Wednesday, July 27, 2016

FREE Parent Handout for "Self-Talk" and "Parallel Talk"!

This summer I pledged that I would work with more of the little little guys in my private practice - early intervention and preschool age. I love this age group and really missed working with them (currently I see preK through second grade in a school setting). Working in a home-based environment is incredible because of all of the great parent-training we get to do. I love being able to explain and show exactly what I'm doing and the strategies I'm using.

As all SLPs know, with this age group we are doing a lot of self and parallel talk. Sometimes I leave my half-hour sessions out of breath! Of course, talking is never an issue for an SLP!! I find that my parents are talking to their child, however their language needs to be modified, or they need to present things differently (i.e., giving options to elicit more language vs. yes/no questions).

I created this parent handout to familiarize my parents with what I'm doing and to emphasize effective carryover. I like to say "I build the house, you do the decorating" - meaning I'm going to set up the foundation and now the job is yours to carryover the skills on the daily.

You can download the first handout in this series for FREE on TpT by clicking HERE.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Let's catch, summer of CEUs!

Last Day of School Clean Out!
Our Insta-Announcement
It's been TOO long since I blogged - I really hope you are following me on instagram @practicallyspeeching or on facebook! I've been updating instagram/facebook regularly, but haven't had time to sit down and blog!

This is a very interesting summer, as we are expecting our first baby at the end of August! So summer is consisting of working privately, getting ready for baby, and staying cool (this is the hardest part!).

This summer I hope you are relaxing, catching up, and enjoying the sunshine! One of my summer goals was to finish out the rest of my CEUs before "Baby K" arrives. I know myself - it's not going to happen when I'm back to reality in the fall!

We all know and love the free CEUs from ASHA! I hope you are signing up for them and enjoying them each month! Each CEU opportunity is worth .05!

The link to access them is HERE

Another awesome CEU opportunity is the Summer Decathlon series from Presence Learning! They have great webinars worth .15 CEUs and offer a variety of topics and speakers.

The link to access them is HERE

Here's to an amazing summer filled with learning, fun, and relaxation!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Better Hearing and Speech Month FREEBIE!

I'm kicking off BHSM with an awesome {FREE} packet for kiddos of all
ages! This packet includes a bunch of different things - reading comprehension, self reflection, graphic organizers, interviews and more!

**Be sure to check out the video on Facebook HERE that will guide you through the packet!**

Download the first of many freebies for BHSM on TpT (click the link)!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Keep Calm and Shamrock On -- Activities for March!

It's March Madness in Speech - Leprechaun Madness that is! We have launched into our St. Paddy's Day fun with some great activities! I wanted to share with you some of the awesome things I'm using for St. Patrick's Day, some that I created and some that were created by some awesome TpT-ers! The links are in the titles! Keep Calm and Shamrock On!

Leprechaun Snot
This is my personal favorite from last year!! I will be using it in the coming weeks to target inferencing, predicting, following directions, sequencing, and drawing conclusions. The kids LOVE the green goo they get to take home and I get SO much language out of it!

How to Catch a Leprechaun
This is another fun one! I love spreading the secret that a Leprechaun has entered the Speech room! I leave little clues each day and green footprints all around! The kids love to talk about how they would catch him, so I created this activity to harness that creativity! I like to use this with the book "The Night Before St. Patrick's Day" by Natasha Wing also! After we listen to the story of Tom and Maureen, we talk about how the Leprechaun tricked them, and we look at the traps they set. What worked? What didn't? What would attract a Leprechaun? It's super fun!

Worth More Than Gold (freebie)
I used this amazing activity from The Teacher Wife last year as my bulletin board. It's SO cute and I
love the figurative language it targets. We talked about the idiom, who might be worth more than gold to us, and why. Bonus, it's free!

Shamrock Challenge (freebie)
I LOVE the challenges from The Peachie Speechie! The Shamrock Challenge is awesome, and I've been using yellow and orange m&ms to track the trials for the kiddos! They like coloring their trials also, but the m&ms seems to be the hit! Much like most of her other challenges this one is free, free, free!

Lucky Leprechauns Listening Comprehension (freebie)
This is such a great no-prep, no-print activity from The TLC Shop! It has 14 short stories that target listening comprehension that you can load onto your iPad for a techy, no-print experience. It's perfect for your Kindergarteners and Firsties, and the cute stories keep the kiddos entertained! I like to use the stories for inferencing as well!

St. Patrick's Day Pronouns  (freebie)
This is an adorable pronoun packet from Speech is Sweet! It's definitely going to take some laminating and cutting, but it's worthwhile! I love using this with my younger kiddos who need to target appropriate pronoun use. They love the fun graphics and the game-like atmosphere of the activity. I've been pairing this with my "Pop the Pig" game that I just purchased!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Adapted Book FREEBIE!

With the crazy weather here in NY (see house pic nightmare of snow!) I wanted to share my adapted free book for winter clothing! This will be one of those short, late-night posts, so I apologize! I wanted to make sure this one got out to you guys!

I created this for use with an AAC device, but it really can be utilized for so much more! I've also used this activity to target vocabulary with an ESL student, following directions with a student targeting auditory comprehension, and as an introduction to the topic of winter!

The options are endless! Plus, I wanted to make this a freebie since I know I have been using tons of awesome freebies on TpT from fellow bloggers - gotta give back!

Click HERE to download this freebie adapted book on TpT!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Cookie Science FREEBIE

This will be a quick post because I wanted to share this with you guys...

Do you plan on doing a make-and-take activity with your kiddos this year? Christmas cookies may be JUST the thing! They're fun, customizable, and allow you to target a lot of different skills!
I created this packet so my kiddos could be "Cookie Scientists" and take notes on what they were doing! I love a gimmick, and science always wins with my speech kids!

The kids will make predictions supported by evidence, track
progress, use their 5 senses, and draw conclusions! Best of all, they get to eat their science project!

Check out the photos below and click HERE for this freebie!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Hanukkah Freebie!

So I've been a VERY behind blogger - and I really apologize. Lots of stuff going on over here that has taken my attention away from you guys! I'd like to formally send my apology via a freebie for the holidays!

I've been talking about ALL the holidays in my Speech room, and this week we are talking Hanukkah! I used these worksheets to target vocabulary, reinforcement, and language. The worksheets are straightforward and print-n-go style. They're also cut-n-paste to keep your kiddos engaged!

Download this freebie HERE on TpT and have fun spinning the dreidel!