Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Night Before Halloween - $1 packet!

We are howling into Halloween! I've finally settled down after our wonderful wedding on the 12th, so if you were wondering where I've been - it's wedding-land! In an effort to be completely prepared for the weeks surrounding the wedding, I put together some great language packets for my Halloween books!

Start off by reviewing the vocabulary with your kiddos from the story. I found that "disguise" was a hard one to grasp, so I made them all do the batman mask with their fingers and yelled "it's a disguise!" lol We used the cards throughout the story as well just to make a connection with the word/picture/definition.

After we finished listening to the story, we used the sequencing mat and cards for retell. I laminated them and used velcro to make it a little more interactive! They used the cards to ask each other questions also and make connections to their own Halloween experiences.

We moved onto a quick comprehension game to answer questions based on the story. Again, we made those connections to our own Halloween and used a venn diagram to track our information! My hope was to use this information to spark ideas for the writing task!

Now, you can use the writing tasks provided in the packet or the craftivity if you'd like to target those skills. If you're making the craftivity you need some construction paper to cut out the pumpkin. Then, you simply cut and paste the eyes and mouth of jack-o-lantern and then follow the prompts. You can also use the printable writing sheets and follow those prompts!

 Download this packet for $1 now and get Halloween-y! Click HERE to download this from TpT.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pumpkin Sort!

So I'm on a pumpkin kick, as I'm sure everyone is at this point in Fall. I'm tailoring my activities to support my pumpkin needs! I'm targeting same and different with my kiddos, or compare/contrast depending on the group I'm with. I've been taking it back to basics with my Kinders, because when you think about it, compare/contrast is a little difficult to do when you don't know same/different basics!

In an effort to target these skills, I put together a pumpkin sort! Students use a sorting mat to determine whether or not the pumpkins are the same/different.

The pumpkins are coded with shapes and different colors to keep it simple. Since my kids are obsessed with anything Halloween at this point, they're thrilled to be sorting pumpkins! They each work for a candy corn to keep it really Halloween-y!

Download the sorting game for FREE here on TpT.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Great New TpT-er

Jennifer Romeo
Computer Teacher Extraordinaire!
I'm all about ANYONE joining TpT, especially awesome teachers I know! So when our kick-butt computer teacher approached me about being on TpT, I was super excited! Not only does she have some awesome lessons (and I would know since I had the room across from hers last year), but she is super techy!

She posts a ton of SMARTboard products! Plus, since we are a city school that uses GO Math and Ready Gen, she breaks down units and puts them into SMARTboard formats! I'm serious, it rocks.

Here is a link to one of her great free downloads, "Ready Gen Unit 1 Module A Lesson 15" and make sure you check out her store Jennifer R Fourth Grade Teacher by clicking HERE.

Happy TpT-ing friends :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Note From Speech - FREEBIE alert!

I instagrammed (is this a word? I use it all the time lol)a photo last week of my "a note from speech" printable. It's a great way to quickly make a connection between the speech room and home!

There are 4 notes per page, all in black and white to help with your printing woes :) Each has a three lines that you can check off:

  • ____ had a great session today
  • ____ was caught being kind today in speech
  • ____ tried very hard during today's session

Check off and write a little note, and you're good to go! It fits perfectly in any speech notebook or folder!

Download this freebie HERE on TpT.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Breaking the ice!

We're fully in back to school mode here, especially with my fiancĂ© starting his new job (change of careers!) as a history teacher this year! I've been trying to "get to know" my new kids on my caseload while targeting their goals. I'm also trying to let the kids get to know each other since I switched a lot of groups around from last year. There are two new activities I'm using this year, "Back to School Apples" (a freebie!) and "Let's Investigate". Of course my other activity from last year, "What My Sunglasses Saw This Summer," still rocks and is still up! :) Here is how I'm using these activities....

Back to School Apples:

For the younger kids, I'm using the Back to School Apples because you can draw and/or write your answers. We started out reviewing what a "goal" is, making the connection to sports, and discussing how it is something we all should work towards. We also discussed what we are excited about, and how we are different from last year to this year.

I gave some examples of some Speech goals, and my personal goals. We then wrote our speech goals on apples and shared them with each this activity is free on TpT as a thank you to YOU! :)
other. It's important to me for the kids to know why they come to speech, and what they are working on. This activity starts out helping them understand why we come to speech, and it's not just for the stickers! Just a reminder

Let's Investigate:

For the older kids, I'm using my "Let's Investigate" activity. It's a cute way to get the kids to interview one another, and add a writing component. The students are all challenged to be an investigative reporter. They are asked to pick a peer and interview them for the school newspaper, The Daily Learner. They are provided with a note page, checklist, and rough draft page. They must ask questions to get the information to write the article. This is a great way to work on questioning and answering if that is a goal for your kiddos! The final draft also has a cute activity where the "reporter" can draw the person they are interviewing!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to school, back to school...

Today was the first day back for the city, and boy did we have a HOT day to come back. I realized when I looked at the blog that I've been so lax this summer about blogging, I should be ashamed! I decided to kick off the school year, and my jump back into steady blogging, with a peek into what I grabbed at Lakeshore Learning. My fiancé, who recently changed jobs to teach History, and I waited on the INSANE line at Lakeshore to grab their 20% goods...I, of course, spent over $100. He spent $50. Typical.

Here are the great things I nabbed at the sale! PS, I'm sorry these photos are sideways - it's been a long day :P

Dry Erase Pockets
Last year, I watched in awe at the use of these great reusable dry erase pocket. I kept them in my amazon cart for at least a month, and then somehow time went on and I totally forgot about them. Until now! I am super excited to use these and now that I am not equipped with a printer right next to me like last year, I think this will cut down on copies!

Predicting Outcomes Bingo
I really was lacking in the games department last year, and ended up compensating with a ton of laminating, cutting, and pasting on my end. This year I decided to allocate my time and money in a smart way -- work smarter, not harder, right? So, I invested in some learning games that I can use to target a ton of different goals.

Funny Faces
Again, investing in the games! This is a great game to work on pragmatic goals and non-verbal language. I am thinking of using this one with a mirror and my social language group. You can pair this with the interactive app that I mentioned on my instagram as well!

Poppas Pizza Topple
Games, games, and more games. I was getting tired of the typical articulation games and saw this on a fellow #slpeeps instagram. I thought it looked fun and entertaining enough to use with my little ones!

I'll be sure to keep you posted on all of these items! Check back tomorrow for a peek into my room! :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ice Cream Token Board Freebie

Hello! I've been a little lacking when it comes to the blogging arena, and for that I apologize! I went
down a very different path for me this summer and am working with preschool! Working the extended year program has been great! Of course, you know I miss my littles at my school!

I created this token board to use with the entire class, but it can be used individually as well. Simply print, laminate, and customize. There is a spot to place what you're working for, as well as printable manipulatives.

Download this FREEBIE here on TpT