Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Update!

Hope your summer is going well! As a school-based SLP, my summers usually consist of private clients, extended-year, and sometimes some summer fun! This year, we purchased our very first home at the beginning of the summer and it has taken almost all of my time up!

I wanted to check in with you ladies and gents and show you the speech-y side of my summer, since this year I changed up my usual routine! This summer I focused on CEUs, and taking full advantage of ASHA's CEU opportunity. I actually just finished July's CEU course while waiting for a contractor to arrive! (life of a homeowner, right?).

Anywho, the course was WONDERFUL and I just really love anything regarding AAC...and anything that's free! LOL

I'd highly recommend logging on to ASHA's continuing education site and taking advantage!

Happy Summer :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Articulation: Cariboo Card FREEBIE

As the year is winding down here in NY, I'm struggling to keep my drill sessions engaging for both me AND my students! lol I fell in love with Cariboo this year, and to end my year I'm giving away a freebie, summer-version of my pirate Cariboo cards!

Download this HERE on TpT for free!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Blobs in a Bottle

I'm loving science experiments in speech lately! It's a great way to target a bunch of goals and keep the kids engaged! To make a "blob" in a bottle, you don't need much and you can work on turn-taking since there are a a few steps!

I like to start out by introducing the vocabulary word "observe" and talking about how we will be observers today. I then have students make sure we have all the ingredients using the visuals included. A lot of time I will assign students to that ingredient to link the ingredient to the step of the experiment.

I included a beginning/middle/end chart so you can target
sequencing both during and after the experiment. There are manipulatives included so you can have students glue rather than write/draw if you so choose. When the experiment is done, have students sequence the steps you took to complete the experiment with the sequencing page!

Check out this packet HERE for more of what's included and so you can start making your "blob" in a bottle!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Two New Interactive Books With Manipulatives!

I hope you all had a glorious spring break! I know I definitely took a break from blogging and doing any work to just relax! Since we're back into the swing of things, I wanted to share two new activities that I'm really excited about!

Now, I'd like to give credit to the many other SLPs who are doing these interactive books, the core idea of this is in no way, shape, or form exclusively mine. I just happened to put my own spin on it, just like how we all hopped on the Cariboo train! :)

ANYWHO, if you didn't check out my interactive book for Spring - "Getting Dressed in the Rain" - make sure you click the link HERE and take a peek! I've been targeting tons of goals with my kiddos with this one, especially my AAC guys!

My latest two books are for planting a seed and going to the beach -- you can tell I have warmer weather on my mind! Here are the details on them both, click the titles to reach the links!

Let's Grow A Flower:

 This is a great kick-starter for life cycles or plants! The manipulatives help you target vocabulary and following directions, all while teaching about how to plant a flower!

The book runs through the basic parts of a flower and what you need to grow a healthy plant! Target comprehension by answering the question in the book - can you name some things you plant in the spring? - and then carrying that over into a group discussion. I've also done some nice comparing/contrasting with this question for the different seasons, and talking about how we can tell if it's spring. A great thing for all of these books is that you can work on requesting and yes/no questions using the manipulatives!

Let's Go to the Beach:
I have warm weather on the brain! For this one, I decided to target basic concepts with the items you might bring to the beach - chair, umbrella, beach ball, etc. This is a great way to not only teach life skills, but to spark a discussion aboutwhy you might need an umbrella in the scorching sun! This book is also great for following directions, whether auditorily presented or having kiddos read them and decide where to put the object.

This packet also comes with a sorting mat and some extra manipulatives. I found my kiddos had a hard time nailing down what might be important for the beach, so I decided to throw in a sorting mat for the beach vs. school. We talked about why it's important to have your backpack at school, and your towel at the beach!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jellybean Sorting and Five Senses - FREEBIE Alert!

As I'm searching the dollar store yesterday for something easter-y and spring-y, it hit me! I haven't used jellybeans yet! I've seen a bunch of cute jellybean sorting activities on TpT, but I needed something for the five senses and making predictions - voila, this baby was born before work!

This activity can be modified to target a bunch of different goals, and it's definitely not speech-specific! Here's how I used it today...

Initially, we made a prediction about which jellybeans we were going to have the most and least of. I had to go over the most/least concept using some jellybeans as a model. It's kind of an odd math concept for some of my little ones, but once I used the jellybeans as a manipulative, they got it!

After our predicting, we colored each blank jellybean to correspond with the written color on the graph. This is showing how to use our strategies in the classroom, highlighting, linking with color, etc. It's also helpful for our kiddos who are emergent readers and need that support.

Eventually, we moved on to the fun part - where they each get ONE jellybean. You can send home a bag, but for your own sanity, use one! Jellybeans roll and you don't want to give more than one otherwise you're going to end up with the whole bag on the floor. We touched it, looked at it, smelled it, and finally, tasted it! With my little ones, we wrote on the board and used our vocabulary to formulate answers on the jellybean sheet. Some of them drew pictures to support their writing. With my older ones, they wrote sentences using the vocabulary we talked about.

Now, the counting! I placed a handful of jellybeans in each bowl and had them sort the jellybeans onto the graph - one color at a time. They then colored in the amount of boxes that correlated to the jellybeans they had. When they were finished we compared our predictions with what actually happened and talked about how we could've made more exact predictions!

Of course, at the end everyone got their bag of jellybeans!!

Download this fun, FREE activity HERE on TpT! Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Interactive Book - Getting Dressed for Rain!

I'm really excited for my new Spring activity! It's an interactive book to teach weather-related and spring vocabulary, as well as target sequencing and comprehension. This is also a great way to teach life skills, and it's come in handy for my ELL kids who are not so sure about that weather or clothing vocabulary.

Have students dress the boy using the manipulative in the story. This can target requesting, matching, vocabulary, and sequencing. Use the sequencing mat at the end of the packet to work on retell skills!

There are a few questions in the book that you can use for prior knowledge - "can you name some things you wear in the rain?" - and some you can use for the wrap up - "what do you like to do when it rains?".

This is a great way to kick off spring and work on vocab for those rainy days!

Download this packet HERE on TpT and grab those rain boots! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Emotion of the Month for Social Language/Autism

My "beta" version of this packet
I really like to do my warm up in Speech to work on vocabulary,
figurative language, and really just whatever is pertinent during that time (i.e., holidays). I recently decided to make a quick social language activity because I had some leftover paper, and we were working on the emotion "frustrated" anyways lol. It turned into a monthly activity when I realized I had some space on my bulletin board in my little corner, and it was bothering me. Voila, emotion of the month was born and added into my warm up!

I created a 12-page packet to target basic emotions. I included "I can" statements to teach students ways to cope with a negative emotion, or display a positive one. It's also a great way to identify emotions in other people. The packet I created is meant to be laminated and use with dry-erase markers, as well as a little velcro to attach the photo included. You could also have students draw their own pictures. Another idea if you're not going to use it monthly, is to hole punch the top and use it as an emotions workbook!

Download this social language packet HERE on TpT :)