoryunderstanding the same/different conceptspatial reasoning and more.  It also provides virtual stickers for the child after they're done playing! I've tried in both the clinical and home (babysitting!) setting and both have resulted in an occupied kid for 20+ minutes!

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox sells in the App Store for $0.99 and is WELL worth it! I've used this app in sessions for following directions, receptive matching of locatives, and counting. The kids love it!

Here are some screen shots of this great app!


Shape Recognition/Matching:






Hello all! I'm writing today during a time when I'd usually be welcoming clients into the Aphasia Center. Unfortunately, I caught the nasty bug going around the clinic :/ Price you pay for only using 6 gallons of Purell and not your usual 12...

Anyway! Being laid up in bed has given me a chance to integrate Practically Speeching into the twitter world! You can now follow me @Speech_ing on Twitter.

As someone with a B.A. in Journalism who went on to pursue speech, all of this writing is being held near and dear to my heart! I'm loving being able to mix my skills from UAlbany with my love of Speech Pathology!

Be sure to tweet me, and of course, Happy Speeching!

June is National Aphasia Awareness Month!

Did you know that June is National Aphasia Awareness Month? Check out for more information on Aphasia if you're unfamiliar, or just want some new facts! At my school we have an Extended-Day Aphasia Center, as well as many smaller Stroke Groups that are run by our supervisors and graduate clinicians. My Stroke Group happens to the be "ladies group" and we create activities accordingly!

I'm a huge fan of using powerpoint with the group. I can control how much information is on the screen at a time AND I'm not using thousands of pages of paper. Last semester I created this activity that centered around nail polish and jewelry -- two essentials, right? You can find the link to the powerpoint HERE.

Here's what we did with this powerpoint (keep in mind the whole idea of the group is to facilitate language):

Each client was given a handout with options for naming the nail polish that was on the screen. They went around and named each polish using the ha…

It's Easy As A,B,C!

Singing the ABC's can bring you back to your preschool days, help you wash your hands for a long-enough period of time, and of course help you with the first steps of understanding written language. It sounds simple enough to sing the song a few times, pair it with a visual, and then miraculously have your student be an ABC-expert. However, the ABC's of ABC are often more complex and can require  letter-by-letter teaching.

We're teaching the ABC's  to one of the little guys I have as a client this semester. For him, the distinction between the letters is difficult. To help him learn his ABCs we've created a receptive, matching task using this "Letter Box". He loves mixing up the letters in the box and then seeing which letter he pulled out. He then matches the letter he pulled out to the visual on the table. Usually, we have to pull the box away from him because we've spent 20 minutes matching letters and causing a small, alphabet earthquake!

So here&#…

Everything's Better in Cube Form...

Happy Thursday everyone! This blog post is very exciting! It's the pioneer post! Hopefully you'll leave this page with some exciting ideas and, enjoy this activity as much as my clients did this week!

In the last week I learned a few things: packing tape can work wonders when making something 3-D, and kids love cubes. As a way to spice up my vocabulary lessons, I created this "VocabuCube". The cube combines a few things - definitions, synonyms, antonyms, sentences, syllables and rhyming. Oh, and it lets kids chuck something through the air without blinding someone AND learning something! A win-win I thought!

Click HERE for the link to print the cube. To put it together, I suggest laminating it first and then taping it together using clear packing tape. It's sturdier that way.

Happy Speeching :)