Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Gift Tags!

Things have been a bit crazy around here, but I'm hoping December break will allow for more blogging! In the interim, if you're looking for a way to print and give out some simple holiday gifts, download my quick tags! Simply write your name on the bottom after you've printed and cut!

Click HERE to download them from google drive!

Happy Holidays :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Newsletter is UP!

December newsletter is up and ready to be downloaded for FREE as always! Grab it HERE on TpT and check it out below :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Synonym and Antonym Packet

It's December, a time for joyful holidays and insane kiddos...and crazed teachers and SLPs! I wanted to get ahead of the craze between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I decided to make my synonym/antonym packet for my kiddos. It's a nice combination of skills that can be brought high and low. Plus, it involves Christmas, so you know that's always a plus for our kiddos!

I start my kids off by singing "synonym, synonym, words that mean the same. Antonyms are different, and speech is just insane, hey!" to the tune of jingle bells...which sounds insane, but it works lol I have my kids clap their hands together for "same" and use the ASL sign for "different" when saying synonym/antonym. It seems to stick.

We then identify synonyms/antonyms using the worksheets, and move on to production, and sorting. There is a reinforcer game to take you through each step of the packet to keep you going!

You can download this packet HERE on TpT! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Crazy for Cariboo! [Freebie alert!]

My Cariboo's arrival!
So I officially hopped on the cariboo bandwagon! After seeing all the wonderful things other SLPs were doing with this game, I really had to have it! I hopped on Ebay after being terrified of the price on Amazon ($170 are they nuts!?), and ended up snagging a game in great shape for about $38 with shipping.

I have been using a number of activities with it, especially The Peachie Speechie's "Sophie's Squash" companion - which is awesome by the way! I realized the game was insanely addicting and totally reinforcing, SCORE! No wonder everyone is obsessing! 
Here we are hard at work!
Since I truly hate drill work for articulation, and feel like my brain is being drilled when I do it, I thought this would be a great solution! I made up some open-ended articulation cards and used them for /s/, /r/, /l/ session after session. It was an all-in-one! Plus, it's pirate-themed so how can you go wrong? 

I'm so excited about this, that I wanted to share these as a freebie with you Cariboo-ers! Click HERE to download this activity from TpT and happy Caribou-Ing 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monthly Newsletter FREEBIE!

Photo from @practicallyspeeching on instagram!
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I've been thinking of a way to link up with my parents more than the occasional phone call (which is also awesome!) and the speech notebook. I put out some feelers on instagram and Facebook about doing a weekly newsletter, and I'm so happy I did. You guys shared with me that weekly would be WAY too intense, and that a monthly or thematic newsletter would be best. I totally agree!

I shared my newly crafted newsletter with you guys yesterday and it seems like you'd like to use it in your speech rooms! I'm happy to share my newsletter with you guys as a freebie! It's something I'm really just getting into, so I'd love your feedback!

You can download the newsletter HERE from TpT. Look for next month's newsletter soon! :)

ALSO, this newsletter is more language-oriented, so I would suggest sending home an articulation calendar from "Speech Activities from Miss Chelsea"  her November calendar can be found here.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Miss Nelson is Missing - the video! Link below...

So I'm loving the feedback I'm getting from you guys with my Miss Nelson packet! I wanted to share with you this awesome video that I found from PS 33 in the Bronx! The students there acted out "Miss Nelson is Missing" and really did a wonderful job!

Click on the link HERE to check out the video on vimeo, which I'm able to access at school unlike YouTube!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Adapted ReadyGen Books!

I'm SO excited to tell you about my latest little project! I've been working closely with the kindergarten self-contained teacher this year, and since our school uses the "ReadyGen" program from Pearson, I decided to do a little adapting.

Some of my language impaired kiddos have a hard time grasping the concepts and story that ReadyGen has to offer. Personally,  I found that the flow of ReadyGen moves so quickly, that by the time I feel like I've done the pre-work in prepping the kids for the story, then reviewing the characters and sequencing the events, and then using comprehension questions - they've moved on to a new story! Which, by the way is not the teachers faults by any means! It's just the way the program is set up. So, with that in mind I crafted an adapted version of Unit 1's stories to see how it would work. So far it's been a hit!

"A Bed for the Winter" was the first story I set out to adapt. The class is doing "where" questions and so I integrated those WH targets with the story vocabulary. The kids like the interactive aspect of pulling and putting on the vocabulary, and we're getting a lot of language out of the book!

Check out this great adapted book HERE on TpT and be sure to let me know if you want more of these!