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Fall Word Search for /s/!

Today is the first day of school for the kids in my town! Since my babe is not getting on the big yellow bus just yet, we spent the morning watching the kids in our neighborhood venture off to their first day of school. There is nothing more exciting to a toddler than seeing a bus, am I right?

As most TpT'ers will tell you, their products typically come out of necessity and are based on their classes/students/clients. Today's activity is no exception!

I was looking for some cute articulation activities to do with an older client this afternoon and couldn't find anything I really loved. This particular child loves word games and brain games - so what better than a word search!?

The only issue I ever have with word searches is that it's hard to get a ton of trials in because the kids are so focused on finding the word. I decided to add some boxes next to each word so that the child has to say the sound a certain amount of times at the word level, phrase level, or sentenc…
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"Sticker Stop" gets an update!

It's a new school year and that means photos and videos are coming out showcasing gorgeous speech rooms! I've been seeing how everyone is using my "Sticker Stop" activity and I am loving it! Based upon your feedback I've made some updates to the packet! The original that was featured in the ASHA Leader is still there and included in the packet - so no worries! I added some color, some one-page sticker stops, and some fancy fonts. Just to jazz it up - but not to jazz up the price! Sticker Stop is still free, as always :)

If you're unsure of what Sticker Stop is, see my post all about sticker stop for a description.
If you'd like to download the new version of Sticker Stop, click here to access the link on TpT.

Below are some photos of the new and improved Sticker Stop! Thank you, as always, for your support and feedback!

Target Dollar Spot Finds

Happy Summer! July is typically the time when I am shocked that the summer items are on clearance and back to school is in full swing! The dollar spot was no exception on my last trip to the Mecca known as Target! Instagram is filled with photos of everyone's #targetteacher swag and I love seeing what everyone is buying! I ended up checking out my local dollar spot and grabbed some great, multi-use toys - for $3 each! Hello, deal.

On the first go around, I scored a dry erase lap board and two play sets - a school bus and a police car.

I lost my dry erase board somewhere in the abyss of cleaning up my speech corner last summer for my maternity leave. It has yet to make an appearance! So, I invested a whole dollar into a new one! It even comes with a marker with an eraser top.

The play sets are amazing and I actually went back to buy a fireman set after seeing a comment on instagram! I love how they are all contained in separate bags that are labeled. They also have strings to hang …

Better Hearing and Speech Month Label FREEBIE

It's May 1st - time to kick off Better Hearing and Speech Month! This is such a great month for spreading awareness about our profession. I also like to use this as a time to appreciate our coworkers and fellow SLPs! This year I decided to create gift labels for BHSM to use for little appreciation gifts. They'd be adorable attached to a fun pen (what SLP doesn't love a good pen?) or a nice TpT gift

Download this freebie HERE on TpT.
Happy BHSM!

NumNum "Gootensils" Review

*Please note: I purchased these using my own money and was not reimbursed or sponsored by the company in any capacity.*

When my Pediatrician began to discuss introducing solids with me, the SLP in me started to get VERY excited. I mean, abnormally psyched to puree things. Going into it I knew my daughter wasn't going to just open her mouth and willingly start eating. What I didn't realize was  how obsessed she would become with holding her own spoon and attempting to feed herself. In my quest to find something she could use I stumbled upon NumNum "Gootensils".

All About the Spoons
The slogan is "when it's too soon to spoon" - so cute. They were created to increase utensil usage, geared towards babies that are eager to learn and use a spoon.
The spoons are:

Flat, short, and stubby which makes them perfect for tiny hands. Featured in a set for varying texturesone open head (orange) one sealed head (blue)Textured the handle and "spoon" part itself …

Leprechaun Traps!

Leprechaun traps seem to be all the rage! I've been seeing them all over pinterest, facebook, instagram, etc. I made "traps" with my students last year and they were a hit! Every year I usually leave green "foot prints" all over the speech room with a little note from the leprechaun. I guess I'm making up for not having an elf on the shelf!

Last year I created a fun packet for "how to catch a leprechaun" (click HERE to view) where students theorized how they would catch a leprechaun and then wrote their own story. We did a follow up activity where we made actual traps.

This year I wanted to create a complimentary pamphlet for actually making the traps. I love black and white, print and go activities - especially if they are supporting a large scale creative project!

The packet targets WH-questions, sequencing, inferencing, making predictions, and I also use it for following directions. It's a great way to work on planning and pacing!

I typically …

Spread the love - Valentine's Day is coming! A review of two favorite inferencing freebies!

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I thought it might be fun to do a quick overview of two great freebies! One is from Expressly Speaking and one is from Happily SLP. I like to "share the love" and write about my fellow SLP bloggers and TpTers sometimes, and what better time to do so! Both of these freebies are for inferencing, something I find you can really target with this holiday! Links to the products are in their titles, and both of these are free, free, free!

Valentine's Day Inferences by Expressly Speaking This is an adorable game that requires some cutting, laminating, and organizing but can really be used again and again! It's a clue-based game where students need to focus on comprehension and inferencing skills in order to win! A clue is read aloud and students must correctly identify who should get the Valentine based upon the clue provided. You can target a lot more than inferencing with this, and if you have mixed groups you can even have your …