Monday, September 8, 2014

Breaking the ice!

We're fully in back to school mode here, especially with my fiancĂ© starting his new job (change of careers!) as a history teacher this year! I've been trying to "get to know" my new kids on my caseload while targeting their goals. I'm also trying to let the kids get to know each other since I switched a lot of groups around from last year. There are two new activities I'm using this year, "Back to School Apples" (a freebie!) and "Let's Investigate". Of course my other activity from last year, "What My Sunglasses Saw This Summer," still rocks and is still up! :) Here is how I'm using these activities....

Back to School Apples:

For the younger kids, I'm using the Back to School Apples because you can draw and/or write your answers. We started out reviewing what a "goal" is, making the connection to sports, and discussing how it is something we all should work towards. We also discussed what we are excited about, and how we are different from last year to this year.

I gave some examples of some Speech goals, and my personal goals. We then wrote our speech goals on apples and shared them with each this activity is free on TpT as a thank you to YOU! :)
other. It's important to me for the kids to know why they come to speech, and what they are working on. This activity starts out helping them understand why we come to speech, and it's not just for the stickers! Just a reminder

Let's Investigate:

For the older kids, I'm using my "Let's Investigate" activity. It's a cute way to get the kids to interview one another, and add a writing component. The students are all challenged to be an investigative reporter. They are asked to pick a peer and interview them for the school newspaper, The Daily Learner. They are provided with a note page, checklist, and rough draft page. They must ask questions to get the information to write the article. This is a great way to work on questioning and answering if that is a goal for your kiddos! The final draft also has a cute activity where the "reporter" can draw the person they are interviewing!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to school, back to school...

Today was the first day back for the city, and boy did we have a HOT day to come back. I realized when I looked at the blog that I've been so lax this summer about blogging, I should be ashamed! I decided to kick off the school year, and my jump back into steady blogging, with a peek into what I grabbed at Lakeshore Learning. My fiancé, who recently changed jobs to teach History, and I waited on the INSANE line at Lakeshore to grab their 20% goods...I, of course, spent over $100. He spent $50. Typical.

Here are the great things I nabbed at the sale! PS, I'm sorry these photos are sideways - it's been a long day :P

Dry Erase Pockets
Last year, I watched in awe at the use of these great reusable dry erase pocket. I kept them in my amazon cart for at least a month, and then somehow time went on and I totally forgot about them. Until now! I am super excited to use these and now that I am not equipped with a printer right next to me like last year, I think this will cut down on copies!

Predicting Outcomes Bingo
I really was lacking in the games department last year, and ended up compensating with a ton of laminating, cutting, and pasting on my end. This year I decided to allocate my time and money in a smart way -- work smarter, not harder, right? So, I invested in some learning games that I can use to target a ton of different goals.

Funny Faces
Again, investing in the games! This is a great game to work on pragmatic goals and non-verbal language. I am thinking of using this one with a mirror and my social language group. You can pair this with the interactive app that I mentioned on my instagram as well!

Poppas Pizza Topple
Games, games, and more games. I was getting tired of the typical articulation games and saw this on a fellow #slpeeps instagram. I thought it looked fun and entertaining enough to use with my little ones!

I'll be sure to keep you posted on all of these items! Check back tomorrow for a peek into my room! :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ice Cream Token Board Freebie

Hello! I've been a little lacking when it comes to the blogging arena, and for that I apologize! I went
down a very different path for me this summer and am working with preschool! Working the extended year program has been great! Of course, you know I miss my littles at my school!

I created this token board to use with the entire class, but it can be used individually as well. Simply print, laminate, and customize. There is a spot to place what you're working for, as well as printable manipulatives.

Download this FREEBIE here on TpT

Monday, July 7, 2014

Red, White, and Blue Emergent Reader

The red, white, and blue theme was kicked off today with a book and some vocabulary! Tomorrow we will sort red, white, and blue items and use this emergent reader book to target more vocabulary. The kiddos were into the "parade" situation so that means the book was a hit! LOL

This is another freebie! Another situation where I found the clip art in assorted places, cannot remember where, and so I'm not selling it, simply a free share!

We will be using this in a group setting, where we will be following verbal directions and coloring using red, white, and you guessed it - blue! This is a great carryover item to send home too!

You can grab this freebie HERE on TpT while it's red hot! Get it?! Eh!? Eh!?

...Okay, it's reality TV and popcorn time, I'm officially punchy! :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July Freebie

SO I've been off all week and I start my summer job Monday! I'm super excited because I'm working with preschool in a super cool collaborative program. It's unlike anything I've ever done traditionally in my school (of course we collaborate and push-in, but not all day) so I'm SUPER excited to get a summer to try something new! The kids should be super adorable and the people I'm working with seem, we're off on another adventure! Hold onto your hats.

ANYWHO, I'm loving preK already because there's a theme every week - and we know how much I love a theme. Our theme for this week is - wait for it - red, white and blue! So, all week I will be bringing you the crafts, worksheets, and songs we will be doing to celebrate good ol' America!

Our first, and I feel most important, item to review (super speechy) is vocabulary. If our kiddos don't know the lingo, how are they suppose to identify, make connections, and explain the topic! I crafted these vocabulary words and two worksheets as a freebie for a number of reasons. First, I got all the images off of google because I think it's important to use real pictures with the little ones. Second, I love a good freebie!

With the vocab, we are going to tie in the book we're reading "Red, White, and BOOM" by Lee Wardlaw. We will categorize (what do we eat vs. what do we do on the 4th), and of course we will expand and make connections! The worksheets help carryover the skills we're targeting.

You can download this packet HERE off of google drive for FREE!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CCC for Me!

As of June 26th, I have finished  my CFY! Let the fireworks and parade begin! I had an amazing experience and truly learned a ton..and I mean a ton. It's unbelievable how much you learn as you do, and how much you truly learn by collaborating and observing.

It wouldn't be a proper #instacfy post if I didn't share some tips that I picked up from my CFY, or CF as the true term is now. So, through blood, sweat, and tears here are the things I learned from being a CF:

1. Waiting out behavior truly does work.
This goes for students and adults. When you're a newb, you don't believe that if you ignore a behavior, or wait it out it will stop. Guess what, it will. You know that teacher you keep smiling at and saying good morning to, but she walks on by? Ignore it. Keep doing it, eventually you'll get a response - or at least I did in my case. Alexis - 1, Grumpy - 0! Same goes for the child who is now throwing himself on the floor because he didn't get the card he wanted. That's his choice, you can calmly address it "Bob, when you're ready to come play appropriately you can choose a card," or you can continue to play with the other kiddos and when he rejoins you calmly you positively reinforce. I mean, I really didn't think that worked...I was so so wrong, it's a life saver.

2. Keep it simple.
You're in a meeting, this is your chance to either pass out and die from terror or impress everyone with your super speech knowledge. Fun fact, no one has any idea what you're talking about when you use terms like "lingual lateralization" or "reauditorization". You've now just confused the parent, and looked a little confused yourself. Stick to easy terms and words that people know, which is super hard because you just spent all this time memorizing all those ridiculous medical terms in grad school!

3. Smile, apologize, and if you have to - pull the "mandated" card.
Teachers are under a ton of stress, and you coming and pulling out their kids a zillion times a week/day doesn't help. Be flexible, and I mean super, yoga pants wearing flexible. Hang out in class and work on some goals, take the work with you (sometimes - only when appropriate), apologize for disrupting a lesson and see if you can carry it over into the session, and when all else fails - and I mean you're basically standing on your head balancing a speech notebook and smiling from ear to ear fails - pull the mandate card. "I'm sorry, but this service is mandated and I need to take him/her" always does the trick. BUT and this is a huge, Kim K, BUT be flexible! The world is not going to end if you don't do the linguisystems ditto you printed out that day. Adapt your session to the child and you will save yourself from faculty room torture!

...and I mean everything. Every note that you sent, received, or telepathically intercepted. Keep every memo that was given to you, monthly calendar, your own calendar, etc. This is essential to keeping yourself organized, but also covering your butt. Say the preK went on a field trip Thursday, and you cancelled your sessions. Where's your proof? Oh right, it's on the calendar I saved from June! Tadaaa, saved butt. 

5. You're not doing brain surgery.
First, Speech is unbelievably, one million percent the most important job in the me and anyone else who is an SLP, or is being helped by an SLP. However, by no means is it the only important job in the world. Understand that speech may sometimes fall to the side if other matters are needing tending to. Don't be offended, and don't feel the need to defend your profession. You're important, you're doing a great job, and you're appreciated. Second, relax. I say this all the time, but no one is going to die if you use the wrong prompt or print the wrong ditto. Feeding therapy is a different ball game, but day to day school therapy - everyones living. If you relax and have fun, the kids will too.

OK, that's a tiny bit of wisdom that I have from this wonderful year! I'm off to tackle my first summer working in an extended year program, with preschool! I'm so excited and can't wait to share my activities and experience with you!

Peace out SLPeeps <3

Monday, June 16, 2014

Prediction Popsicles!

The year continues to wind down...and wind...and wind some more! I've been doing a ton of "craftivities" to keep the kiddos attention lately, Prediction Popsicles are one of those!

This is a simple paper, scissors, and glue activity. I pre-cut the popsicle and popsicle stick from construction paper and drew some lines on it. I had my older kiddos do some writing, and the younger ones strictly draw. 

First, we discussed what a prediction was. Although we did this with Punxsutawney Phil in February, many of them didn't remember what exactly a prediction was (even though I say "make a prediction about what's going to happen in this story" about 100x a day!).

We then watched a short clip on what summer is from Brain Pop Jr. Just simply type in "Summer" and choose the video that is strictly about summer. It was a nice background for the kids who weren't sure about what they might predict. Each student made their prediction, and then drew a picture on the popsicle depicting themselves doing the activity. We then polled everyones summer activities and created a bar graph that we are updating each time we do the activity.

SOOOO get cutting and pasting and ready for summer!