Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Hat by Jan Brett Modified Book for AAC - FREE this weekend!

So, if you're keeping up with me on instagram (@practicallyspeeching) and Facebook - which I hope you are! You've been seeing how hard we're working for the bulletin board using "The Hat" by Jan Brett! I think by February we're going to become Hedgehogs lol

Anyways, in my attempt to integrate everything into AAC and one of my student's devices, I decided to create a modified version of "The Hat". I've been seeing a lot of the same format on the slp blogs, and I think it's pretty genius. Having the story book attached to the page that holds the manipulative - seriously, brilliant.

So for this one, I placed little statements on each page so you can follow along or use the manipulatives however which way you choose!

Each page is a short summary of how the story goes along, and you can target a slew of goals including following directions, naming animals, sorting, object identification, sequencing, etc!

Best of all, this is now FREE for a limited time on TpT in honor of this lovely snow day :)

Click HERE to download this great activity!

Monday, January 12, 2015

"The Hat" by Jan Brett - Sequencing and Perspective Taking

Hey all! Hope you had a lovely Monday back at work...and by lovely I mean it went quick and you drank enough coffee :) We are continuing to work on "The Hat" by Jan Brett, and I have tried to expand the book to make it more accessible for my kiddos needs this year. Last year's packet that I created seems to be a little too "high" for what I'm trying to target, so I scaled back and went back to basics with this one.

This packet focuses on sequencing the events in the story using beginning, middle, and end for my
kinders and firsties. We are really working on stretching the story, giving details, and not just telling me "Hedgie gets rid of his hat!" when I ask what happens in the story. I have a lovely bulletin board coming up, so I'm hoping to use my cute craftivity to display their hard work!

The craftivity jumps off of the sequencing chart where the kids have to illustrate b/m/e and also write keywords or events on the lines below. We have been using a lot of clinician-modeling for this, and I've been targeting how to use strategies like the book itself to answer the questions (work smarter, not harder, right!?).

For the perspective taking, I've been literally moving them to another seat to "change their perspective" for the session. It's been making it a bit more accessible for the kiddos, plus I got some figurative language in there with "put yourself in someone else's shoes" one has tried to change actual shoes yet, so that's a plus! LOL For these older kiddos, mainly my second graders, I've been having them think about how the sock in the story feels. We're then writing a newspaper-style piece that is meant to be silly, and not very writing intensive. I'm going more for a creative, narrative target. Plus, I'd like them to really think outside the box about how an inanimate object might feel! I've been using things around the speech room as examples, which is why I was describing today how my coffee cup was lonely because it didn't have coffee in it yet --- read: caffeine addicted SLP.

You can download this and my other packet for The Hat HERE on TpT! Happy Jan Brett-ing :)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Practically Speeching! I hope you enjoyed this wonderful break and holiday season! I know I did, judging by the fact that I haven't blogged since Dec 18! Eek!

I go back to work on Monday, and today is a snowy Saturday in NY - that means it's time to get back to business! I left off with the kiddos using my Holiday Synonym Packet before we went home for break, so I may finish up the packet and ride the Santa wave for one more week!

With my kiddos who I finished the packet with, I'm going to use a packet from last year and work on "The Hat" by Jan Brett. I don't like to reuse the same books every year, but I only read this with my second graders last year, and they've since moved up to the other SLP in my building! This packet has EVERYTHING in it. You can find the post on it from last year on the blog here! The gist is:

-"Story socks" for sorting the characters
-Cards with all the characters
-A Timeline to organize the characters
-"Character Socks" to talk and write about each character
-A "Dirty Sock" game featuring "what would you do" questions related to the story
-A "Story Box" organizational worksheet
-Vocabulary and Definitions from the story
-Vocabulary "Clothes Line" game involving Sentence Fill-ins, Definitions, and Word Match.
-3 Story Rewrite worksheets
-A "Write YOUR Story" worksheet 

SO we're going to be super busy until we start Valentine's Day! :) Be sure to download this great packet HERE on TpT

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Gift Tags!

Things have been a bit crazy around here, but I'm hoping December break will allow for more blogging! In the interim, if you're looking for a way to print and give out some simple holiday gifts, download my quick tags! Simply write your name on the bottom after you've printed and cut!

Click HERE to download them from google drive!

Happy Holidays :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Newsletter is UP!

December newsletter is up and ready to be downloaded for FREE as always! Grab it HERE on TpT and check it out below :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Synonym and Antonym Packet

It's December, a time for joyful holidays and insane kiddos...and crazed teachers and SLPs! I wanted to get ahead of the craze between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I decided to make my synonym/antonym packet for my kiddos. It's a nice combination of skills that can be brought high and low. Plus, it involves Christmas, so you know that's always a plus for our kiddos!

I start my kids off by singing "synonym, synonym, words that mean the same. Antonyms are different, and speech is just insane, hey!" to the tune of jingle bells...which sounds insane, but it works lol I have my kids clap their hands together for "same" and use the ASL sign for "different" when saying synonym/antonym. It seems to stick.

We then identify synonyms/antonyms using the worksheets, and move on to production, and sorting. There is a reinforcer game to take you through each step of the packet to keep you going!

You can download this packet HERE on TpT! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Crazy for Cariboo! [Freebie alert!]

My Cariboo's arrival!
So I officially hopped on the cariboo bandwagon! After seeing all the wonderful things other SLPs were doing with this game, I really had to have it! I hopped on Ebay after being terrified of the price on Amazon ($170 are they nuts!?), and ended up snagging a game in great shape for about $38 with shipping.

I have been using a number of activities with it, especially The Peachie Speechie's "Sophie's Squash" companion - which is awesome by the way! I realized the game was insanely addicting and totally reinforcing, SCORE! No wonder everyone is obsessing! 
Here we are hard at work!
Since I truly hate drill work for articulation, and feel like my brain is being drilled when I do it, I thought this would be a great solution! I made up some open-ended articulation cards and used them for /s/, /r/, /l/ session after session. It was an all-in-one! Plus, it's pirate-themed so how can you go wrong? 

I'm so excited about this, that I wanted to share these as a freebie with you Cariboo-ers! Click HERE to download this activity from TpT and happy Caribou-Ing