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Times they are a changin'

My last blog post was 1/30/18. I'm sad to admit that, but it's true. So much has changed since January of 2018. I am hoping this blog post will fill you in a little bit as to where I've been and why I've been MIA.

If you follow me on any other social media platform (instagram, facebook), you probably know what I've been up to. I hope that you will continue to check in with me here, as well as @practicallyspeeching and on facebook. I seem to update those the most!

2018 brought a lot of are a few major changes that have really altered our life - aka, why I can't find the time to blog!

1. We became a family of 4...

We welcomed Devyn Reese Lazarus on May 21, 2018. She has been keeping us super busy, but she is just a ray of sunshine!
Kameryn has been loving (and sometimes not loving) being a big sister. It has been a huge change for everyone, but it has been wonderful (and chaotic).

2. We had two under two...
This was how I spent most of the end of 201…
Recent posts

Valentine's Day Mysteries!

Valentine's Day is approaching soon and like any good SLP I've been working my heart-themed activities since last week! I absolutely love a theme - no surprise there - and so it was a simple decision to create a Valentine's Day version of my mysteries.

If you're unfamiliar with my thematic mysteries I suggest you check out this blog post or this blog post  to review my Thanksgiving and Christmas mystery packs. These are great, no-prep ways to target higher order language.

There are 6 different mysteries in the pack and students must make predictions, draw conclusions, and make inferences to solve the mystery. There are also excellent opportunities to target new vocabulary, especially thematic vocabulary for each holiday (dove, cupid, etc.)

Since I plan on continuing my mystery series, I did put together a growing bundle which you can find here on TpT. The bundle will get updated with each mystery series as I create them.

If you're interested in only downloading the …

Carryover Handout for the /s/ Sound

Most therapists will tell you that at-home carryover is where the magic happens! This is why we spend countless hours printing homework to go into the speech notebook and chatting with parents about how to elicit sounds.

Lately I've been spending a lot of time on /s/ with my kids and their parents. I found myself explaining all my tips and tricks in parent-friendly language time and time again. A lot of times my explanations and demonstrations were successful. However, many times I found a confused look on parents faces as I started to explain where the tongue should go, the alveolar ridge, etc. - but I'm not surprised! Things we think of naturally as an SLP do not even cross the minds of people who are not SLPs. The alveolar ridge is our home base, however for most non-SLPs it's simply a bump in their mouth where they might get a pizza burn.

I went back to what always works - a visual - and put together this handout to help reinforce all the tricks of the trade. Originall…

Christmas Mysteries for Inferencing, Drawing Conclusions, and Making Predictions

I am in the Christmas spirit a little early this year! I will confess we've been listening to holiday music and holding back on decorating our house! Anyone else in the holiday spirit??

Since Thanksgiving is days away - yes! - I have been using my Thanksgiving mysteries non-stop with my language kids. They are a great no-prep way to target inferencing, making predictions, and drawing conclusions! You can find the blog post here about it if you're interested!

The feedback on the Thanksgiving mysteries has been great since I put them up last year! The kids really enjoy being the detective and I get to target a ton of goals! Since I'm in the holiday spirit a little early this year, I decided to expand my mysteries into Christmas Mysteries as well!

This packet contains six mystery stories with a graphic organizer attached. They're adorable, thematic mysteries that you can pull apart and target inferencing, making predictions, and drawing conclusions. I love a one-sheet, no…

Talking Turkey - A Thanksgiving Articulation Pint-n-Go Craftivity (S/R/L)

Happy Monday! Thanksgiving is right around the corner - we can do it! We can make it to Thanksgiving break! I wanted to put together something easy that was low-prep, low-ink, and fun to get us through until the break! This packet has all the heavy hitter sounds - /s/, /r/, /l/ - in all positions!

Undoubtedly your kids are on a Turkey Day high right about now - you've discussed Pilgrims, Native Americans, the Mayflower, squash, pumpkins, etc! So why not hit print and work on making their very own Pilgrim hat filled with speech sounds!

So far every kid has been psyched to make their own hat and wear it out of Speech! 

You start out filling in the top of the hat and deciding what sound they are
thankful for. This would be a great language lesson for mixed groups as well! The packet is a straight-forward print-n-go activity which I absolutely love during the hectic weeks before a break.

Students will color and name the pieces to decorate their hats. They (or you) can then cut out the…

Ghoulty as Charged

I love a good mystery and Halloween always seems like the perfect time for one! I created this "ghoulty as charged" activity to target inferencing, comprehension, and recall. To use this product all you have to do is hit print! Make sure you print the story and graphic organizer for each student. I typically only print one color version of the visual support page for the table.

I like to review the visuals first, as these will be the suspects in the story. We talk about the details and how we can describe each object on the page. Then, I have students make notes on their visual support page (I like to keep these in dry erase pockets to allow students to write on them).

While you are reading the story, make sure you are underlining key pieces of information and discussing why they are important. Have students complete their graphic organizer throughout the reading. Before they make a choice on who is “ghoulty” have students go through their organizer and back up their answers…

Fall Word Search for /s/!

Today is the first day of school for the kids in my town! Since my babe is not getting on the big yellow bus just yet, we spent the morning watching the kids in our neighborhood venture off to their first day of school. There is nothing more exciting to a toddler than seeing a bus, am I right?

As most TpT'ers will tell you, their products typically come out of necessity and are based on their classes/students/clients. Today's activity is no exception!

I was looking for some cute articulation activities to do with an older client this afternoon and couldn't find anything I really loved. This particular child loves word games and brain games - so what better than a word search!?

The only issue I ever have with word searches is that it's hard to get a ton of trials in because the kids are so focused on finding the word. I decided to add some boxes next to each word so that the child has to say the sound a certain amount of times at the word level, phrase level, or sentenc…