Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Passover and Easter!

Hi all!

I've been on Passover/Easter break, and I've been enjoying sleeping in and doing some non-speechy things! If you're off, I hope you've been enjoying yourself as well!

I wanted to make sure I wished you a HAPPY Passover and/or Easter!!

Enjoy :)


Thursday, April 10, 2014


I just left a PD on apps in the speech room that was featured during our district meeting. Do many of you meet up for monthly meetings? It's one of my favorite things that my district does. I love hearing from the other SLPs, and chatting with SLPs in my district that I may not get a chance to interact with.

Now, we all have our favorite apps, myself included, but some of the apps they spoke about included:

  • Speech with Milo (sequencing)
  • Auditory Workout
  • Magical Concepts
Having only used Speech with Milo, I am curious to download and use the two apps to give my own review! Inspired by the presentation I saw, here are three apps that I find myself using over, and over, and over again!

Conversation Builder
I LOVE this app. Why? Simply because it's so reinforcing for the kids to record themselves and listen to the conversation that they ask for it BY NAME! I love that it's customizable with their interests, place of residence, and name. Plus, I can choose whether I want a long (8 turns) conversation or short conversation (4 turns). Students are prompted with a photo and have to make a choice on how to continue/start the conversation that is most appropriate.

Splingo Language Universe
Splingo is one of those apps that you don't think will be so wonderful, and then it surprises you - in a good way! Splingo has varying levels that you can choose from which determines how much information is going into the auditory prompt. After a few turns, kids get to place a piece of their rocket ship onto the puzzle, and eventually blast off to another planet (aka level 2). It's also super reinforcing when the alien yells "yippee!" when they get the answer correct!

Language Adventures
This is one of the more common apps in my toolbox, I'm sure you've seen it around the blogs a ton! I love it regardless. The kids love it too, and I can customize it which is a huge plus. I will admit that often times this app is used primarily to hold a groups attention during the session, but I often use it as a way to get hands on with the questions. Often times we'll expand what they're asking on the board. I'll have them write out their options and then use peer discussion to figure out which one is right/wrong. It's a nice way to get their faces up from the screen to look at the world! :)

Hope this short review helps you add to your iPad toolbox! Happy app-ing! :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hop into Frogs!

We're going full speed ahead into Spring in the Speech Room! I've started a bulletin board for "Aquatic Life" to keep a theme (I just love a theme!) and what better way to hop into Aquatic Life than with frogs!?

I crafted this packet with three levels in mind - Kindergarten, First, and Second, but I'm thinking you may be able to extend it to third graders too! It's chock full of graphs, writing tasks, craftivities, and printable books! All that stuff our kiddos love!

To start you off, I've given you some basic vocabulary with color pictures, and a KWL chart to get some basic knowledge going with your kiddos! You can move onto sequencing the life cycle of the frog, and using an interactive link provided in the packet to sequence the life cycle on a SMARTboard or computer. Then, use the cut and paste activity to sequence the life cycle, or have kids label/draw the life cycle.
 Use the printable black and white books (two levels) to read further about each stage of the life cycle. You can link this with the "Observation Log" that the kids can do to observe the frogs at each stage of the life cycle and report their observations. You can do this again online using the links provided.

A great craftivity that I tried to emulate in this packet is the "wheel". Cut out the wheel pages and use a page fastener to create a spinning wheel of information! Again, different levels are provided for the second page of the wheel to help you differentiate.

 Use the last few pages for reading comprehension and retell. Have students draw and write what they know about frogs using the provided worksheets! Then send home the carryover that has 4 sheets/page for paper and ink saving techniques!

Download this packet HERE on TpT and enjoy it for FREE until Friday! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Happy Sunday everyone! Here's a quick little freebie that I'm using this week. Be sure to check in on instagram (@practicallyspeeching) to see how I'm using this in my speech room!

This packet should keep your word wall busy until June! It comes with 8 vocabulary words and 8 idioms. The vocabulary words and idioms all have pictures sourced from google images to go along with them. There are also 8 vocabulary cards without photos in case you'd like to use context clues instead of photo clues. Oh, and the best part? It's FREE!

You can download this freebie HERE on TpT!

Good night and have a great Monday! :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sharks are Circling!

I'm starting an aquatic life theme in the speech room, thanks to Pierre the Penguin and his awesome influence! I decided that Sharks are quite possibly the most interesting, yet terrifying, aquatic being that would capture my kiddos attention. SO, I created this packet, and did some extensive internet searching, to bring you the Shark Week of Speech!

You'll find a KWL chart in here to start off with. I have my kiddos bullet these to cut down on the amount of writing. In the end, your kids will make a story about their own Shark and have a nice packet behind it to show their work.

I've been reading my blurb aloud to students depending on what level they're at, and then having them fill in their note-taking graphs. For my stronger readers, I've been having them do the reading and then working on extracting information. When we're done, I try to get them to fill in as much information as they remember, and use peer input to help!

You can then move on to the coolest part (I think) of this activity - the Shark cam! Click here for the link to this great live video of a Shark reef! Have the students make observations about the sharks, and get ideas for their sharks!

Then, it's time to create. Have students use their story map and character chart to start their story. Use the rough draft as your sloppy copy, and then make corrections with peer and clinician review. Put the final work together, and draw a picture of your shark as your cover! The younger kiddos can draw a photo of their shark and write minimal details about it (name, what it eats, what it likes).

There's carryover involved in this packet too, some simple questions and vocabulary. Oh! There are vocabulary cards as well! Forgot to mention that one!

Download this here on TpT for FREE for a limited (meaning til Weds) time!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day...almost!

I've been taken down by the stomach bug for most of the week, if you were wondering why you hadn't heard from me!

I'm back, and with some exciting news! EVERYTHING Saint Paddy's is 20% off in my store! Click the links below to download!

Hey Little Clover Book

The night before Saint Patrick's Day

Language Lucky Charms

Leprechaun Lunacy

Silly or Smart Shillelaghs

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Leprechaun Lunacy!

I spent the end of Friday setting up "Clover" the Leprechaun's arrival! I wrote a cute little poem, and then left green "footprints" all over my room. Then I put a "Caution" sign on my door, with some more of those green footprints!  I'm getting ready to use my "Leprechaun Lunacy" packet! I can't wait to have the kids move through the stations as Clover plays "tricks" on us. The kids have to go through all of the tricks to find where Clover hid the coins
(awesome dollar store purchase!).

The packet includes inferencing activities, my vocabulary hats, a sequencing and detail activity, and levels that can be used for kindergarten thru second grade.

The packet is mainly language, but I'd 100 percent recommend using The Peachie Speechie's Shamrock Challenge for an articulation part to this!

I'm super excited to also tell you that this 30 page packet is going to be $1.50 until St. Patrick's Day Eve!

Download it here and also make sure you download the free preview to check out parts of the packet!